Reincarnated as My Little Sister 9 – Club Activities

After classes were over, it became after school, and when I was talking with Yuna-chan because we were going to our club, I saw the face of a young boy who I knew in somewhat of a hurry far away.
It was the boy that gave me the letter a while ago.
I called out to that boy.

“O~i, Tegami-k~un.”1

“Ah! Y-Yuuyami-san! Good afternoon…”

He greeted me with a little blush.

“Tagami-kun…is it? Hello.”

“Hello, Natami-san.” 2

“Huh? Yuna-chan, you know Tegami-kun?”

“I only know his name. You do know it’s Tagami, not Tegami.”

Huh? Oh, I remembered him as the guy who gave me the letter.

“Eh? Ah, sorry Tagami-kun. I’m bad at remembering names.”

“No, it’s completely fine!”

Tagami-kun is kind. I desired this kind of friend!

“So, why were you in such a hurry Tagami-kun?”

Yuna-chan, thank you for asking the things that I want to know!

“There’s club tours and observance for freshmen. I’m part of the basketball club, but I’m helping my seniors prepare various things.”

Tagami-kun’s senior treat their juniors roughly, don’t they.
Wait, but that’s the same everywhere.

“Come to think of it, it was today wasn’t it. Yuna-chan did we have to prepare or anything?”

“Nope. We just hit the ball a few times and it’s over.”

“That’s because he’s a person who finds most things bothersome. Our club president. He thought to not make it elaborate, but to just operate normally as usual.”

It’s not strict, so it’s fun, but he’s a club present in-name-only.

“I should go soon.”

“See you. Tagami-kun.”

“Ah, sorry for bugging you. Let’s talk again when you have free time, okay?”

“Yes! See you later.”

Tagami-kun ran off.

“Naru. Let’s go to our club.”

“Yeah. Juniors…they’ll be fun.”

I didn’t have juniors in my previous life’s club, so I’m kinda excited!

“Come to think of it, it was Tagami-kun who gave you that love letter, wasn’t it?”

“That’s right?”

“As expected, it doesn’t get interesting.”

“It doesn’t need to be interesting!!”


In the women’s soft tennis club, there were a bunch of freshmen lined up to hit the ball as part of club tours.
At that time, I…

“Kouhai-chan, I’ll go to the Nationals together with you!”

“Yes, senpai! I’ll do my best for senpai’s sake!”

I hit off with a underclassmen that I met for the first time.

“You guys, you got along too well in such a short time. Also, actually be serious.”

“Eh? Ah! Yuna-chan.”

Before we knew it, Yuna-chan was behind us.
I wish you wouldn’t frighten me already. Also, Yuna-chan, you don’t have the right to tell us to be serious.

“So, what was your name again?”

“I-I’m Fukubayashi Konoha, a freshman!”

“Fukubayashi, is it? So, Naru. Please tell me why you’re flirting with Fukubayashi and being a hindrance?”

She completely changed her smiling face towards Konoha-chan, and turned to me with a slightly glaring face.

“N-No, I wasn’t particularly flirting with her though, it seems like Konoha-chan is an experienced tennis player.”


“B-but all I could think of was instigating an experienced player by saying something like ‘hit the ball after it drops”

Even so, you can’t just have a match on the court…
That’s why I thought of happily chatting, and enjoying ourselves to the end as much as possible?

“I get your reasoning, but there are seniors as well, so by serious for now.”

Yuna-chan left when I thought she was giving a warning.
I wonder if she came to tell by before they got angry at me? How kind.
However, I remembered something, and restrained Yuna-chan that was about to go back.

“This may be sudden, but Yuna-chan, Konoha-chan. Do you want to visit my my house after club?”

“Why so suddenly?”

“Well, we can’t leisurely speak during club activities, so I wanted to slowly chat at home~. Yuna-chan hasn’t played with my recently, and I want to talk with Konoha-chan more.”

“I’m fine with that!”

“Well, if that’s the cae, I’m also fine though…”

That might’ve been a bit forced, but that’s fine.
For the sake of my grand plan, I must persist…

  1. Tegami means letter
  2. Natami is Yuna’s last name

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