Reincarnated as My Little Sister 52 – End of the Shocking Day


“Ahh, really really.”

But I got the opposite feeling from the conversation before.

“But, Nii-san, I don’t believe you.”

“Naru, why. So mean~”

Why can’t I be mean to him sometimes.
It’s not like I’m a brocon! 1

“I don’t mean it like that. Though, hey, going out with Konoha-chan… Isn’t that great, Nii-san! I wish you two eternal happiness.”

My brother revealed a complicated expression for a second before smiling again.
I wonder why?

“Ah, thanks, Naru.”




I heard my brother’s shocking story yesterday.
At school, I told what I heard yesterday to Yuna-chan.

“Oh~ I’m really surprised~”

“Well, isn’t it good? You don’t have to worry about Onii-san’s future, and you don’t have to look for a significant other for him.”

Huh? What did Yuna-chan just say?

“Did you let your true feelings show?”

“Hmmm, I wonder. Well, everything’s going great, and you completed your goal. So why don’t you look happy?”

“You sure? I’m plenty happy.”

“You’d normally be more loud and err, excited. What, are you lonely now that Onii-san has been taken away?”

“It’s not like that! I said before that I was completely happy. Just that I need to think.”

“What is it?”

“Konoha-chan can do anything, and she’s cute. But I don’t think Nii-san would go out with her.”

I thought that he’d go out with Yuna-chan or Kisane-san instead.
This was different from my expectation, so I’m a little surprised.
Well, it’s fine since she’s cute.
Me and my brother’s differences probably do exist.

“Oh, it’s something like jealousy, no?

“Completely wrong! It’s my Nii-san, so we won’t spend any less time together I think.”

I get that kind of feeling.

“Besides that, have you already met with Fukubayashi-san?”

“Haven’t seen her. It was nighttime when I heard of this. Didn’t want to bother her.”

A little after I heard everything from my elder brother, I sent a text detailing everything.

“Well, isn’t it something of a duty? A duty of an imouto who had her beloved Onii-san taken from her.”

“Geez, you’re wrong! Why do you keep saying stuff like that when!”

I was going to continue to say, “It’s not anything like that,” but the announcements interrupted me.

“Second year, Yuuyami Naru. Second year, Kagemichi Tsubomi. Come to the staff room rich now.”

It was the voice of Shia-sensei, my homeroom teacher.
I wonder what’s wrong?
Also, it looks like Kagemichi-san had also been called.

“What did you do, Naru?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong, though…”

I wasn’t guilty of anything, but the way Shia-sensei said it made me sound as if I was. I wish she’d at least add a “please” to the start of her sentence.

“She’s calling over the top two scorers on the test, so it probably has something to do with that.”

Yuna-chan’s words were correct; Kagemichi-san was first while I was second.
Hehe~ I’m seriously a genius.

“Yeah, probably something like that. Well, I guess I’ll start going. Let’s talk about Nii-san later. Since there’s lots more to talk about!”

“I get it, so shut up already.”


And so I headed to the staff room.




While walking through the halls, I thought of Kagemichi-san.

Kagemichi Tsubomi.
The “genius girl” archetype.
Basically, I haven’t won in the past two weeks that she’s been here.

Well, she might be a genius, but I might think the opposite when I meet her in person.
Honestly, I still don’t understand it myself.

I heard rumors that she does strange experiments on the rooftop and tinkers with a weird machine in class.
Though those are probably all false.

We went to the same elementary school, but we didn’t really talk.
Well, I did want to become friends with her.

The staff room appeared before my eyes as I thought.

  1. Brocon = brother complex. Basically every little sister in every anime ever, except worse.

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