Reincarnated as My Little Sister 24 – Arrival

24 Arrival

We rode the train for an hour.
…It was further than I expected.

We are currently in front of the amusement park entrance.
Haa, since it’s Sunday, there’s so many people; I want to go home…
Also, next to the already tried out me is my older brother, who feels the same way.

“There’s so many people, and I’m tired. I want to go home.”

As expected of myself. We think the same way!

“We’re going in there…This is bad, Ane-sama.”

Why are there so many people in the entrance!
This is an attraction!

“Haaah, don’t we all.”

“Riku, you haven’t even entered! Naru-chan, don’t sigh too!”

Kouyou’s lively I see.
Well, it’s painful that there’s a lot of people, but since Kouyou went out of his way to invite us, it’s a lost if we don’t have fun right.
Kouyou is also at fault, but let’s persevere and go I guess.

“Let’s perk up and do this, Nii-san, Konoha-chan.”

“I guess,” replied my brother.

Konoha-chan spoke up after, “I guess so.”

“Naru-chan, why did you forget me!?”

Kouyou is already perked up.
I don’t want him to perk up even more.


When we entered the park, I once again understood there were a lot of people.
If there’s this many people, we’d probably have to line up for attractions as well.
The time when I can cheerfully line up is when only for a tasty ramen shop!
Other than that… I can only wait with dead eyes♪

Come to think of it, it could be said that Kouyou from my previous life was a popular person who lightens the atmosphere while standing in line by telling his trivias or bragging.

No, even without saying it, it can be pretty much understood.
However, he entered last with a face that said that he didn’t care.
Kouyou… do your best!

“I think that I’m a popular person who lightens the atmosphere while standing in line!”

Wow, it’s like this in this world too.

You never change…Kouyou.

“Well, you’re wrong.”

“Eh, why?”

“Right now, I’m getting the chills.”

“Riku, you’re so mean!?”

Wow~ Kouyou’s being overwhelmed!
Kouyou…seriously, good luck!

“There’s no point in standing at the entrance after we got in, so can’t we go somewhere?”

Like Konoha-chan said, nothing will happen if we don’t do anything!

My brother agreed. “You’re right, Fukubayashi-san. Where do you guys want to go?”

I want to ride something.
Well, what I want most now is a bench.
Though if I say that, someone will get angry.
I don’t really know what’s here, but I want to ride on a peaceful ride.

“Okay, Riku, I want to go to the haunted house!”

Kouyou, you like that stuff?
I guess I’m fine with the haunted house.
Well, I think I’ll be okay by myself for the most part.

“What about you, Fukubayashi-san?”

“I want to ride a roller coaster.”

Konoha-chan is pointing to the giant coaster…
You want to ride that? Won’t you die?
I didn’t think that Konoha-chan liked the big things.

“Naru, you?”

“Something that’s comfortable.”

Roller coasters are too intense for me, and I’ll have more fun on something more easy-going.

“Well, we may not have much time, but let’s get to all three of our suggestions.”

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