Reincarnated as My Little Sister 6 – Regret

I finished my club activities, and returned home.
When I arrived home and opened the front door without any particular incident, there was an unknown pair of shoes.
It was not my older brother’s, but it was a man’s pair of shoes.
Then, a shout could be heard from the direction of the living room.

“I’ll kill you!”

It was not my older brother’s voice, but a male’s voice!


Just now, I could hear my older brother’s voice. The worst thing floated across my head, kicked off my shoes in a hurry, and vigorously opened the living room door.



………Kouyou was there.


“Man~ this fighting game is interesting, so I recommended it to RIku~”

“This guy is being too rough to me even though this is my first time! Don’t you also think that’s too much of an advantage?”

“No, that’s impossible in many ways!”

“But I wanna win! Kouyou, another game!”

This can’t be…Hm?

“I’ve played this game before…”

“Huh? You have? It’s pretty new though.”

“Eh!? No, I thought it was some other game, haha.”

I really have played this game before, but I couldn’t tell Kouyou that.
It was well-known by everyone in my previous life.
Well, I didn’t play in my house…the game would get broken if I did.

I escaped to Kouyou’s house to play almost every day.
Well, it’s not like I could call Kouyou to my house.

We’d play this game together at those times.
Kouyou got into it too much and forgot to study. I remember his grades dropping.
Me? I could only study and do housework at home, so it wasn’t a problem.

“Let’s go, Kouyou!”

“Ahhhhh, come! Riku!”

“Nii-san, Morita-san. Can I join?”

Seeing them play, I also wanted to join in.

“Oh, you also understand this game’s charm!”

“That’s fine. Here, the controller.”

My brother handed me the controller.
Leave it to your Nii-san. Your future older brother, me, will confront the enemies!


“I lost…”

The future Nii-san, instantly killed!
I-I lost~!
Ugh! To think I was this delicate!

“Oi, this is also Naru’s first time! What do you think you’re doing!”

“No, he was stronger than I thought, so I got knocked out!”

I would’ve won in my past life…
Ha! Could this be the difference between a brother and a sister? (You’re wrong.)

“It was fun♪”

It’s nostalgic, remembering those days.
I’m satisfied~!

“Naru-chan, let’s do it again, again!”

“No, Naru, the next game will be against me.”

“I have to make dinner now, so I can’t. Sometime later!”

I headed to the kitchen, saying that.

“Haah~ A good girl, isn’t she. I want an imouto~ Okay, brother-in-law.”
“…Kouyou, we need to have a talk. It’s fine, I’ll do it quickly.”

“Y-Your eyes are scary! Hey… Stop, Riku! Naru-chan!! Helpーーーー!!!”


I was fine in my previous life, but a kitchen knife is super scary.
It was what killed me before.
The knife penetrated straight through my chest.
Seeing one makes me think of that, and I start to shiver and my legs turn to jelly.

How did I cook…?
I couldn’t even look at any knife at first, but it’s become better. I can now use small knives like a fruit knife.

Now it’s become a natural/common thing, but when my brother first saw me look at a knife in this life, he said────

“I’ll cook, so it’s fine if you don’t, Naru. Even if you can’t cook, I still have an amazing sister.”

But I didn’t want that.
I did like to be thanked…That’s not wrong.
But, mainly, I just didn’t want to follow the same path as my previous life.
I might start to feel like my previous life’s sister.

After that, I became able to cook after much effort, but now I think…

“Naru~ Food ready~?”

“Hurry up, Naru-chan~♪”

…I should’ve left it for my brother to do.
The heck, they’re lining up with their plates!
No, why is Kouyou still here in the first place! Go home!

After, the three of us had a nice meal of curry together.

“Huh? Where’s my futon?”1

“”Go home!””

  1. A futon is a fancy sleeping bag.

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