Reincarnated as My Little Sister 53 – Calamitous Prodigy

Note about the title: The Japanese title can be read as both natural disaster and genius. I can’t think of any better translation, so any suggestions are appreciated.

When I entered the staff room, I saw that Kagemichi-san was already there.
Even though Shia-sensei was absent.
Is she not the person who called us here in the first place!

“Oh~ Naru-chan, heya~”

“H=Hello, Kagemichi-san.”

Seriously, the gap is huge.
It’s our first meeting, but she’s acting so friendly, so it was hard to get a grip…

“Aren’t you being kinda formal, Naru-chan! We went to the same elementary school, so just call me by my first name.”

Just like I said, she’s being overly friendly…
How in the world is this girl getting a perfect score in every test.
Well, maybe geniuses are all like this.

“I understand, Tsubomi-san. Do you know where Shia-sensei is?”

“Err, that’s a bit hard. She wasn’t here when I came, so idk?”

“So it’s like that… Speaking of which, do you know what Shia-sensei called us here for?”

I asked if she had any idea of what was going on.
Well, Shia-sensei probably isn’t mad, I think.

“Shia-chan teaches science iirc? Yeah~ I left early without telling her, I mixed a few chemicals, and there’s a bunch of other stuff. But it’s probably not that!”

“Are you high!?”

I can see a million reasons to be mad.
Since I was called here along with her, it probably isn’t that.
I don’t do things like that!

“Well, nevermind that, Shia-chan might punish us, but calling us over is a pain, yanno?”

“Ah, she’s going to punish us.”

She’s going to be mad.
But since it’s Sensei we’re talking about, she probably wouldn’t want to get physical…
Mental punishment would probably be safe…maybe?

And then, finally, Shia-sensei appeared.

“Sorry I made you guys wait. The vice principal’s speech was really long. …Well, I really want to hit you b*tches.”

Dangerous! This Shia-sensei is dangerous!
And there’s also other teachers around, so is it really okay to talk like that?

“So yeah, why didya call us here for?”

“Oh yeah, that. The student council elections are soon, so I had to call out to the guys who are at the top rankings, peh, trash…well, that’s what the vice principal said. So it’s that. Work’s being forced onto me.”

Oh, it’s the student council elections.
Speaking of which, it’s already halfway through the year.
I had no idea that the top scorers on the midterms would be called out like this, though.

And “trash.” Shia-sensei’s inner voice was leaking out again.

“Ahhh, that.”

“Hey, Shia-chan. Don’t you think that I’m totes not suited for that?”

Well, she doesn’t seem like the type that actually does work.

“Well, I’m only telling you guys just in care. I don’t really give a fig if you don’t want to do it.”

In the end, she won’t join the student council.

“I totes don’t wanna!”

“Shut up already! How about you, Yuuyami?”

“I don’t know…”

I haven’t done it before, and it looks fun.
But I’m kinda curious about my brother finally dating someone, so I might not have that much time…

“Well, I think you’ll enjoy it from the bottom of your heart. I respect people like you.”

Oh my, that surprised me!
She suddenly started to behave like an actual teacher!

“I don’t think I’ll do it. Sorry, sensei.”

My brother is more important.

“I see. Well, that’s cool too. The vice principal said that he’d give me another lecture if neither of you guys wanted to do it. Okay, go back to class.”

Ah, so it was like that.
From how she called us here, I completely thought she was going to be mad.

“I’m pooped~”

And then, just as Tsubomi-san was about to leave the staff room, Shia-sensei grabbed the back of Tsubomi-san’s shirt, stopping her in her tracks.

“You, Kagemichi, cannot leave. Even I would get p*ssed off when you call a teacher ‘chan.’ I’ll punish you to release some stress.”

“You’re gonna hit me!?”

Tsubomi-san was summarily pulled into the consultation room, at a corner of the staff room, to do unspeakable things.


I told Yuna-chan about everything when I got back.

“All in all, it turned out fine.”

There were parts where things weren’t looking rosy, but it turned out okay.”

“I was so surprised when she started to talk about the student council. Don’t candidates announce themselves?”

“Well, if dumb people did it just for the grade boost, they totally wouldn’t get anything done, right? That’s probably why the school nominates those who they know are capable.”

And so it seems.

“Well, I’m glad I don’t have to do it since I have no time.”

“Though, Naru, I think you’d be suited for being on the student council. If only you weren’t busy with your Onii-san, right?”

Why do I feel like there’s some kind of hidden meaning here…

“I guess. Since I’d like to support them if possible.”

I had so much to talk with Konoha-chan this afternoon!
Time slowly passed, and soon enough, classes had ended.

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