Reincarnated as My Little Sister 18 – Studying

18 Studying

“Ehh~ that teacher became like that after graduation. Aren’t you sort of surprised, Riku?”

Kouyou said happily to my older brother.

“I didn’t have much interest, so I don’t remember. Or rather, why are you here today as well. I didn’t invite you today.”

Ah, he wasn’t invited…
I thought he was called over to play since he was here before one knew.

Leaving that aside, as expected my older brother didn’t remember.
That teacher left an impression to me in my previous life though.

“Well, isn’t it fine? Since we’re close friends! Putting that aside, that’s quite amazing. For the teacher to play a game.”

Now that I think about it, a different class was playing a cooperation game during a test, and the teachers got pretty mad…
Well, in this case, it’s a teacher playing a game.
No, it’s still not right even if students do it…

“For Naru to take such a class, what a bullshit teacher. My vomit is coming out.”

Nii-san’s words are vulgar!?
Use a more indirect expression!

“Nii-san, please choose your words properly! It’s indecent. Please use something like ‘bovine excrement.’”

“Naru… that’s the same thing.”

Huh? I wonder if I’m being influenced by my older brother?
No no, since we’re the same person, it can’t be helped right♪
I would also like to complain that this teacher is awful!

“Well, doesn’t the teacher also have various circumstances? Not that I know of any though.”

Kouyou is nicer than usual…
Since it’s a pretty teacher!

“Well, you can’t do anything about what’s been done I guess. Even if that is so, Naru, teach me this problem.”

“Umm, this is…”

Nii-san opened his high school homework(?), and asked me.
Ah~ I was also not very good at this in my previous life, so it took me some time before understanding.

“For some reason, I’m being used to this ordinary scene that seems weird. Or rather, Riku you don’t have any pride.”

“Ha, I only have the pride of giving pleasure to Naru. Also, Naru can study! I don’t have the need to.”

Yeah yeah, I like very much the Nii-san that’s always amusing.
Aside from that, I’d wish you would try your best to study though.
He has good scores on his test, so I can’t say anything in particular though…

I also learn and have fun when I teach though…
Wait, I think it should be the other way around…

“Riku is saying that, but is it fine, Naru-chan?”

“I am very happy that I am being relied on. Well, it feels a bit reversed though… However, if my Nii-san is happy, then I am also happy.”

That’s right, my older brother’s happiness is my happiness.
The original me wants to be a nice person.

“Naru-chan’s such a good kid. Then, are you happy if you do my homework as well?”

“If you don’t do it yourself, your future will become difficult.”

Nonetheless, if you don’t study, I’ll worry for your future.

“Isn’t the treatment between me and Riku too different!? It’s fine if you only teach Riku!”

“Well, if that’s the case, it’s fine though. Even if I provide for my older brother in the future, I don’t have the plans for taking responsibility of your future.”

“The treatment is truly different. Also, why did the conversation become one about the future…”

Kouyou can succeed if he tried, so I wish he’d try harder.
If he didn’t study and couldn’t find a job, wouldn’t I feel responsible for doing his homework.

“Naru, I don’t particularly have the plan to become a NEET. Since I don’t want to become a bother to Naru.”1

“I know, Nii-san. It’s just an example, an example. I know that my Nii-san is trying his best.”

If that wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t get such good points.



We locked eyes with each other, and gently touched our hands…

“I don’t need such a thing! Let’s keep the jokes in control, and let’s play soon.”

Ahaha, we were doing in in the beginning to surprise Kouyou, but it doesn’t have much effect recently.
Or rather, playing again!

“Didn’t we play recently? But well, I haven’t beaten you in that game from a while back. Fu, Kouyou it’s on!”


Ah, even Nii-san…
It became like this in the end.
These two are a problem before my teacher…
Well, from what I can see Nii-san seemed to have finished his homework, and Kouyou… well, he’ll probably be able to manage somehow!

“Or rather, Naru-chan, what’s dinner?”

““You feel like eating today as well!?””

  1. NEET: Not in Education, Employment, or Training

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