Love Dependency Disease Chapter 77

“It’s so numb…”
That was the first feeling I had when I woke up, something must be pressing down on me, it was blocking the flow of my blood and making it difficult for me to even move my hands now.

“Xiao ling … wake up! Xiao ling!”

The object pressed against me is the Xiao Ling, the big summer one. Isn’t it hot when she’s on top of me?

“Jian ge…Great!You’re awake! If you don’t wake up,…I … …”

When I woke up, Xiao Ling was acting very anxious, and her face was badly flushed and her stomach rumbled twice.

“How long was I dizzy?”

“All day.”

A full day? Thankfully it wasn’t long, my estimate was probably a day and a half or two, it was still nice to wake up a little earlier.

“You haven’t had anything to eat all day, have you…”


Xiao ling covered her nearly hungry stomach and smiled awkwardly.

“If I fainted for too long, what would you do?”
I was a little curious, so I asked briefly.

“If it really comes to that, I’ll eat Jian ge just to stay alive, and then I’ll help you get revenge!”

Hey! Don’t they generally surrender to them in search of help? What does it mean to eat me!

“Xiao ling … you …”

“Of course, it will be done after Jian ge dies, first poke a small hole in Brother Jian ge’s neck with a tree branch, collect Jian ge’s blood in an empty stump, then cut Jian ge into four parts, hands and feet, torso, head, and entrails… After building a fire nearby, boil Jian ge with his blood, if there isn’t enough blood, go to a stream not far away and get a little water, eat the internal organs first, as they are especially prone to spoil in this weather, then eat the hands, feet, and torso according to the degree of spoilage, and finally eat Jian ge’s head!”

What is it that sounds so detailed cannibalism? Good thing I woke up early…

“Why eat the head at the end?”

“Because then, wouldn’t Jian ge be able to watch me eat you all the time… Eyes, but it’s the last bite!”

Xiao ling always likes to joke, but I don’t like this joke at all …

“Okay, okay, stop it, go out and find something to eat first… I’m hungry too.”

“Actually, if I die one step ahead of Jian ge, it’s okay for Brother Jane to eat me…..”

“Are we in that bad of a situation? Big deal to get locked up for a few days before going back….”

These days, kids, the idea is very dangerous.

“Xiao Ling, you go find a long branch and come back, I don’t have the strength on me…”

Frequent use of the old driver mode will make you feel as hollowed out as I do.

Shortly after, the Xiao Ling retrieved the branch, borrowing it as a crutch, and I got back on my feet.

However, I found something strange. After I woke up, Xiao Ling looked lifeless. There was no usual liveliness. What happened to her?

“Xiao ling, why do you look upset …”

“”Well……. It’s human nature, just thinking about the various bad outcomes that could happen…… Although I really don’t want Jian ge to die, I don’t know why there’s a special emotion inside me that makes me want to just let Jian ge die so that I can…… Eat it!”

Xiao ling walked in front of me. When she finished talking, she turned back and smiled at me in a dark way. This is definitely a sign of where her brain was broken!

“Eat me with a snap of your fingers!”

Without talking nonsense or anything with Xiao Ling, I flicked her hard in the forehead with as little force as I could muster, and after staring at me dumbly for a moment, she came straight up and bit me on the elbow.

“I want to eat you!”

“Joke, by you?”

With her other hand, she repeatedly tickled Xiao Ling’s squeaky nest a few times, and at first, she made a vow to resist and never let go, but after I increased my strength a little, she surrendered.

“Come on, eat me, come on!”

“Jian ge, don’t get cocky! I’ll see what you do when you get back!”

“Go back, can you go back? Look, I’m going to put you on the spot right now!”

“Che, I don’t believe it, do you dare go on when I take my clothes off?”

Xiao ling’s temper is clear to me. She always knows the same thing, so … she actually started to really undress. I just said it for fun. How can this end?

“You know, I’m not interested in children like you.”

“Jian ge, do you really want to be eaten?”

“Don’t you dare come on if I take my clothes off?”

With that said, I made a face that I was going to take my clothes off, and yes, that’s what healing is all about!

But….. Xiao Ling she actually just looked at me so straight.

“Take it off, why don’t you take it off, you see I dare to!”

She just scratched her dress up and loosened it down a little…

“Forget it, let’s go out quickly. It’s no use undressing each other in the woods.”

Putting the clothes back on again, Xiao Ling stared at me with scornful eyes for a long time, then walked to my side and patted my back.

“Hey, Jian ge, actually I can still understand, don’t worry, it will grow.”

And she consoled me? Something will grow…..God, she’s hopeless. what’s going on in her head?

“Xiao ling, I think you need to forget something you shouldn’t know now …”

How come you’re so young and know more than I do? Where’s my old driver’s face!

“Ahem, ahem, without further ado, let’s go to the city first, just to Venice, where you speak of your father’s acquaintances.”

“”Going to Venice would be fine, but… Do we go on foot now? We’re a long way from Venice now!”

“I’m not familiar with Italy, so where is the nearest city around here?”

“I don’t know, it’s better to go somewhere where there are people first, I’m starving through my stomach, and Jian ge you won’t let me eat!”

“Well, okay, let’s follow this way for now and go around to the highway, which is the direction the highway is headed.”

Going back to the manor again would be a foolish act in going to the highway again, and I wonder how well they searched, maybe there are still people patrolling nearby…

Without continuing the nonsense with Xiao Ling, the shadow of the highway appeared not far ahead, and for safety’s, sake we didn’t go straight onto the highway but instead marched along the woods next to it.

“Xiao ling, you said how remote it is, there isn’t even a passing car, it’s hard to stop a car!”

“Jian ge, didn’t I say that it’s normal for Beluono to be sparsely populated…”

“Huh … it’s exhausting, I can’t walk anymore …”

“Jian ge, why don’t I carry you?”

“I can carry you more or less, can you carry me?”

Xiao ling and I took a walk and sat on the edge of the road to rest. My heart was very bitter at this time. Originally, I plan to play here with Ma Qingxue this summer vacation. I thought I will spend the summer vacation full of youth, … but I am in a foreign country with Xiaoling …

Even if the Xiao Ling had listened to a little, not running, I also accept the most Xiao Ling’s dad training, now I have to go back!

After walking around for a while, we finally heard the sound of the car’s Mercedes-Benz. For us now, this is simply the sound of heaven.

“Xiao ling! Stop the car!”

Xiao ling and I stood by the road and waved at the car vigorously. After seeing us, the driver of the car parked the car to the side of the road, rolled down the window, and waited for our explanation.

“Uncle… Hello, we’re here for a tour, we accidentally got shipwrecked and fell into a ravine some time ago, can you help give us a ride to a random city nearby if you can?”

Xiao Ling asked the driver in Italian, and although I couldn’t understand what Little Bell was saying, looking at that uncle’s pitying look, I knew that he would have agreed.

“That’s too bad luck, get in the car, I’ll be passing through a town.”

“Thank you.”

“Jian ge, get in the car, he will pass a nearby town, we can go to the town for help.”

“Phew… Great, thank goodness!”

After getting into the car, the driver’s uncle chatted with Little Bell, who had the shamelessness to pretend to be pathetic in passing, and let him finance us a little.

The vehicle drove for over an hour, and finally, I saw buildings appear in the distance, to town.

“I’m going with this side, so I won’t walk you to the door, it’s not too long a distance anyway.”

“Well, no trouble, thank you, uncle!”

Thanks to the good people, we should be able to eat when we get into town…

There are some small bungalows in front of the town’s gates. Those houses basically have farmland in front of them, and the drying racks for hanging clothes are inserted in the farmland at random with no fear of clothes being stolen.

“Jian ge, I’ll have steak when I get into town!”

“Me too! Is there enough money?”

“It’s only enough for one person, Jian ge, just be honest and eat the buns!”

“Xiao ling, you can’t do this to me!”

Have I fallen to the point of having to eat buns again…

The gate of Lizhen Town(Translator Note: I don’t Know what is Lizhen town) is getting closer and closer. This is a town that is not too big. It should be lunchtime at this time. The bursts of fragrance from the town made me drool.

“Xiao Ling! Wait.”

I suddenly spotted a few familiar figures in front of the town’s gates, the same group that kidnapped us, and they were actually still guarding the town’s gates, maybe a few other towns around here also keep guarding people.

“What’s the matter?Jian ge.”

“At the door, they are there.”

Xiao Ling glanced down at the doorway with her gaze, stomped her foot violently, and a few fits of abuse came out of her mouth without holding back for a moment.

“So what to do… Why don’t we just use high explosive scales!”

“Don’t … calm down, think of a way …”

“I don’t care, I don’t care! Steak steak steak !!”

Xiao Ling has been hungry all day and she is going crazy because she can’t eat a steak, and so am I. I’m so hungry I’m willing to eat a bun!

“By the way, I have an idea, Xiao Ling, let’s go somewhere unoccupied first….”

I was forced to look at the clothes hanger not far away. On that clothes hanger, a pure white dress was particularly conspicuous under the sun. Besides the dress, there was a children’s wear ..

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