Reincarnated as My Little Sister 13 – It’s come to this?

13 It’s come to this?

Thirty minutes after I went to the kitchen, the food was almost done. I secretly took a peek into the living room at that time.

“…W…What’s this!”

“……That so?”

Hm~ I can’t really hear anything~.
However, I could not read Yuna-chan’s face since she was facing backwards from where I was, but it seemed like my older brother was really happy.
I wonder if this was a nice atmosphere!

However, I’m curious~.
I wonder if they’ll find out if I move a bit closer?
Thinking that, I moved slowly closer to those two, and listened closely.

“Really, Naru is sorta absent minded right.”

“Is that so…”


“You see I’m worried as her older brother.”


Why did you choose to talk about me in your conversation with Yuna-chan!
Only just a bit more!
Also, aren’t Yuna-chan’s replies sort of tired?


“Oh, Naru. Is dinner finished?”

“Yup, it’s finished! Wait, that’s not it!”

“Hm? What’s wrong Naru?”

I pulled Nii-san, and took him a little distance away from Yuna-chan, and said in a small voice.

“…What are you talking about me! There’s so much more to talk about right!”

“Are you perhaps embarrassed? What a cute girl.”

“That’s not it! More like…… it’s nothing!”

If I’m too forceful, it seems like it’s cause a negative effect, so I ended up not saying anything.
As expected, just the two of them won’t have any development right.
My thinking might have been naive.

“Sorry, Yuna-chan. For accompanying my older brother.”

“Eh? It was particularly fun so there’s no need to apologize you know.”

Yuna-chan is kind.
For such a boring talk to be fun, isn’t she too good of a child!

“Naru, let’s have dinner. I’m hungry.”

“But, Morita-san still hasn’t returned yet.”

“Naru, let’s have dinner. I’m hungry.”

To repeat the same words again, what kind of villager are you. 1
Cherish Kouyou more, even though he’s like that…

Just that moment, a sound could be heard from the direction of the entrance.
It seems like Koyou returned.

“Riku~, Naru-chan~. Is my meal~

“Already eaten!”


“No, there is, so it hasn’t been eaten yet. Nii-san also stop messing around, and please help bringing the table over.”

When these guys are truly all present, it’s noisy.
Well, this might be what I wanted in my previous life…


“Thanks for today. I hadn’t had this much fun in a while.”

“Yuna-chan, in other words, does that mean you don’t have fun with me…?”

“Pretty much.”

How cruel!

“Is it okay to cry a bit?”

“It’s a joke. Well then, invite me another time.”

“Yea. Well then, Nii-san. Please properly escort her!”

I pointed my finger to have him properly escort Yuna-chan, so I think it’ll be alright…

“Aah, then let’s go Yuna-chan.”


Let’s do our best to create time for these two little by little!
As expected, it’s important to accumulate love.

If it’s possible I hope they don’t talk about me as much as possible… I bet they will though. Since it’s Nii-san.

When Nii-san and them left, Kouyou was also about to leave, so he was in the middle of putting on his shoes.

“Well then, I’ll also go home. Naru-chan I’ll come back for a meal again.”

If I said, “Sure,” here, I feel like he’ll come everyday.

“Please don’t come back.”

“That again, that’s also cute how you hide your embarrassment♪”

F*** you!

“I’m not embarrassed.”

“Well, let’s leave it at that. See ya!”

As he said that, he returned home.
There’s nothing to leave at though I think.

Haa~ I suddenly feel tired today somehow. It’s mainly due to my older brother and Kouyou though…
But it’d be nice if we could enjoy ourselves like today again.
While thinking that, I returned to the living room.

  1. In games, villagers usually repeat the same line over and over if you keep talking to them.

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