Reincarnated as My Little Sister 8 – My brother is actually…

What I wanted to ask…
What did Yuna-chan think of my brother?
If she didn’t think of him well, I might have no choice but to give up.
I want Yuna-chan to be happy since she’s my best friend in this life.
Even if it means that I’ll have to find someone else…

“I think he’s cool.”


“Right now, w-what did you…”

“Eh? I said that I thought he was cool though?”

I-It’s hereeeeeeee!!
I definitely did not mishear that!

“Really really!?”
“Ehh, by the way, don’t you have too much of a brocon?

“You’re wrong! I’m just a little prone to worrying! So, so, Yuna-chan, what do you think are his cool points?”

It’s sort of embarrassing since I’m asking myself, but I’m excited.

“No, there isn’t one in particular though?”

Ehhm that sort of point…… eh?”
Huh? Something’s wrong right?

“You think he’s cool, right?”


“But nothing in particular?”

“Objectively speaking, I think he’s cool you know? That’s why there were a reasonable amount of rumors when we were first years right.”

Hm? I don’t think I understand what she’s saying…
I’ll ask.


“Yep, he’s pretty popular, so doesn’t that make him cool? As expected of your brother.”

Eeh!? It wasn’t what Yuna thought personally, but what other people said!!
I wonder if my method of asking was bad? But, it’s not like I could directly ask her either.

No no, more than that, does he interest her!

“What rumor?”


“The one during our first year?”

“Eh!? You don’t know? Even though it kicked up a fuss, I thought you would know since it’s about your older brother, but…”

“I didn’t know…?”

What! What kind of rumor was it!
Also, why have I not heard about this!?
Huh? What? Because I didn’t have friends? Shut up!!

“Well, Naru seemed like she didn’t have interest in these types of talk, so I guess it can’t be helped that you wouldn’t know.”

“Well those type of talks are… well, you know.”

Rather than having no interest, the reality is that it’s quite hard to enter those conversations, but… those love strategies and such were scary!

“So, I’ve heard that a lot of people liked him? Well, it was something like that. He was really popular.”

Impossible, there seem to be no presence of females at home at all, and to be famous even to the freshmen, it can’t be my brother!
Ah, it seems like my heart hurts when I tell myself that…

“B-But, why is he popular…”

That’s it! If my brother is popular, why wasn’t I popular in my previous life!

“That’s simple. It was his club, his club. He was a regular of the soccer club.”1

So it’s thatーーーー!!!
That’s where we were different.

Yes, I did not enter the soccer club in my previous life.
It wasn’t that I had no interests, but the number one reason why I didn’t enter the club was just as you guessed: it was due to my little sister.

Even on days we have PE class, violence was exerted onto me because of something ambiguous such as I was dirty because sand was stuck on me.
Even if I entered a club, her reasons to exert violence on me would increase by one.

I did not participate in club activities due to such reasons, but…… if I did that I would’ve been popularrrr!!
Of course, if I did well in the soccer club matches, there would be a lot of people watching right.

By the way, he never said a single word about this.
Or rather, at home he doesn’t have the atmosphere of being popular though?
You have some nerves to hide your secret from your little sister Nii-san.

“I see, Nii-san was popular.”

Well, he was good at sports, studying, had a good face, and was also nice. Look, doesn’t he have all the factors?”

“I guess…”

“Well, it looks like he got confessed to, so…you okay, Naru?”

“Eh? Aah, I’m fine, Yuna-chan. Right now, I’m thinking on how I should lecture my Nii-san.

“Which parts were necessary to lecture!”

Huh? Now that I think about it, how did we get to this conversation?
That thought coincided with the ringing of the school chime.


────Eight years prior, in a park.

“Onii-chan, why are you kicking the ball?”

“Naru, this is the game called soccer.”

I already know what it’s called, but whatever.

“Onii-chan, you’re good at kicking. So cool!”

He likes being praised by a child. My older brother and I are the same.
So, I’ll praise him.

“R-Really, am I really cool!?”

“Yep! You’re cool!”

“What would you think if Nii-chan played soccer?”


“………Nii-chan will become a soccer player!!”

And that was why my brother became a soccer player.
I completely forgot!!

  1. Regular=actually on the team instead of a benchwarmer
  2. Watch more anime if you don’t know what this means

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