Reincarnated as My Little Sister 40 – Guide

“Good morning, Makita-kun.”

I went in front of Makita-kun and gave my greetings.

“Good morning.”

“I’m Yuyami. Nice to meet you.”


Huh? For some reason, his reaction was different from what I expected.
The last name Yuuyami isn’t often heard, I wonder if it’s something like he didn’t understand which kanji is used.

“Ah, it’s Yuuyami written as yuu from evening (yuu-gata) and yami from the darkness (kura-yami).”1

“Aah, yeah. Yuuyami-san, right. Nice to meet you.”

Alright, I feel like I took the first step.

“So, why are you so early today?’

“After transfering, I still don’t know where the classrooms are yet, so I thought I’d take a look around. Come to think of it, you’re also early.”

“It’s just today. I always leave a bit later, but I was somewhat free so. …That’s right! I’ll show you around the school.”

Come to think of it, we’d be able to talk a lot, and I’d be able to guide him around. It’s killing two birds with one stone!2

“Eh? Won’t I be a bother?”

“It’s fine! Even though I look like this, I’m free.”

“No, I know that you’re free though… but that’s not what Iー”

“Come on, let’s goo!”

I might have been slightly pushy, but there’s things I want to ask, so there’s no way I can let the conversation end here.


“Fuu, I guess we looked around most of the school. It was fun… ah.”

“What’s wrong?”

We didn’t chat at all, and I showed him around!
No, I was supposed to guide him, but it became fun on the way. Something like an exploration.

I’ve been here for two years… no, even though I technically went to this middle school for 5 years, I didn’t think there’d be a classroom I didn’t know about!
Immersed with the joy of discovering new things, I forgot to talk to him.

“Ahaha, I intended to guide you, but I completely forgot with the fun I had.”

“I also had fun you know. But it’s weird, you know. You gave me the impression that you were mature, but now I see that you’re kinda childish.”

Am I being looked down on?
I’m even a lot older than he is…


“Ah, not in a bad way, I don’t mean anything bad!”

Y-Yeah… I don’t really get it.

“…Is that so.”

“Well, let’s talk while we go back to class. Was there something you wanted to ask?”

“Yeah, Makita-kun, do you have a sibling?”

“Just that? I have an older sister. Her name is Kisane, but I always call her Kisanee.”3

As expected, Makita-san was an Onee-san.
I’m slightly surprised that she had a younger brother.
She never said such a thing, so it’s natural that I didn’t know.

At the same time, he even taught me even how to call her.
Kisanee… that’s nice!
I wonder if Nii-san would be Rikunii following that theory.
Yup, no way!

“Hmm, then, then you’re close with your Nee-san, right?”

If they weren’t close, he wouldn’t call her that.
In my previous life, she always called me “Hey.”

“Let’s see. Well, I guess we’re close. Is there anything else?”

“Umm, anything else…”

After that, I asked things about Makita-kun until we arrived at the classroom.
I was able to ask what I wanted to know, so I was completely satisfied.

“Thanks. It was fun asking you stuff.”

“You too, thank you. You guided me around, so I also had fun.”

I wonder if we were able to get along a bit?
It’d be nice if we were able to talk again.

Then, when I entered the classroom, the morning bell resounded within the school.

  1. Kanji is Chinese characters. Yuuyami is usually written like this: 夕闇 (kanji).
  2. Fun fact, that’s an idiom in Japanese too! It’s one of the things taken from English.
  3. Cause Kisane + Nee(-san) = Kisanee

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