Reincarnated as My Little Sister 16.5 – Extra: Current Riku’s Point of View, My Little Sister

16.5 Extra: Current Riku’s Point of View, My Little Sister

I have a little sister.
She’s the person who understands me the most; she laughs at all my jokes; she’s the best little sister.
No matter her mood, she always gives me happiness.
It’s not in the romance kind of way, but I truly love her.

However, even though I think like that now, there was a time when I didn’t.
They say that everyone has a rebellious age, and in mine, I hated my little sister.
My sister, who could do anything.
My sister, who was nice to everyone.
And I compared her to myself.
There was nothing in which I was better than her at.
The more I thought about that, the more I hated my ever-capable little sister.

Even so, no matter what I said, no matter what I thought, my sister always talked to me with a smile.
On those times when I was frustrated, discouraged about life, she was with me.
And she even called someone like me a cool brother.
I started to think about what I wanted.

It was because of being compared to my sister.
I didn’t really care all that much for attention.
So why would I care about what other people think of me?
I think I was enlightened at that point.
From then on, my world revolved around my sister.

If I was blind to everything but my sister’s smile, that’s fine.
If there was anything my sister was bad at, I’d do it instead.
No matter what happens, I’ll be her ally.
I’ll become whatever my sister wants me to…

When my sister was small, she said:

“I’ll become the Onii-chan’s ideal sister!”

I don’t know when she said that, but I want to be Naru’s ideal brother as my sister wanted to be for me.
So my sister can live happily.

A stranger might call me a stupid siscon if they heard about this.
But, I don’t care.
Because I live for my sister.


“Nii-san, where?”

Recently, I’ve been having fun teasing Naru a little bit.
I do it a lot when going shopping.
I might be acting childish, but her embarrassed and confused face is just too cute.


“Kya! Geez! Nii-san! Stop scaring me like that!”

She was angry, but she also seemed to be having fun.
I think that the ideal sibling pair also tease each other.
It’s nice that my sister also thinks so.

“Haha, then, let’s go home, Naru.”

“What do you mean ‘then.’ Seriously. You really can’t be helped.”

Naru forgave me, smiling.

Naru is truly my ideal little sister.

Someday, the hands of fate will touch you.
Someone who can make you smile more than I can will appear.
But, until that day comes, I will make you happy.

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