Reincarnated as My Little Sister 28 – How We Call Each Other

28 How We Call Each Other

After the roller coaster, we took a break as a place similar to a cafe nearby.
During our break, we talked about various things, but for some reason the topic was about how we call each other.1

“Well, it might be fun to change how we call each other.”

“That’s right! I think it’s somewhat boring if we keep calling each other the same way!”

Well, at least Kouyou is starting to make some sense in his speech.

“But, I feel like what we call each other currently matches quite well, though?”

It might that they want to bring out a new style, but I’m not that interested.
You can change your way of calling each other with Nii-san.

“Don’t say that, try calling me by my first name, okay, Naru-chan?”

First name… although I call him Kouyou inside my heart, but when I call him in reality it’s Morita-san.


“It’s not filled with any emotions at all, so I’m not that happy… what did you say!?”

When I called him by his first name, my manliness came out unintentionally. Please forgive.
Alright, let’s turn this conversation back over to Konoha-chan.

“Konoha-chan, is there someone you want to change your way of calling them?”

I wonder if Konoha-chan wants to change anything?
If the calling me this way is embarrassing, it’s fine changing it you know?

“Eh? Me? Let’s see. Ane-sama is Ane-sama, and Morita-senpai is Morita-senpai…”

Ah, as expected it’s Ane-sama…

At any rate, it must be nice to be called senpai.
Should I have her also call me senpai?

“Then, let’s try changing Nii-san’s!”

“Eh? But…”

“I don’t particularly mind what you call me, you know?”

Well, since it’s Nii-san, he’ll probably just smile even if someone younger than him addresses him without honorifics. 2
I wonder how she’ll call him~♪

“…Then, I’ll call him Onii-sama!”

Huh! She went that direction!
It’s surely because she calls me Ane-sama right!
How did it come to this!

“…Well, if Fukubayashi-san wants to call me that, then it’s fine.”

Nii-san, you’re laughing, but you were slightly surprised at first right?
Somehow it’s different from what I thought, but Nii-san also thought the same way!

“It’s no far that it’s only Riku… I also want an imouto.”3

That’s what you’re concerned about!
Also, she’s only saying “Onii-sama” for respect. It’s not that she wants to become your imouto, I think?

“Well then, let’s start going now.”

“I agree, Onii-sama.”

Huh, it’s good that it somehow became “sama.”
Well, if they get along, there might be the possibility of becoming lovers at this rate!
Nii-san, hang in there!

“Naru-chan, it’s fine to also call me Nii-chan~?”


Ah, I called him by his first name.

“She called me by my first name, but Naru’s gaze is giving me shivers!”


After that, there were less people on the merry-go-round and the ferris wheel, so I fully enjoyed the amusement park riding those rides.
There are so many riding and turning rides!

Meanwhile, the sky was gradually turning red.

“Should we go soon?”

Considering the time it takes to ride the train, I thought it was around time to go home. I didn’t want to say it, but I brought it up.

“I guess so, we can’t stay out too late.”

“In the end, I had enough. As expected, it’s different when coming with everyone.”

“It’d be great if we could come again.”


Then, we left the fun amusement park, and walked towards the station.
Meanwhile, I was thinking on how to brag to Yuna-chan at school…

  1. Japanese people place an importance on how they call each other.
  2. It’s a pretty big deal if you don’t call someone higher than you (in social ranking) without honorifics in Japan. Not only is a VERY rude, it’s probably just as bad a cussing.
  3. If you haven’t realized by now, imouto = little sister. I’m surprised you can read this far without knowing what imouto is.

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