Love Dependency Disease Chapter 79

Although it is troublesome to eat in small bites, like me, I can still fill up my stomach by eating one bite after another without stopping for breath, and now my stomach is quite full, but the steak in front of me is gone.

Still a little hungry… But I’m embarrassed to add more food… What should I do?

Eventually, in spite of my stomach’s protests, I decided to be embarrassed and asked Xiao Ling to refill my meal, and just as I was about to express my thoughts to Xiao Ling, the waiter brought up two more steaks, one for me and one for Xiao Ling, and they looked even more delicious than the previous one.

I carefully sliced off a piece with a knife and fork, and when I put it in my mouth, I felt like the I was going to melt, I’ve never had a steak this good… I swear I’ve never had a steak this good… It almost made me gobble it up….

Ladylike……. Ladylike…….

I smiled brightly at him again, and I did everything in my power to make myself smile very sweetly, and now I think the same as Xiao Ling, that his help can save us a lot of things, and that we can return to our country as soon as possible!

“Eat your fill, thank you, brother!”

“Nothing, that’s what being a classy gentleman is supposed to do.”

After eating, Xiao Ling exchanged a few more words with him at the dinner table, and it was really bitter for the good old man, I’m afraid he would be furious if he knew the truth….

“Big brother, will you take us to Venice if it is convenient?”

“Venice ah… Sorry, this doesn’t fit with my schedule, but I can take you guys on the way, how about a trip to Vicenza, you’re here for a tour anyway.”

“Mmmmmm, all right.”

Xiao Ling smiled happily several times during his communication with him, probably it was settled …

“Jian ge, he can take us to Vicenza, so let’s go to Vicenza first and then to Venice, it’s easier to get around there too.”

“Fine, it doesn’t matter where I go, I just want to get back quickly…”

He invited us to dinner and then took us into a low-key, luxurious black sedan, and according to him it was no big deal to go to Vicenza first, since Vicenza was already a short distance from Venice.

His car is equipped with a chauffeur, which means his status must be that of a rich man, in the car, Xiao Ling is placed in the front row, he insists on sitting with me, obviously we can’t even communicate with each other….

“”That’s right, that…. Please ask your sister, I’m attending a party tonight, can I invite your sister’s participation? Of course, you can come along too, the standard of dining at the party is very high.”

“How high is the standard?”

“It’s high, and I can guarantee that no more than a thousand people have eaten in the whole of Italy.”

“My sister should agree, she’s gluttonous!”

“Sister Jian, he said he’s treating us to a super dinner tonight!!! What do you think!”

“Then what’s there to say, hurry up and say yes!”

Super meal, that’s a no-no unless I get my head caught in the door, I really don’t know what all the goodies are….

“Brother, my sister agreed!”

“Really? That’s really great. I think it will be a very good party time tonight!”

He stared at my face for a while, then suddenly remembered something and asked Xiao ling again.

“By the way, what should I call you and your sister.”

“My name is Xia … No, Liu Ling, my sister is Liu Jian.”

“Are you Chinese?”

“Well, that’s right.”

“Let’s just say, I’ve been a fan of Chinese culture since I was a kid, I can guess where you guys are from judging by the way your sister knows how to read, in Chinese, I can say a little…”

“Wow, brother you still know the idiom of knowing the book!”

“Well, so…. I’ll be honest, I’ve always wanted to meet an outstanding woman like your sister who has the beauty of the East.”

“Poof… Outstanding… Female…”

Xiao Ling suddenly covered her mouth and looked like she was holding back from laughing, what was she doing…. Could it be that she’s talking about something hilarious?

“What’s wrong with my terminology? Indeed….. Isn’t it weird to speak Chinese idioms in Italian….”

“It’s not like that, please don’t mind…”

After finishing chatting with Xiao Ling, he looked at me again, cleared his throat and did some pronunciation practice, this way of pronouncing…. How does it feel to be a Chinese phoneme and rhyme……

“Hello, Miss Liu Jian, my name is Parker Louise, and I am honored to meet you.”

The Chinese language suddenly came out of his mouth…… It startled me, but I could tell that his pronunciation was very forced, and many of the words were not pronounced correctly, his level of Chinese was still not up to the level where he could talk to me freely like Lin Zhu.

“Hello … Mr. Parker, I am also honored to meet you.”

In return, the bare minimum of civility is still in order.

“I’m sorry, can you please slow down a bit, my Chinese isn’t very good, it’s hard for me to understand when you speak fast.”

“Mr. Parker, hello, I am also honored to meet you.”

He took his outstretched right hand, a Western handshake, which I still knew, as a token of respect, but my action caused him to shiver a few times as if he had suddenly been electrocuted, and then…. And then… he inexplicably soared into a pile of unspoken Italian.

“Xiao Ling … what is he talking about?”

He said he would never wash his right hand in his life.

Go wash your hands! As an old driver, you can get sick if you don’t clean your right hand often!

Wait … I forgot, he is not an old driver, let’s say, what if he is a left-handed party?

After a bitter smile, I felt a fear of my women’s dress, no wonder Wang Yi and they quarreled every day to see in lady dress …

As long as I don’t have no choice, I will never wear women’s clothes again!

I was chatting with Parker, and I learned that he is the son of a rich local businessman, and that he met us in Beluno because it is his hometown. I couldn’t be happier with his Chinese, but Xiao Ling, who kept on laughing, couldn’t show me any respect…

“Vicenza will be here soon, so why don’t you stay at my house for now, just in case my father isn’t home, so he won’t talk about it.”

“Um … thanks …”

Vicenza, I’ve finally arrived in a decent looking city where the conditions, both in terms of foot traffic and public facilities, are much better than in the countryside where we were before.

Entering his home, he first dragged the Xiao Ling into the room, not knowing what strange thing was being discussed again, and before he left he made me a cup of black tea, which was very strong, and should have been of high grade.

“Sorry, Miss Liu Jian for letting you wait for a long time, now let us go out and choose dresses for you.”

After he came out, he wore a handsome black tuxedo, but … why choose a dress for me!

“No… No… Just this dress will do for me…”

“How can that work! A dress of this degree does not represent the beauty of Miss Liu Jian at all, and I think you need a beautiful gown.”

I can understand what he’s thinking, but I’m a guy! Men! Don’t make me look beautiful. Make me look handsome, okay? Give me that tuxedo you’re wearing!

I can only complain silently in my heart, but I can’t say no. I’m such a failure…

“You don’t have to spend money, this dress is enough.”

“I know, I don’t mean to say, Miss Liu Jian you are not beautiful in this dress, but because it doesn’t bring out all your charm, truth be told, I am a costume designer! I’d like to match you with an outfit that I’ve carefully designed.”

I am simply speechless right now….. As a manly, old driver, I am considered female time and time again…. Damn it…. It must have been Xiao Ling’s bad idea to leave when I got to Vicenza….

“Sister, just promise Brother Parker, he’s thinking of you sincerely, and a five-star steak…. No, nothing.”

Five-star steak! Xiao Ling finally spilled the beans, is that what she’s really after…. Five-star steak, really want to taste what it is….

“That, then…. Whatever you say…”

Anyway, it’s just one day today. As the saying goes, people have to bow their heads under the eaves, and the elder husband can bend and stretch, isn’t it just women’s clothing, I don’t have any losses anyway …

“Thank you for your appreciation.”

Parker took off his hat and made a skilled gentleman’s salute to me. If this kind of man goes to heaven, there will probably be many women who like him, I am really jealous …

Under his guidance, we came to a very luxurious clothing store on the side of the street, he entered and immediately pulled the owner and skillfully talked to the owner, less than a moment later someone came to measure my figure, Do you want a customized rhythm…

“Jones, I want to see the finished product before 6 o’clock this afternoon. The money is not a problem. The design plan and materials are made according to the requirements I gave you. We are also old friends. Get it right for me.”

“”Tsk… Parker ah, it’s not that I say, it’s not too much of a problem to get what you asked for done this afternoon, but this material is too high-grade and no one usually makes it, so we didn’t prepare much, not enough to make a dress, the dress is just right, there’s a lot left over.”

“I want the dress, you go and acquire it nearby, there should be one on West Street.”

“Well…. Anyway, you don’t care about the money and I don’t care about the money, I’ll try my best before the afternoon, it looks like I’ll have to slow down the last list, how are you going to thank me?”

“I will wait until you are done!”

“Yo, in a hurry? But to be honest, this Oriental girl is really pretty, where did you find her, introduce her to me, okay?”

“Think nice, that’s it, call me when you’re done.”


Parker and the shopkeeper chatted for a moment, and Xiao Ling kept stepping aside to act as an interpreter for me, and now I just felt very sorry for Parker, he is a good man….

“Jian ge, this shop is famous in Vicenza, this dress of yours is definitely expensive, whenever someone is willing to make a dress specifically for me it would be nice.”

“Are you talking to me?”

“Who knows?”

Xiao Ling shrugged her shoulders. It didn’t matter. It was just abominable. If it wasn’t for the sake of image, I would have pointed at her forehead again.

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