Reincarnated as My Little Sister 51 – My Brother … Her

Despite how unexpected it was, I somehow managed to keep presence of mind.
In my innermost thoughts, I was surprised, however.
If you try thinking about it, I don’t remember doing something that cause Fukubayashi-san to show good will towards me.

“You like me, me?”

“Y-Yes! I know it’s a bother, I know that I’m not a good human by confessing… But, I like you!

It wasn’t particularly a bother though.
Although she’s cute, I wonder if Fukubashi-san rates herself lowly?

“No, it’s fine, but it’s just a bit surprising that you like me.”

To be honest, I didn’t have that kind of feeling at all.
I met her as Naru’s brother, so I didn’t expect this development.

“…I don’t really let things show. S-So, your answer…”

…A reply.
Though I don’t really want to date anyone currently, and I plan to find someone for Naru before finding someone for myself…
Well, here───





Why are you stopping on the essential part!
What I’m curious about is the part after that!

“Hey, Naru.”

“What, Nii-san?”

I wonder why he suddenly stopped talking.

He continued, “If I agreed to date her, what would you do?”

“Huh? Well of course, I’d be happy for you and support you? Since your happiness is my happiness.”

After all, that was my life’s goal from the start.
Well, about that, it’s not like I feel a bit lonely..
I’m perfectly happy!

“I see…then, Naru. What if I told her to not talk to me again…what would you do?”

What is my dumb brother saying.
By now, he should know that I’d get mad.

“I’d be mad, of course. Since it’s Konoha-chan. She’s my beloved kouhai, you know.”

I think it’s fine if my brother doesn’t like someone and avoids them.
But it’s Konoha-chan in this case.
I can’t think of any reason to turn her down.

Besides, it’s sad when love is rejected.
I don’t really want to see her depressed.

“I see…”

But why is he doing this…

…it can’t be!
Based on the way he’s talking and the flow the conversation is going, I can think of one thing.

“It can’t be…hey, Nii-san. Did you seriously turn Konoha-chan down!?”

He was looking strange when he came home!
My brother wouldn’t want to talk about this.


He was silent.
Why won’t he answer me!”

“Hey! Nii-san!”


Thereupon, Nii-san finally opened his mouth.

“Rejoice, Naru.”


Rejoice for what…

“I’m now in a relationship. With Fukubayashi-san.”

My brother said with a smile.

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