Reincarnated as My Little Sister 4 – Best Friends

“Eggplants are no good, eggplants are…”

Our meal finished, my older brother kept repeating the same words as if he were casting a spell just before he got to school.

“Sorry, Nii-san. I just forgot you hated them? They will absolutely never be put in again.”

I really forgot…I thought otherwise because I had no problems with them.
To think that he hated them this much…

“… A-ah. It’s fine Naru. My imouto is not wrong, the eggplant is wrong.”

“What, so the world is wrong. That’s fine. How about I make you something that you like for dinner? What’s good?”


“I get it, I’ll make it.”

While having our usual sibling conversation going to school, a familiar voice called out to us from behind.

“Rikuーー!! Morning!! Good morning to Naru too♪”

“It’s Kouyou. Good morning.”

“Morita-san, good morning.”

The person who came from behind us was Morita Kouyou. He was my brother’s best friend and also a good friend of mine.
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him my saving grace. He listened to my stories about my sister and gave me support.
He just had anxiety and some other issues, so he was sometimes a pain.

“The two of you have are close as ever.”

“Well, that’s normal. Or rather, you’re earlier today. What’s up with you when you’re always barely on time?”

I also had the same problem as my older brother in the beginning, but today I remembered that today was their high school opening ceremony, so if he was the same as my last life, I somehow understand.

“High school debut?”

“Ugh…. when Naru-chan says it, something comes to my heart… But you’re right!”

As expected, it was the same.

“I see.”

“Eh? Riku? Shouldn’t there be more of a reaction there?”

My older brother also might have guessed the general reason as well.

“Well, I’ll listen for now. Why?”

“I thought I would be popular if I became diligent.”

“I see.”

“Please stop having the same reaction!”

From Kouyou so called theory, it’s said that elementary and middle school students that can exercise are popular, and high schoolers that can study are popular.
I remembered he kept talking about that conversation in my previous life.
Well, after that he was immediately throw at reality and was depressed, but…

I would still keep cheering him on even though I knew that my previous life’s best friend would fail.
Haaah. This is nostalgic. I want to talk to Kouyou again as the old Riku. Sh*t. The tears…”

“Heh…Good luck…”

“Thanks. …But that pity hurts my heart!”

Huh? This seems to be going in a different way.

“I-It’s not like that! I really want to help you.”

“How kind… and also too cute! Naru-chan, let’s go out!”

“Stop joking. Do you know what’s going to happen to you if you touch my sister?”

Scary! However, my older brother, even if we’re almost the same, isn’t the huge sister-complex just too much?
It’s probably a joke, and even if he didn’t get that angry…

“I-I get it. Brother-in-law.”


“Naru, wait a bit. I need to give a talk to this guy. I’ll be right back.”

“Y-yeah. Make it as gentle as possible.”

“Eh!? Wait, it’s a joke! Save me, agh!”

I thought that Kouyou agitated him, so I didn’t stop it, but I hope you do it lightly for the time being.
Kouyou was grabbed by the nape by my brother, and dragged off.
Well, you know…… Live strongly.


After the quarrel, Kouyou was staggering while walking like a zombie.
Nii-san what did you do!?
Kouyou, who was that energetic, can’t speak at all!

However, my school was right before us, so I had to leave.

“Then, Nii-san, Morita-san. I’ll be going.”

“Yeah, be careful when you come home.”

“…See ya, Naru-chan.”

Ah, he can talk. Thank goodness.


The two boys saw me off as I passed through the school gate.

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