Reincarnated as My Little Sister 47 – Differences


Entering the living room, I sat on the sofa.
It was unusually put in order considering they moved, and it was just an ordinary living room.

“Ah, here’s some tea.”

“Thanks, Makita-kun.”

Nevertheless, despite not knowing where the house was originally, this house isn’t that far from my house.
In my previous life, I never met her when I was going to school, so I thought she lived at a different location.
No, there might be differences between my previous life and current life, and it’s just a coincidence that I never met her on the way to school.

“Come to think of it, Naru-chan. There’s something I was super curious about, so can I ask?”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

“Naru-chan, you have an older brother, don’t you?”

It was a question, but Kisane-san asked me confidence.
Which reminds me, she said they were in the same class.
They might have already talked to each other.

“I have one.”

“Like I thought. My classmate has the same family name as you, so I thought that he might be your brother.”

Well, there’s not many Yuuyamis, so I can understand that.

“So you have a brother. Are you on good terms?”

Makita-kun talked to me as if she was very interested.

“Let’s see. We don’t fight or anything. On the contrary, we get along too well.”

“Hmm, is that so.”

“You probably can’t imagine how nice we are to each other.”

At school, Nii-san’s true character won’t come out.
She probably wouldn’t be able to imagine because of that surely.

After this, the three of us, Kisane-san, Makita-kun, and I, talked about various things.


We had a weird first meeting, but we gradually grew closer as we talked.

I realized a few things while talking to Kisane-san.
Her personally was a bit different from my previous life, like I thought.
She might’ve transferred a year early, but she felt more mature in my past life.
The current Kisane-san is cute and I like her, but she’s somehow different.
I noticed her most surprising transformation when we were talking about books.

“Naru-chan, you read a lot. That’s so cool. I don’t really read books.”

“EH!? Don’t you like novels?”

“I-Is it that weird? Well, it’s not like I hate them you know? Even today, I read a book that my friend told me to read. Due to Shin-kun’s influence, I’ve been reading quite a lot recently.”

Even though she liked so many books in my previous life and liked to talk about them too…
She gave the impression that she reads even when she doesn’t have free time.

“I like books, but Kisanee doesn’t read that much, you know. Today’s also the same, but I’ll read novels that everyone says that are good though.”

“So it’s like that…”

I felt a pang in my chest, knowing that the Kisane-san who talked about books with her beautiful smile was gone forever.
At the same time, I was irritated over my past life’s lack of courage.
I regret that I didn’t confess. Even if I was given the cold shoulder, I at least wanted to tell my feelings before I died.

I thought that since I reincarnated, I should confess this time when I met the past life’s Kisane-san.


However, I also really want to be friends with the new Kisane-san!
She might not remember me, but her kindness hasn’t changed.

I want to stick Kisane-san to my brother for my own satisfaction.
Besides, we can make our own memories from now on!

After I prepared myself, I started talking to Kisane-san.


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