Reincarnated as My Little Sister 20 – Library

20 Library

This may be sudden, but I like libraries.
It’s quiet and I can calm down, and I can also study there.
The library, what an almighty place!
In my previous life, as long as I had free time, I would come.
Nonetheless, I was very indebted to the library in my previous life, but I didn’t have many chances to go in this life.
That’s because my little sister from my last life doesn’t exist.
I often went as a place of refuge, but now the opportunities to go have become less since being at home is more fun.

Even so, there are still times when I go.
I don’t usually have any real reason, but I start missing the place, and my feet start walking.

“Nonetheless, why am I even here?”

I did pretty much all of my studying here in my previous life, so I’ve already read anything interesting in the library.

Well, I guess I just came here to kill time. Based on my luck, I might meet a friend here.

“Oh, Yuuyami.”

I turned to the direction the voice came from. The president of the female soft tennis club, Kawanari Ran, was there.


I was very surprised.
This was someone who I never imagined would be here.
Ran-senpai was just the lazy type. She’s the person who always sleeps in class.
The opposite of the type to go to the library.

“What’s with that expression. You look like you’ve just seen a ghost. Did you want to talk to me?”

“N-No, will you get mad if I say it?”

Ran-senpai is the lazy type, so she probably will be too lazy to work up the anger to be mad at me.
Even so, it’s better to ask…

“Ahh, try saying it?”

No, that’s not really an answer…

“Well, you give me the impression that you think that books are trash, so it’s surprising that you came to the library!”

“Okay, Yuuyami. I don’t know if they next club activity will go well for you.”

“I’m sorry!!”

Ahh, this is where I should’ve said a white lie.
Someone please make a walkthrough for Ran-senpai!

“Well, I guess you’re not wrong.”

“Then, why are you mad!?”

What is she on!

“I’m getting irritated with you being so roundabout. More importantly, won’t you help me look for a book? Doing it by myself is a pai…will be difficult.”

This person was just about to say that doing it by herself would be a pain…

“Eh? You’re going to read a book?”

“Not me. I’m going to my cousins’. They like to read.”

“Ran-senpai is a good senpai.”

I looked at Ran-senpai in a new light.
For her to look for books for her cousins out of her own goodwill.

“My mom made me leave. What a pain.”

This person is hopeless; she’s back to normal…

“Wait, wouldn’t it be better if you came to the library with your cousins?”

Shouldn’t it be the opposite?

“No, they’re helping my mom cook right now.”

Oh, so senpai isn’t helping!
Aren’t the cousins being the perfect senpai here!?

“Senpai, shouldn’t you act more like a senpai?”

“I burned soup when cooking, and well…for certain other reasons, I don’t go near the kitchen.”

“I don’t understand, but sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. Cooking is a pain, so I don’t want to do it.”

“Apology taken back!”

This girl is always in pain, probably.

“Well anyways, my mom tells me to leave when I laze around in the living room.”

I guess it can’t be helped.

“Of course. Well, let’s go look for books, senpai.”

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