Reincarnated as My Little Sister 34 – Study Group

We arrived home and were playing video games together.
Man~ isn’t it nice that I didn’t have to get the police involved!1
Well, I’m the reason for it, though…

I can play around now that my tests are over, but will my brother and Kouyou be fine not studying?

“Come to think of it, you two have tests soon, right? Is it fine to be gaming?”

“Ah, I’m fine. Since Naru is here.”

What’s fine!
Isn’t Nii-san, in the end, just leaving it to others?
Well, I’m already used to it though.

“…How about you, Morita-san?”

“Eh? There’s something called all-nighters, you know?”

Uwa~ he’s the type to cram~.
Even if I crammed in the stuff the day before, I’ll forget in two, or three days, so in the end I’ll only I know the material on the day of the test.
Well, if you good at dealing with those things, you’ll get good points though…


“W-What is it Naru-chan?”

I’m sorry, but he doesn’t seem to get the point!

These two are no good.

“Come on, why are you guys like this? Look, don’t play games, and let’s study.”

Since it’s come to this, I can only become their teacher and guide them strictly!

“Naru, aren’t we doing fine right now? L-Look, the game is getting exiting right now….”

“That’s right, Naru-chan. The game’s interesting you know?”

“Listen up, we’re going to study!”


Thus, we stopped playing and started our pre-test study group.


“Come to think of it, Riku, the teacher said that a transfer student is coming.”

“Huh, it’s rare for a highschooler to transfer. When we were in elementary school, well, it wasn’t rare for students to transfer, though.”

It does feel like that student transfers lessen as the population grows older.
I wonder if the procedures are difficult?

Huh? But in my previous life there shouldn’t have been a transfer student during my first year of high school though…
Well, a lot of things changed, and it isn’t really something serious. It should be fine.

However, it’s pretty odd when Kouyou knows that Nii-san doesn’t.
Kouyou talks alone with the teacher, so maybe he heard it from her?

“Well, I don’t know when they’re going to transfer, but it’s be nice if we got along right.”

“I don’t want to get involved with them if I can. It’s tiring to deal with new human beings.”

But, a transfer student.
It seems kind of fun.

No, rather than that!

“Hey, you two. If you have the time to talk, please solve this problem.”

“I don’t understand!”

“I never said that I did understand!”

“Come on! Please answer me seriously!”

Are the two of you even listening in class!

“I don’t wanna study, but whatever. I don’t hate this current situation… of being taught by the cute teacher, Naru-chan.”

“I agree with you, Kouyou. I was also thinking that just now.”

Thus, the two of them recognized their friendship anew, did a firm handshake.

No, no more of that, please study!2

  1. If the MC knows what the police are, why did she not get the police involved in pre-c1? Baka author.
  2. I’m editing/translating this in a plane to Tall Hassle. The person at the front drinking a lot of sprite says hi!

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