Reincarnated as My Little Sister 38 – My Previous Life’s…

Makita Kisane, the girl that I liked in my previous life.
The amount of times we spoke might not have been that many, but I liked her without realizing my feelings.
To the point where it’s fine to say that I unconsciously fell in love…

She transferred over during my second year of high school in my previous life.
I was separated from Kouyou in the class that I was in and had no particular friends.
Makita-san transferred to the class I belonged to.

Just because we were in the same class, it didn’t mean there was many times we talked, and the first time we talked was already the cold season. The place… was the library room if I remember correctly.

That day, Kouyou had went home first because of an errand or something, and I didn’t want to go home early, so I killed time at the library room.
When I was reading a book, distracted, my neighbor called out to me.

“Yuuyami-kun, right? We’re in the same class.”

That was Makita-san.


I was in no mood to talk at that time, so it felt like I responded with an annoyed smile.

“Nothing, but I thought it was unusual to be in the library room after school.”

Well, in reality, most human beings enter a club, so it might be unusual for people to be in the library room after school.
So, she wants to talk after unexpectedly seeing a classmate.

“That’s because I’m not in any particular club. Also, I like books.”

The fact that I like books is a lie.
Of course, I love them now, but I was glad as long as I could kill time back then.
In addition, I thought that the conversation would end quickly after that if I put it that way.
Well, as a result, it went beyond my predictions.

“Oh, seriously! I also like books. Want to talk some more if that’s okay?”

Whether that lie was lucky or unlucky, it became a chance to talk to her.
Thinking back on it, I was probably fortunate.

After that, when I went to the library to kill time, I felt like I occasionally talked to her about books.
‘I felt like’ or that is to say, we did not meet often and I didn’t remember what we talked about since I had no interest in the beginning.
After I began to like her, I felt like I wasted this time.

I liked Makita Kisane in my previous life.
That is the truth, but…
But, if I were to say that now, I honestly wouldn’t be too sure.

First of all, I became a female.
And another thing, the one that I liked was her in my previous life, not the one that had no relationship to me right now.
However, the very same person has not changed…
Even I am not really sure.

…I wonder what I think about her.


“Huh? Naru-chan, are you listening? Heyyyy!”

“Is she surprised or thinking? She’s not moving.”

“Well then, it’s fine for me to do anything to Naru-chan right now then♪”


“Hiii!? It’s a joke! I’m sorry!”

When I stopped thinking and noticed what everyone else was doing, I saw Kouyou prostrating on the floor to Nii-san for some reason.

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