Love Dependency Disease Chapter 78

“Jian ge, what idea are you playing?”

In a low patch of woods, I took the two stolen clothes in my hand and handed one of them to Xiao Ling.

“What do you think…. cross dressing of course, there happens to be a small river ahead, let’s go wash up over there first, I’m covered in dirt…”

“Cross-dressing, that’s fine with me, but don’t you think this dress is a little too big? How can I wear it…. Also, this one is too small for you to wear either!”

“Xiao Ling, that dress is mine, this one is yours……”

After I finished speaking, Xiao Ling looked at me with wide eyes for a long time, then nodded bitterly as if she had opened her mind.

“Okay…. I’ll wash first! Jian ge, you turn your back on me, no turning back!”

“I have no interest in a toddler of your stature.”


Turning around, Xiao ling suddenly hugged me from behind.

“Jian ge, I don’t have any clothes on me right now, do you want to see?”

“Goo … I, I am not interested …”

Swallowing hard, I mentally chanted the sutra in an attempt to expel this sinful desire.

“Not interested is fine, let’s hurry up and take a shower and go to town for dinner!”

What? That’s giving up! I’m ready to fall into hell, so why don’t you tempt me again! It’s embarrassing to look back now…. Why didn’t you play your cards the same way today?

The sun’s rays shot straight into the trees, the dappled glow somewhat harsh, and I tried desperately to see behind me out of the corner of my eye without turning back, but as a normal human, I obviously couldn’t do that.

I’m sure Xiao Ling must have been wounded as well when she ran away with me, I had several scrapes on my body for example, so the purpose of watching Xiao Ling take a bath was just to make sure she wasn’t badly wounded and not to satisfy my own evil interests!

That’s right, I’m righteous, I don’t call this peeking, it’s a sign of concern for Xiao Ling, I should turn to her with a loving look, righteously, Xiao Ling will understand me, after all I’m a gentle, good person!

“Xiao Ling, you were hurt before too seriously, let’s see….”

“It’s nothing, thanks for the concern, a little skin injury, it’ll heal in a couple of days, I’m done washing up, Jian ge you go wash up!”

Looking back, Xian Ling was already dressed, and I had taken a hat in passing when I took the dress, and Xian Ling had hidden her long hair in the hat, and now she looked like a little boy in sun.

But….. She just washed up? It’s done! Give me back my resolve!

“You’re so fast…….”

When I was about to take a shower, Xiao Ling looked at me, when I was undressing, with a scrutinizing look, and I didn’t even get to see you, and you came to see me?

No, I can’t let the Xiao Ling take advantage of me, I’ll have to use some secret techniques now!

I Changed to a place where the sun was a little stronger and continued to undress, where I wouldn’t be afraid that Xiao Ling would see something that shouldn’t be seen.

“Eyes!My eyes….It’s so bright…Can’t look straight!”

“Ah Xiao Ling, trying to see clearly in this strong light, you are still too young.”

Using the power of nature, I covered my key parts, rubbed myself in the river and looked at the sky, there were no clouds that could cover the sun for the time being, so I could wash for a while longer.

“Damn, I don’t believe it, I can’t see clearly!”

Xiao Ling came a little closer, her hands covering her forehead and squinting her eyes straight at me, at this rate I might actually be seen, looks like I’ll have to use that move.

“Believe in the Holy Light!”

After adjusting my body posture, I took advantage of the refraction of water and the reflection of light to cast all of the strong light from the attached piece into the Xiao Ling’s eyes.

“Ah! Eyes! I’m going blind!”

At this moment, Xiao Ling fell to her knees in pain, holding her eyes in both hands and wailing, who told her not to be good?

After wetting my hair a bit with water, I pressed down on the hair that is normally lifted up with a hard bar, picked up a few rocks on the shore that had been a bit scalded by the sun and dabbed them over my head to prevent them from drying out and lifting back up again.

Luckily, when I was kidnapped to Italy, I wore sandals, a pair of regular flip-flops, and this style of shoe was unisex, so it unexpectedly matched well in a dress.

“Cough, cough… Cough!”

Clearing my throat, I made my voice a little more feminine, though I wouldn’t need to talk when I get to town in a while, but what if there was a what if?

“Come on, Xiao ling! Everything is ready, we can go to the town.”

“Ouch… My eyes hurt…Jian ge, you are really too much, not caring for weak children at all!”

“You’re still weak? The scales in your skirt don’t know how many of me they can kill.”

After waiting in place for Xiao Ling’s eyes to get better, I was ready to go, but Xiao Ling suddenly laughed sinisterly and kicked my original clothes into the river with one foot, which drifted away along the current for a moment.

“Jian ge… No, it’s sister Jian, you don’t need it now anyway, so as not to reveal your identity, let’s not use this dress.”

“No……. That’s right, Xian Ling brother, so as not to reveal your identity, I’ll take care of your clothes for you too~”

I also kicked her original dress into the river.

“You… Look what you’ve done!!!! The money’s in there! Steak! You pay me for the steak!”

“What … why didn’t you say it early!”

“Jian ge, you idiot, it’s over, everything is over …”

Xiao Ling was sitting on the bank of the river in vain, giggling at the clothes she was going down the stream. It would have hit her so hard without steak.

“Don’t panic, let’s go to the town first…. What if there’s some kind of zero hour work to do?”(Translator Note:-

A zerohour contract is a type of contract between an employer and a worker, where the employer is not obliged to provide any minimum working hours, while the worker is not obliged to accept any work offered. … Depending on jurisdiction and conditions of employment, a zerohour contract may differ from casual work.)

“It’ll be you working part-time anyway, it was you who lost the money.”

“Well, well, my bad, my bad, go into town first.”

Slowly approaching the gate of the town, the group of people was still there. When we entered the door, they paid special attention to us a few times, and came over to ask us some questions, but they were all perfunctory ,  but all of them were dismissed by Xiao Ling, who had learned the voice of a young boy.

Our previous image was that of a man and a woman, giving us a feeling of big brother and little sister, but now we are also a man and a woman, but we have become big sister and little brother.

“Jian ge, I’m hungry… I want to eat!”

“I’m hungry too, you know Italian, first you see if there’s anywhere to recruit….”

After walking around the town for a long time and never finding a place to recruit, I even developed the idea of begging for food….


Walking along, a handsome youth suddenly caught up with me and gave me a hello, what does he want…. I touched Xiao Ling’s head and gestured for Xiao Ling to communicate with him first.

“Hello brother, how can I help you?”

“Little brother, hello, this beautiful lady, good noon, may I ask if you have had lunch, and if not, may I have the pleasure of inviting you to lunch?”

“Well, big brother, we are traveling from abroad. My sister doesn’t understand Italian. Let me translate your words to her.”

“Thank you, little brother.”

Xiao Ling and the young man talked for a while, and I noticed that the young man was always staring at me, intentionally and unintentionally, and Xiao Ling was also looking at me with a smile… There must be a conspiracy here!

“Sister Jian, this big brother wants to date you. He wants to invite us for lunch. What do you think?”

“How is it possible, I am a man, dating a man just for a meal? I can’t do it …”

“Jian ge, one of the best restaurants in town, are you sure you don’t want to go?”


“Steak, red wine, pasta, cheese, cheese, etc …”

“I promise!”

People die for money, birds die for food, what dignity is there to talk about when you can’t even eat enough, alas…. I have fallen another step…..

“Big brother, my sister agreed, and she said thank you for your kindness, saying you are a good person.”

“That’s great! May I be friends with your sister, please?”

“Yes, yes! I’m sure my sister will be happy to know a handsome brother like you.”

“No, no …. Don’t praise me, little brother …”

The young man and Xiao ling seem to have a very happy conversation. What are they talking about …

“Sister Jian, let’s go and eat ~”

Anyway, it’s fine to have food, it really starves me.

“By the way, Sister Jian, when you eat later, behave like a gentleman… No, be ladylike, don’t be too much of that, this brother should be a small rich man, we can rely on him to mix in Venice.”

“Hmmm… I’ll be ladylike…”

I don’t know what kind of a lady is abroad, but I believe that I can be a lady at home(China), and that country is also a country of manners, and the level of manners is certainly not lower than Italy.

She entered a nice looking restaurant, and Xiao Ling was whispering in Italian for half the day, not knowing what she had ordered, but… The young man didn’t even look heartbroken, so he was a little rich!

After waiting ten minutes or so, our lunch was served, and there was only a small amount of salad and chunks of fish, except for steak or steak.

Xiao ling didn’t care about her personal image at all. She started to gobble up. I really want to learn how Xiao ling eats like this, but … I must be a gentlelady!

First smiling, I nodded my thanks to him, then picked up my knife and fork and gently cut a small piece of steak into my mouth, after swallowing, I took my wine glass and swung it in front of his face, gesturing for him to clink glasses with me, after clinking glasses, I smiled sweetly again and took a sip of wine.

I’m definitely acting ladylike enough here…. So hungry I want to gobble up the meat in one gulp, so bad I want to finish the wine in one gulp….

“You … does your sister have a boyfriend …”

On the way to eat, he patted the Xiao Ling who was eating and spoke a foreign language, wondering what he wanted again…. Anyway, I’d better fill my stomach in small bites first.

“Not yet. In addition, my sister likes a generous man. She especially likes to eat steak, the better the better.”

“I get it, waiter! Add meals, and come again with two of the best steaks!”

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