Reincarnated as My Little Sister 22 – Invitation

22 Invitation

“Naru, please go out with me!”

On Sunday, despite it being still early in the morning, when I finished doing what I needed to do and was reading a book in my room, Nii-san entered and said that as his first phrase.

“Are you going out somewhere? Going together is fine, but I don’t wanna go too far away.”

“When you say it without any hesitation, somehow even without expectations, it becomes a really sad feeling… Well, putting that aside, I want to go out together.”

Well, since I’m free, it’s fine though.
Huh? Didn’t Nii-san say, “Tomorrow it’s just the two of us at home tomorrow, yahoo——!” yesterday?

“But, Nii-san, didn’t you say that you weren’t planning on going out today?”

“Aah, I just got a call from Kouyou just now you see; he won amusement park tickets from a lottery. Because of that, he invited me to go together.”

Yeah, you were invited, Nii-san that is.
Then, Nii-san can go by himself.

“If Nii-san was invited, then there’s no need for me to go right. Take care♪”

“Don’t send me off with a sparkling smile just because you don’t want to go! There’s still a continuation to my story!”

“A continuation?”

“There are four tickets. Therefore, there are two left.”

I thought there isn’t particularly a need to use everything in one go, but if I said that, he’s sure to say something like it’s more fun it there’s more people.
But, if it’s four pieces then.

“Morita-san and Nii-san can go have fun twice♪”

Stop assuming the two of us is going! It’s quite hard for two males to go two times to an amusement park. W-Well, that’s why we invited Naru.”

So that’s how it is.
I barely go to amusement parks, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a bit excited.

“But Nii-san, even if I’m included, it’s just 3 people though?”

Are we adding somebody in I wonder?

“It’s fine if Naru decides the other person.”

For me, a person with barely any friends, to decide on one person is unrealistic!

That being the case, I had already decided on the person I’m going to invite.
In troubled times, Yuna-chan is there.

“Then, I’ll try asking on the phone.”


“I can’t.”

Tsu tsu tsu (sfx of phone being hung up)

It’s over… My life is already useless.
It’s impossible for Yuna-chan to say no.
Yuna-chan is the only friend I can invite.
From now on, I will live as a pathetic kid with few friends…

Ah, come to think of it, I met Konoha-chan recently.

“Okay, Ane-sama.”

She’s coming————!!!

“Well then, stay home. We’ll come pick you up.”

“I understand. Well then, later.”

T-That’s good~.
With this, I won’t be looked pitifully by Nii-san and them!
Wait well, I think he won’t look at me that way even if I didn’t invite my friends though.
Alright, I need to hurry up and prepare!

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