Reincarnated as My Little Sister 53 (Part one) – Calamitous Prodigy

Note about the title: The Japanese title can be read as both natural disaster and genius. I can’t think of any better translation, so any suggestions are appreciated.

When I entered the staff room, I saw that Kagemichi-san was already there.
Even though Shia-sensei was absent.
Is she not the person who called us here in the first place!

“Oh~ Naru-chan, heya~”

“H=Hello, Kagemichi-san.”

Seriously, the gap is huge.
It’s our first meeting, but she’s acting so friendly, so it was hard to get a grip…

“Aren’t you being kinda formal, Naru-chan! We went to the same elementary school, so just call me by my first name.”

Just like I said, she’s being overly friendly…
How in the world is this girl getting a perfect score in every test.
Well, maybe geniuses are all like this.

“I understand, Tsubomi-san. Do you know where Shia-sensei is?”

“Err, that’s a bit hard. She wasn’t here when I came, so idk?”

“So it’s like that… Speaking of which, do you know what Shia-sensei called us here for?”

I asked if she had any idea of what was going on.
Well, Shia-sensei probably isn’t mad, I think.

“Shia-chan teaches science iirc? Yeah~ I left early without telling her, I mixed a few chemicals, and there’s a bunch of other stuff. But it’s probably not that!”

“Are you high!?”

I can see a million reasons to be mad.
Since I was called here along with her, it probably isn’t that.
I don’t do things like that!

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