Love Dependency Disease Chapter 80

In the afternoon, it was nearly six o’clock, when Parker took a call and hurried out; what he was out for I knew, of course, and when he returned, the truth was as I thought, with a beautifully wrapped case in his hand, and a woman, probably a little older than me, by his side, for what….

“Miss Liu Jian, would you please put on this dress?”

“Do I have to wear it?”

“It’s not necessary. I’m not forcing you. I just hope you can put it on … I will be happy if you can.”

I want to wear a male dress! I can probably guess what is in the box, presumably, a dress of the evening gown variety.

“Okay … okay …”

It’s all worth it to return home, and even women’s clothing can’t deter me from returning home!

“Thanks, this is my sister, she’s the makeup artist, I’ll leave it to her next.”

I have to wear makeup… I’m a male, I have a laryngeal knot, what if it’s exposed when I put on makeup, my laryngeal knot is relatively small, as long as I keep my head down and crane my neck, it’s basically impossible to see, but it’s not necessary to put on makeup.

Take one step at a time….

After observing Parker’s throat knot, it was obvious that it was much bigger than the Asian one.When I put on makeup, I should be careful that it should not cause an accident.

“Hello there.”

Parker’s sister greeted me. Her Chinese sounds even worse than Parker’s. She is definitely learning now …

“Hello there.”

After a handshake, she led me into a room, gestured for me to sit down in a chair, and began to work on my face, with foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, lipstick, and a few things I couldn’t name.

After finishing the steps on my face, she started to fiddle with my hair again, my hair is a very simple medium-length hair for both men and women.After being pulled by her tool, I found out that I actually had bangs, and then A large wave of gel water splashed on my head, and the hair dryer was naturally not idle. I was in the heart of the hot wind and wanted to cry … Because I look more and more like a girl in front of the mirror….

Finally, as a finale she took out her perfume and sprayed it on me a few times, handed me the case and left the room, I should now change….

I took the dress out of the box, it is a light blue evening dress, the texture is very comfortable to touch, I can’t name the material, but it is very high class anyway, after wearing it I realized that this dress is expensive, this dress is reflective, and it is not harsh at all.

After a few swings in front of the mirror, I can now guarantee my mother wouldn’t even recognize me….

Dark and fluffy short hair, red cheeks, pink lips and big, bright eyes, and a light blue evening gown that reflected the light around me and made me look like I was glowing, it was…. Is this still me?

I was beginning to doubt my eyes…. It’s scary how a pure manly me has turned into a watery girl in such a short period of time.

I really want to find a manhole cover on the street and lift it to hide in the sewer … Fortunately, there aren’t any people nearby who know this. If it is recognized … Alas … I’ll just commit suicide.

Pushing open the door, I slowly came from the room to the living room, the design of this dress makes it very inconvenient for me to walk, but this is only one thing, the second is that I was also forced to wear high heels, I also fought for the sake of my return home, the feet are so uncomfortable, as if the shoes are tightly fastened, I really can’t understand how girls are used to wearing high heels.

“I’m dressed…”

In the living room, Xiao Ling was nibbling at Apple. After hearing my voice, she glanced at me. Apple suddenly fell off her hand. She opened her mouth wide and stared at me in amazement. Seeing something incredible or incomprehensible caused her brain to temporarily crash.

“Jian ge …”

“Cough, cough!”

He quickly coughed twice, and Xiao ling subconsciously called me Jian ge. Parker knew Chinese and was badly heard by him.

“Oh … oh! Sister Jian, you’re done, then hurry up!”

Xiao Ling is a very clever child, she just reacted after hesitating for a while.

“Miss Liu Jian, you are so beautiful! You are definitely the most dazzling star at the party!”

“Thanks … Thanks for compliments …”

At this point, I could only smile reluctantly, blaming Xiao Ling for gluttony of five-star steak, otherwise we would have reached Venice by now.

“The car is ready, let’s go now.”

It didn’t take a long drive, it only took ten minutes to reach the destination, which is a hotel, the exterior of the building is very old Roman style, European style load-bearing pillars are built one by one on the top of the building, the white facade still has a lot of traces of many years left on it, this is not an ancient building……

“Parker, what are we going to do at this party …”

“It is difficult for me to make it clear in Chinese. I will tell your brother to let him translate it for you.”

He explained it to Xiao Ling for a short while, waiting for Xiao Ling to finish understanding and then translated his words to me.

“This party is a dating party, many children of famous families nearby will attend, the main purpose is to get to know each other, in fact, to put it bluntly, it can be considered as a blind date, it is only the way of high society blind date, sister Jian, you don’t have to worry, anyway, we go in just to eat mixed food, food and drink is our only purpose!”

“Well said, it’s most important to eat and drink enough!”

Anyway, I didn’t say a word after I went in, I just ate and drank and spent time with them, and I didn’t know Italian even if I wanted to communicate with them, so it’s not my fault.

After entering the venue of the party, there were a lot of elegant-looking people here and there, which is true to the Italian high society, I’d better find a corner to squat in first….

Parker was entangled by several of his friends, and now, it is my meal time with Xiao Ling!

“Sister Jian, don’t rob, there’s plenty over there….”

“Xiao Ling, you’re the one, don’t embarrass Parker, and eat with a little grace, will you?”

“Sister Jian you are thinking too much, I am just a gluttonous little boy now, not the brightest star of the party like you.”

“There are many people over there, I’m embarrassed to go, you go over there to eat!”

“I’m too lazy to move …”

“You’re mad at me on purpose, aren’t you?”

In the corner of the party, Xiao Ling and I hid here for the time being without attracting other people’s attention, and the witty me kept my head down without even showing my face, and it felt good to eat a big meal in silence…..

After eating for a while, all of a sudden, the lights in the entire venue dimmed, and a master of ceremonies stepped forward to start hosting some activities.

No one can see me eating now! Using my hand to push the Xiao Ling away, I forked a whole steak and served it to my mouth, a five-star steak, you have to eat it in one big mouthful to taste it!

“Good evening everyone, welcome to this party, and now, let’s choose the most popular man in the house.”

The atmosphere in the venue was inexplicably high, and all the men lined up and performed a little talent in the middle of the venue, some playing the violin, some singing, some acrobats, and if I went up there to perform, I would show them what real car skills are.

“The three most popular men appeared, they were Parker of the Louis family, Paul of the Field family, and Heisen of the Bettner family.”

Thanks to the Xiao Ling’s translating for me from the sidelines, I kind of knew what they were doing, and if I was in male form, I think I could have judged, I’m actually still pretty handsome…. Yeah, right, handsome! Just awesome! It’s not pretty…..

“Jian ge, Parker’s standard is actually quite high, don’t you consider considering marrying?”

“You’re the vice president, aren’t you?”

I’m afraid that only people with special interests like the vice president will be happy to see that kind of scene …

“No kidding, Jian ge, we have to be careful, the rightful lord has appeared, the gang that is fighting against dad is the Bettner family, Uncle Yang told me about it, I didn’t care about it at the time, now I just remembered…”

“That is to say, that Heisen is the son of the gang boss, and you are the same?”


“Good wow, I didn’t expect it to be him, I’m going to tie him back to the country and sacrifice to Jiang Tian! Give him to Wang Yi for training! How dare you kidnap me…….”

“Jian ge, my opinion is highly aligned with yours, I’m going to take him to try my latest chemical compound, and boom, plus torture!”

“Yes, I am the first to approve!”

I can’t wait to rush up and beat his handsome face now. I didn’t want to beat him because I was jealous that he was more handsome than me. It was all because of my abduction!

No, it should be both, to be precise….

“Xiao ling, do you think he knows us?”

“I don’t know. Just be careful. Don’t be seen. I don’t want to be caught back again.”

“Are you thinking what I am thinking? It’s time to shift positions, there’s nothing to eat on this side.”

After complaining a bit, Xiao Ling and I quietly ran to the other corner to continue eating the food.You can choose slowly. Anyway, it ’s nothing to me. If you don’t eat, I ’ll help you to eat. ?

There is no guilt in my heart, and Xiao Ling and I haven’t stopped talking since we entered the venue.

“Well, next comes the highlight, let’s choose the best lady for this time, however, there is only one final result, please men think clearly in voting.”

After the master of ceremonies said a few more words, the girls on the scene, like the boys before, began to line up to perform in the center of the venue. Wouldn’t it be the girl selection?

“Sister Jian, I have chosen the beauty, and I will vote for you.”

“Vote for you! Hurry up and find a place to squat, and by the way, go to the bathroom!”

“Sister Jian, it’s a pity that my uncle’s dress is not as good as yours …”

“Your uncle’s interest is really rich … Stop talking and hide first”

I’m not ashamed of myself in high society. I’m hiding from the Bettners. Besides, what am I going to do up there… Can’t I go up there and generate electricity in front of a crowd?

That’s why hiding is the way to go, and when Parker asks, I use my shyness to fool around.

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