Reincarnated as My Little Sister 36 – Transfer Student

The morning’s homeroom time would always end without anything happening in particular, but today was different.
The rumor from before became a reality.

“Errr, I’d like to hurry up and finish, but today a transfer student is coming to this class. It’s nothing worth worrying about, but don’t bully them. It’s a pain to deal with the aftermath.”

Shia-sensei’s attitude was not like a teacher’s as per usual.
Her true opinions are coming out like a storm.
Dealing with the aftermath, how graphic!

“Sensei! Is the transfer student a girl, or is it a boy?”

The boys in the class left their seat and asked the teacher.
Well, there was a point that interested me.
If the transfer student was a good girl and we got along together, I want to have her get along with Nii-san as well!1

“Trash, even though you’re about to see it for yourself, why are you asking me? Answering is a pain!”

However, we’re just curious, you know. You’re going that far!?
…Her true thoughts revealed themselves again.
Due to sensei’s watchful eye, the boys in the class faltered.

Also, to say “trash”… that’s already really strange for a teacher.
Before that, that’s strange as a human being!2

“By the way, the transfer student is a boy.”

You’re saying it!?
The argument before came to nothing in the end.

“New guy, come in.”

Then, the door in front of the classroom opened, and the one student came in and went in front of the teacher’s desk.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Makita Shin. I’ll be in your care.”

Ohhh~ Makita-kun…… eh, Makita?
It’s the same name as that person.
However, there’s still one year until that person transfers, so there’s probably no connection.

They might be relatives, so if there’s a chance to talk, it might be good to try asking.

After that, the moment the teacher left the classroom, everyone moved towards Makita-kun all at once.
It’s quite similar to question times3 or manga, but it’s also something that occurs in reality.

That question time continued until around the first period chime rang.


“Huh, a transfer student. It’s unusual at this time for the year, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I guess so. It is unusual.”

On the way back home from club activities, the three of us: me, Yuna-chan and Konoha-chan went home together.

“What kind of person was he?”

“He seemed nice.”4

“Yeah. Then again, I can’t really disagree since I haven’t talked to him.”

At the time of the last bell, I still hadn’t found a window to talk to him.

“But, if you get along with that person, you’ll have to make sure to not let Onii-sama find out.”

“Eh, why?”

“Eh? A-After all… if you get exposed, that person will… it’s nothing!”

“Ahaha, it’s fine if we’re just getting along together, you know.”

He also didn’t do anything about Tagami-kun.

“I-Is that so? Come to think of it, what was that person’s name?”

“It was Makita Shin, right?”

“Yup, that’s it. But, why’d you ask?”

He has the same family name as that person, so I could remember it immediately.
I’d normally take longer to remember.

“No, I was just somewhat curious. Ah, I go this way, so excuse me.”

“See you later.”

“See ya.”

After that, the two of us—Yuna-chan and I—talked after separating from Kohana-chan as we walked home.5

  1. Cloud seems to like translating “get along” as “get alone.” 9/10 he’s a jealous virgin. Not 10/10 because I don’t want to piss him off if he sees this.
  2. Orginally: “Temee, even though you’re about to see it for yourself, why are you asking me? Answering is a pain!”” (Shia-sensei) Also, to say Temee, that’s really already really strange for a teacher. Before that, that’s strange to say as a female! Explanation: “Temee” is a rather rude masculine way of saying “you.”
  4. Spoiler: Naru believes that Shin is a nice guy, and when Shin asks Naru out, Naru doesn’t friendzone him and they ecchi suru.
  5. Add me on League of Legends (server: NA, name: LysUltima) and let’s play together!

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