Reincarnated as My Little Sister 42 – Grades

“I’m handing back your grades from your midterm test, so come get it.”

It seems like we can get back our midterm test results from a while back.
Because it’s this teacher, I thought it would be passed back late…
We were called in order of our attendance numbers and were handed over a piece of a paper.

Thinking about it, there’s usually a leaderboard of test scores in manga and web novels, but I wonder if that’s an actual thing.



Oh, I was finally called.
“Y” is at the end of the alphabet, so the long wait always makes me nervous.

“You did well.”

“T-Thank you…”

Wow, what a teacher-like line… no, she is a teacher.
It’s a miracle when she’s kind.

“That’s all, dismissed.”

As the teacher left, everyone stood up from their seat and showed their grades to their friends.
Let’s talk to Yuna-chan.

“Yuna-chan, how was it~?”

“I won’t say, okay? It’s obvious that you have better grades.”


In the beginning, I did it, but recently it’s reached the point where I’d hesitate to teach her.
Even though Yuna-chan is also has top grades, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

“Then, Naru tell me yours first.”

“I’m in second like always. It looks like I made some mistakes in math…”

“…You never change.”

What did she mean by “you never change”?
By “like always,” I mean that I never got first place before.

Or is it that I made a lot of dumb mistakes.
No, even if I study, that’s certainly…

“So, so, how about you?”

I forcefully and continuously urged Yuna-chan to reveal her scores.

“…Geez! I get it. I’m ranked seventeenth in the school. It went down quite a bit since a while back.”

No, it’s not something I should say, but I think that’s a high ranking?

“There’s a lot of people who can study well, so it can’t be helped, you know.”

The person ranked first, for example, is too much of a genius and ranks first every time.

“Are you talking about yourself?”


Until club started, Yuna-chan was sulking.


“Come to think of it, she said that they’re going on a school trip tomorrow. Doesn’t that mean they’re preparing today?”

“It seems like it.”

Not only in our club, but all the third-years1 weren’t here, so it the court felt really empty.
I wonder if it’s right to think of this as a rehearsal for after summer is over and the third-years retire.
I’ll be a little lonely.

“What should we do for practice today?

“Yuna-chan, didn’t you receive the paper from the prez? Isn’t it written there?”

Since Ran-senpai is the club president, she at least did some presidently things, even though she is Ran-senpai.

“No, this paper is literally just her complaining that it’s a pain to write.”

“Why did she pass it over to us!? Also, doesn’t she have to do these things as a club president!”

“I didn’t have an expectations in the first place, so it’s fine. Let’s just start with some hitting.”

And then, we gave instructions to the rest of the club members.


When I was talking with Konoha-chan in the middle of the break, the topic was about the test again.

“Eh!? Konoha-chan is the top of her year?”

“Y-Yes. I think I got really lucky this time though…”

You probably can’t take first place with luck.
Konoha-chan’s sure is smart.
Wow, I didn’t expect this at all.

“No no, that’s not true. That’s amazing!”

“T-Thank you very much. Being praised by Ane-sama… makes me more happy than getting first place!”

“I think that placing a little behind first place is better!”

If it’s to that extent, I’d feel too guilty!

Ah, come to think of it, I wonder how Nii-san and Kouyou did.
I guess I’ll try asking them some other time.

  1. 9th grade

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