Reincarnated as My Little Sister 32 – Daily Life


With Kouyou’s matter closed, I returned back to my usual daily life, and I focused on intently taking notes in class.

I properly listened to the male teacher, who looked like a grandpa, read the textbook!


However, there was something I was also interested in.

The person who was aware of my reincarnation.


In addition, why did Kouyou hide it?

It couldn’t be that I was tricked?

This conversation would be over if that was the case, but it doesn’t feel like it is.


“Yuuyami~properly listen to class~.”


“Eh, ah, sorry.”


The the voice of the gramps teacher calling out to me brought be back to reality.

Sorry. I was lying. I wasn’t listening that much.

After all, I was curious…


Why does sound not enter your ear when thinking hard?

I’m absolutely not sleeping, but I often want to close my eyes when I’m deep in thought.


It’s almost midterms, I need to concentrate.




“It seems like there’s still something, but it seems like you got over most of it right.”


“Yup! Sorry for worrying you.”


There were some problems, but I’m basically as usual.

Since I worried Yuna-chan, if she asks for anything some other time, I’ll do♪


“Well, isn’t it great that you got over it before the test. Well, even if you were troubled, it seemed like your grades would stay constant though.”


“That’s not true, you know. I might forget to put my name on the test.”


Well, it’s just a joke though.


“That seems really possible…”


“It won’t you know!?”


It’s been confirmed…I have that kind of reputation!

Right after that, the chime rung, and Yuna-chan returned back to her seat. If it hadn’t rung, I definitely would have been teased… close call, close call.




Next class is everyone’s……the boy’s most popular teacher class teacher, Natsuyuki Shia-sensei. 1

All the girls were looking at Shia-sensei with cold… rivalrous eyes.

When Shia-sensei stood at the teacher’s desk, the mood changed instantly.

…What the heck, I can’t say anything good.


“I’ll teach you what’ll be in the test today.”


Ah, as expected, since midterms are near, she’s doing something teacher-like.

Wait, she’s a teacher, though.


“Although I said that, the test still hasn’t been made, so it’ll come from anywhere from this textbook. That’s all, the remaining time is self-study.


After saying that, the teacher left the classroom.


…It’s hopeless!

As usual, it’s as if she didn’t work as a teacher!

Also, we often self-study before a test, but that’s only when lessons of the contents are over!


Why would she even become a teacher in the first place.

Is it because of a personal connection or something!


Thus, on the day of the test, there were exactly ten questions. It was obvious that a few corners had been cut.

Ten problems meant one question was ten points I guess… that’s weird for a midterm!

Also, I’ll tell you what everyone thought when they saw that test.


These ten problems didn’t appear in the textbook at all!!


Yuna-chan will probably go directly to the principal’s office, probably~.

  1. The other translator likes Given Name Surname, but I prefer Surname Given Name. Don’t tell.

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