Reincarnated as My Little Sister 48 – The Vacation Incident


“Why don’t you come to my house another time!”

At any rate, my brother hasn’t talked much to Kisane-san despite being in the same class. I have to take this chance!


“Eh, house?”

“Yes, today Kisane-san invited me, so it’s to thank you for this time.”

If I’m refused here, my strategy will have failed already, but…

“Sure, okay! I’ll be intruding into your free time.”

Alright! Flawless!

“Makita-kun should come as well, alright?”

“Eh!? Me too?”

Well, you have nothing to do with the strategy, but looking at today’s conversation, it was fun nonetheless, and I wanted to have Makita-kun come as well.

“Yup, please.”

“I get it. ……There’s also something I want to make sure of.”

Something you want to make sure of?

“Did something happen?” I asked.

He replied, “No, it’s nothing. I’ll go get some tea.”

Like that, Makita-kun went towards the kitchen.




“Thank you very much for today. I had fun.”

“I also had fun. Let’s talk again, Naru-chan.”

“It’s good that you had fun. Please properly tell me when Kisanee is being troublesome Yuuyami-san. I’ll give her a warning.”

Their relationship is somewhat similar to us older brother and younger sister.

“Ahaha, see ya.”

Then, I returned home.
Come to think of of it, I didn’t read a single book today.
I think I’ll read a bit when I get back.




“I’m homeee!

When I came home, the voice that should be there when I return wasn’t there, and the lights that should’ve been on were off.
Huh? I wondered if my brother went out.

Without paying much attention to it, I decided to prepare the preparations for dinner.
Then, after not much time, a sound could be heard coming from the front door.

“Nii-san, welcome back.”

“I’m home, Naru.”

I thought that he was somewhat different from usual.
Normally, at times like this, he would come clinging onto me, and he should be a bit more cheerful.

I wondered if something happened.

What’s wrong? Nii-san.”

“Hm? It’s nothing.”

It’s weird that my brother didn’t tell me anything.
I’m becoming more and more suspicious.

“Your face doesn’t look like it’s nothing you know? Try talking about it.”

Nii-san was silent for a bit, but sighed.
It seemed like he resigned himself to something.

“Haa, as expected it’s impossible for me to deceive my imouto. I get it, I’ll talk.”

He was going to hold out for a bit longer or so I thought, but it seems like he’s going to talk.
Also, you didn’t deceive me at all, you know, Nii-san…
Then, my brother began to talk.

“Today, I was confessed to.”

“Mhm mhm… ha?”

That isn’t a face of a boy who’s been confessed to you know?
Normally, you’d be delighted right!
Or did this Nii-san get confessed to one too many times, and his heart died out because of that? Nii-san is weird.

“It’s not that I don’t understand your reaction. Well, if it was a person that I didn’t know, then I wouldn’t have cared, probably.”

What? Does this Nii-san refuse without asking questions if he didn’t know the person? Nii-san is weird.
A scolding is necessary.

Anyways, by the flow of this story, the person who confessed is someone he knows.
I wonder who it is, is it Nii-san’s acquaintance… I wonder if it’s Kouyou?1

“So, who’s the unlucky person?”

While Nii-san was slightly reluctant, he said their name.

“…It’s Fukubayashi-san.”

Konoha… chan?

  1. Fujoshi instincts come naturally to females, it seems.

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