Reincarnated as My Little Sister 46 – Let’s Go!


“Huh…this is…”


What am I doing?

I’m talking to Makita-kun at the library and…


“Oh, yay.”


Right in front of my, Kisane-san is…huh, Kisane-san?


What the? Isn’t this like a honeymoon dream?

Ah, this is the library.


…T-That’s right!!

Kisane-san suddenly appeared out of the blue and glomped me!


“Yuuyami-san, sorry. My sister is a bit…” Makita-kun apologized.


“Huh? No, it’s completely fine!”


It’s not Kisane-san in the wrong; my soul couldn’t take it.


“Hey, Shin-kun, that was mean!”


Ahaha, aren’t they close.

But, this Kisane-san is a little different from my previous life’s Kisane-san.

She’s with her brother in this kind of place.


“I forgot to ask, but did you two come together?”


“Ah, yeah. When I was about to go to the library, she said that she was bored, so she tagged along and we came together. Haa, she was separated from us, so I thought she was coming yet.”


“Treating people like a nuisance… Well, from Shin-kun’s view, they might actually be a nuisance!”


Well, we’ve gone so off topic.


“T-That’s not it! So, Kisanee, why don’t you go home?”


“Eh? Well, if there’s nothing to do, I’ll just go. Though I wanted to do something. Let’s talk again, Naru-chan!”


She wants to talk to me again…

She used to be calm and composed, but now she is the complete opposite!


“You’ll go. I see.”


“Shin-ku~n, listen to me, okay~? Ah, that’s it! I’ll go home, but I’ll take Naru-chan with me back home. I apologize in advance.



I never went there in my past life, yet I was easily invited in this one… I-Is this the power of the female species!?


“Kisanee, why don’t you think a little about other people’s plans. You’re being a bother to Yuuyami-san, surely.”


“Naru-chan, wanna come?”


But but, even thought I knew her in my old life, this is our first meeting in this one, so going to her place might be a bit impudent.

Though I don’t have any plans today…


“So, Kisanee! I will gladly come! Huuhhh?”


I have no other choice!


“It’s settled then! Lesgo!”


I quickly went to the Makita house.




“T-This is”


This is something I didn’t see in my past life. Kisane-san’s house.

I came here with vigor, but I feel a little regret!


“Come in, come in~”


“Sorry, Yuuyami-san. We’re still moving, so there might be a few dirty places.”


“No, it’s fine…”


I can’t go back!


Like that, I took a step into the house of the person I liked.

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