Reincarnated as My Little Sister 11 – Game

11 Game

“What should we play?”

My brother asked everyone.
Hmm~ something 5 people can play currently~.

“Nii-san. Is there something here that we can do with a large group?”

“Hahaha, what are you saying everyone. This is the king of games “Let’s play cards!”….”

Kouyou, I won’t want that sort of development this time!
Konoha-chan will probably go home!
However, that’s not bad. If we have a chance, let’s do it.

Then, I immediately realized what was Kouyou thinking, and instantly covered up his words.
Nii-san is amazingz.1

“Onii-san. Do we even have cards?”

“I think we do. I’ll go look for them. Think of what card game we should play in the meantime.”

Saying that, my brother left for the living room.

“I haven’t played a card game in a while!”

“Same here. It’s something that I don’t usually do.”

That’s true. They might be fun with a large group, but aren’t that fun to play alone or with two people.

“What should we play?”

“I thought of one. When I heard, “What should we do?” I thought about the King’s Game with cards…”

Isn’t not like we assembled here in order to fulfill your desires!
But, that’s a good idea! Let’s do that another time.

“Isn’t it more fun as expected if everyone knows the rules to the game?”

“Then, shall we all say one thing we all know?”


Various things were said.
Old Maid and President…that’s the same as Capitalism, isn’t it?
Also, Cheat (BS), Concentration, Sevens, and Poker.
Blackjack… I don’t know the rules.

“Well then, are there any among these which you don’t know?”

“I don’t really understand poker…”

“I completely don’t remember what kind of game sevens is!”

“I don’t like Old Maid.”

Yuna-chan!? I wasn’t particularly asking whether you liked it or not right now!

“I also don’t know what Blackjack is.”

“Then, shall we start with Capitalism?”

Well, it seems like everyone knows it, so 5 people is just right!

“Have you decided?”

Before I noticed, Nii-san was standing behind me.

“Eh!? Nii-san! Don’t surprise me!”

I was really startled!
What’s with that presence isolation skill. …Is that a stalker skill!?

“Haha, Naru’s surprised expression is also cute right.”

Because you’re talking talking in a low voice, although she might not notice, I’d like if you don’t reveal the cause in front of Yuna-chan and them.

“…Hmph! Stop that sort of thing! If you do it next time, I won’t wake you up in the morning anymore.”

“Sorry, Naru. I won’t do it anymore.”

“Don’t ever do that again, okay!”

Haa~. I wish he wouldn’t do that wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing act to me.

“Well, since we decided on Capitalism, shall we play?”

“You’re right, Morita-san. Since it takes quite a lot of time. Then, Nii-san should also quickly sit!”

When everyone sat down, Kouyou dealt one card to every person, and said in a loud voice.

“Let’s go! Ready, go, who’s the President!”

“”We aren’t playing the King’s Game!!”2

This guy truly acts self-important.

  1. Sorry for my bad slang, but this was a super slang in Japanese
  2. This is a joke on the Japanese Ousama Game (King’s Game), where people would say “who’s the king?” after the cards (or equivalent) are dealt.

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