Reincarnated as My Little Sister 44 – Sweets


A huge amounts of sweets were delivered on Saturday, and Nii-san and Kouyou were stunned.
I also invited Konoha-chan, so we have an extra stomach, totalling four.
Well, four of us should be able to do it.

Does Konoha-chan like sweet things? She had been excited since a while ago.

Konoha-chan was the first one to speak, “Is it okay to eat everything!?”

“Yeah, since I made too many,” Yuna-chan replied.

Wow, did she say “everything”? This kouhai… sure can eat.

Concerned, I added, “Well, it’s fine to not eat everything too, okay?”

“It’s fine, Ane-sama. Sweets have their own stomach!”

I always think this, but what’s with that digestive organ unique to females…
I’ve never had something like that, even though I’ve been a female for thirteen years.

Riku spoke, “Come to think of it, Kouyou. I’m pretty sure you don’t like sweets…”

“Ah, is that so? Then, it’s fine for him to just watch,” I said.1

We can probably finish it with Konoha-chan here.

“I want to eat sweets made by a girl! Also, what do you think about guys who eat a lot, Naru-chan?”

Guys who eat a lot…?
Well, if they eat happily, then I’ll like them… I think?
It’s better than wasting food.

“I like them.”

“Then, I’ll eat. I will put my life on the line for this battle. This is a fight that I cannot lose.”

What are you fighting against?
Put your life on the line for something else.
As expected, it’s better to stop him here.

I tried to speak up in warning, but my brother put his hand over my mouth, stopping me.

“Well, Kouyou said he was going to eat. Let’s let him eat.”

I see, it’s important to stay silent and watch at times.
Respecting their best friend’s thoughts… what a nice story of friendship.


“Naru, bring all the sweets to Kouyou!”

It seems like it’s just bullying.

“Yuna-senpai, these are delicious!”

I looked back at Konoha-chan, and it looked like she had already eaten a hefty amount already.

“Thanks. Saying that makes me happy. There’s still more to come, so keep on eating.”

“Yes, I will.”

Even while replying, Konoha-chan continued to eat sweets.
Man, females sure are amazing… even though I’m also a female.

“Sorry for making so much. I kinda feel like I’m forcing you guys to eat,” Yuna-chan apologized.

“It’s fine, Natami-san. All of these are delicious, so I won’t get sick of these no matter how many I eat. Right, Kouyou?”

“MhMmHHhmMMhmHMmmMhhhhphhhh! That’s so mean Riku! Why would you stuff it into my mouth!”

“You’re putting your life on the line, didn’t you say? Okay, another!”

“Riku! Hold on a second I need a brea—MHPHHH!!?”

Hey, Nii-san, any more and Kouyou will die!
He’s been doing that weird noise since a while ago!

“I’m happy that everyone likes my sweets.”

Yuna-chan, aren’t you ignoring somebody?

After, we continued to merrily eat.
The results? When the sky began to darken, everything was gone.
We all happily went home, stomach filled with deliciousness.
Though a certain person limped home…

“Ah, the presence of the third wheel is gone. Yes, we only managed to win the war through Kouyou’s gallant sacrifice.”

“No, Morita-san isn’t dead. He just left earlier than usual.”

In the first place, my brother was the one to sacrifice Kouyou!


I wanted to read the book I saw at Yuna-chan’s place, so to the library I went.
It might’ve been my third time running into Ran-senpai, but she was in Okinawa.

Thinking about that, I arrived at the library.

“Okay, let’s read lots of books today.”

Just when I was about to look for a good book, I saw someone I knew.

“Is that…Makita-kun?”2

  1. Japanese uses context and different ways of speech (ore/watashi for example) to tell the reader who’s speaking. Unfortunately, different speech patterns (ore/watashi both mean I) don’t really translate well, so I’ve been adding the “Kouyou said” thing to make things more clear since like the first chapter. Direct all complaints and suggestions (like if there’s a line that you’re unsure about who’s speaking) to @LysUltima#2668 on discord.
  2. Ran-senpai is the cousin of the Makita siblings, so let’s just call the whole family “library people.” Also, Makita-kun refers to Makita Shin, the brother.

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