Reincarnated as My Little Sister 30 – Chance

30 Chance

While I was in school, I was thinking about a certain thing so much that I wasn’t listening to the teacher.
I didn’t even know when class started or when class ended.
Before I knew it, Yuna-chan was in front of me, talking.

“What’s wrong, being so spaced out?”


“Don’t ‘Eh?’ me. You were like that the whole day. It’s already lunch you know?”

Before I knew it, it had became lunchtime it seems.

“Ah, you’re right…”

“Really, what’s up? Didn’t you have fun at the amusement park yesterday?”

The amusement park was fun.
What I’m troubled about is the incident that happened after I got home.


“I like…you.”

“Eh? Why…”

It was such a sudden thing that I couldn’t put into words well.

“Sorry that this is so sudden. But, I thought that I had to say this or else I’d keep it in for the rest of my life.”

N..No, that’s not it.

“T-That’s not it; I completely thought that you only saw me as your little sister, and I thought you had no interests in younger people. Besides, I’m not very nice to you……”

In my previous life, he said he liked older people.

“No, age really has nothing to do with it, you know. And also, I think you’re plenty nice to me, and I like you the way you always act towards me.”

Since he was like that in his previous life, I knew that he had those tendencies, but…1

“Thank you very much… D-Despite that, I’ll have to tell you that…”

Come to think of it, what should I do… about my reply.
It’s not that I particularly hate him.

“You don’t have to reply now, you know. …No, I just wanted to kill some time. By talking about my feelings.”

“I-Is that so?”

“Sorry. I may have troubled you a bit.”

Leaving those words, Kouyou left the living room.
Slightly after that, I could hear the front door closing.


That was the first time I saw Kouyou like that.
Which may be why I’m worried.
I didn’t know how to reply to him.

“I wonder what I should do.”

“First, let’s eat lunch. It’s not like the lunchtime continues for eternity.”


Even if I worry, I can’t immediately give an answer, and there’s also time.
After listening to Yuna-chan, I started to eat lunch.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it, but what happened?”

“…I was confessed to.”

“Again? But unlike usual, you’re really worried this time right. How was it?”

“I… can’t say that.”

For some reason, I felt like I couldn’t let out Kouyou’s name, because it’d feel like it’d become a repetition of being confessed to again like usual.

“I see, tell me if there’s anything you want to say.”

“Thanks. It feels like the weight in my heart is lighter now.”

“That’s good.”

Somehow by talking, I felt better.
Thanks, Yuna-chan.

“I’ll try thinking about it myself this time.”

I’ve been running away from this kind of thing with excuses until now, but I’ll try seriously facing it.
He is my friend for many years after all.

  1. It’s really not clear what the author’s saying here, but I’m pretty sure that the author’s calling Kouyou a masochist in both lives.

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