Reincarnated as My Little Sister 15 – Lunch

15 Lunch

“Let’s go home.”

Huh? We’re not going to get lunch?

“Are we not eating?”

“We are. At home.”


“No, no, you do realize that there’s a food court here!”

What is this guy trying to make me do, come here, go home, and then come back here?
It’s a huge pain!

“Why would I eat here when I can eat so much better food if we go home!”

“Selfish! Not only is that rude to the restaurants here, you’re the one who wanted to go out!?”

“I said that we we’re going to go out, not eat out!”

…What’s wrong with my brother.
I’m happy that my cooking got praised…But, the stuff at the food court is good too.

“Don’t you try to grasp at the meaningless specifics…”

“There’s no reason to eat here.”

No, we’ll lose a lot of time by going back and forth!
On the other hand, there’s no reason to not eat here.

“I want to eat here…Is that reason enough?”

“Okay, whaddya want?”

That was quick!?
Is that how little it takes to move my brother’s heart!

“Anything that I haven’t had recently, I guess.”

“Something you haven’t had recently…leeks?”

“Wait, is that really all that popped into your mind! Why leeks!? Where would you find a leek in a food court!?”

Thinking about it, I haven’t had a leek in a while.
No, no, think about what I actually want!

“Hmmm, then, is the food court on this side of the mall okay?”

“That was quick. Let’s go.”

Just like that, we headed to the food court.


“It’s always been on my mind, but don’t the food court people have a hard job.”

Looking at the employees of the various restaurants, I said that to my brother.

“Well, I guess. They’re cooking part-time.”

I didn’t have a job in my past life, but I’ve heard that it’s really hard.
You have to cook and cook, then greet the customers with a smiling face.
Oh yeah, in my past life, Kouyou had a part-time job, yet he doesn’t have one in this life…
Was there something Kouyou wanted in his past life?1

“I wanted to help the workers by giving them two less customers to serve…”

“You’re still talking about that? Stop it with the forced reasons, and hurry up and decide what you want.”

“What should I get, I’m still thinking.”

“I’m almost done eating.”

By the way, I ordered a hamburger.

“Wait up; I’ll choose now!”

In the end, after almost thirty minutes, he ordered a hamburger too.


“Okay, we’re done eating, so let’s continue shopping!”

My brother wanted to go look for clothing as soon as he finished eating.
He looks so happy.
What happened to my calm and composed brother?

“Nii-san, let’s take a short break.”

“Well. Eh, I can’t refuse a request from my cute sister.”


Fuu. It’s nice getting new clothes, but I got tired after looking at them for hours. I want to go home.

“Naru, I’ll be in the bathroom.”

“I’ll wait here.”

I took the last sips out of my drink while waiting for my brother.

“Huh? Yuuyami-san?”

Huh? Did someone say my name…?

  1. I like the side stories more than the main story tbh

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