Reincarnated as My Little Sister 49 – My Brother Began to Say Useless Things


“K-K-Konoha-chan, you mean our Konoha-chan!?”

No way!? For Konoha-chan to confess.
Before this, I suspected that Konoha-chan liked Nii-san, but…

“That’s right. That’s why I felt like if I said something, then Naru and Fukubayashi-san’s relationship would change. …Well, I also didn’t want to Naru to find out that I was confessed to.” My brother said the last part in a whisper.

Hmm, I wonder.
I wonder if it’ll change a bit.

Also, even if you whisper, I can hear it you know!
It’s awful that you won’t even tell me.

“But, how did that happen?”

“The story goes back to───”




On a Sunday afternoon, I was playing games alongside with Kouyou, who seemed to be ever present when Naru wasn’t in the house.

“Haa, it’s lonely without Naru-chan,” Kouyou muttered.

“If that’s the case, go home. You’re always bringing new games year on out, and I can’t stop playing!”

“I’m not sure if you’re angry or happy!?”

It’s be a waste of time, but coming everyday is too much as expected.

“If possible, please tell me before coming over.”

“Well well, putting that aside.”

“I’m not putting that aside!”

He averted the subject.
This guy is still planning on coming without any prior notice from now on…

“Let’s go buy lunch. Naru-chan’s gone, so we got no lunch.”

“If you want me to make it, then I’ll make it.”

I have money, but I shouldn’t squander it too much.
Also, I can cook, though there’s a world of difference compared to Naru.

“Why do I have to eat food made by you?”

“I never said that I would feed you.”

“Riku-san! Let’s go eat outside! Come on~ just for today, okay!

Kouyou pulled on my arm and took me along outside.
Ahh, how annoying!

“I get it, I get it. Just today, alright?”

This fellow’s like a kid.
Thus, we decided to go outside to eat.




“Hey, hey, Nii-san.”

“What’s up? Naru.”

“When did I say that you should start from the exact beginning!?”

“Didn’t you want to hear it?”

I don’t particularly need Nii-san’s and Kouyou’s everyday right now!

“What I wanted to hear was about Konoha-chan, the story right now was not what I wanted to hear!”

“But, if I don’t tell you this, you won’t understand why I went out, you know?”

Whoooo cares!
The reason you went outside and that sort of thing isn’t important!

“What I wanted to hear is after that! I understand why you went outside, so it isn’t necessary!”

“Well, if I leave the story there, I won’t be able to connect the story to how I met Fukubayashi-san. It’s just for the sake of context.”

So he wasn’t contacted by Konoha-chan to meet up, but they met by chance?

“Then geez, please hurry up and finish that part then tell me how it ends!”

“The story will get long, though…”

No, the reason it’s long is because you put so much random stuff in it!!

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