Love Dependency Disease Chapter 81

To get to the bathroom, I’d have to pass a crowded place where the rest of the way was blocked by a long dining table, unless I drilled the table over…. But then it would definitely stain the gown and I wasn’t too good at handing Parker off.

“Jian ge, why are you hiding? Let’s go to the selection.”

“Don’t you gloat to me, if something goes wrong with me, I’m afraid neither of us can get away!”

“Heh heh, just kidding, don’t take it seriously, Jian ge, let’s go squat there.”

Xiao Ling’s finger pointed to a corner, where there was a small balcony, it was indeed a good idea to hide on the balcony.

“Come on, I hope to spend the night safely, and tomorrow I will go to Venice early in the morning.”

The balcony is relatively quiet, and the cool evening wind blows very comfortably. The night view here is different from the city I have been to before. The night view of the city in the sky was busy, the traffic, the dazzling neon lights and various noises are The daily life of this period of time, and the night view of Vicenza is quiet, the whole city has almost entered a dormant state, many shops have been closed, and dim street lights are separated one by one, melodious music can be heard from nearby surrounding houses. 

“Phew, Italian cities are quiet, not like our cities, a bit noisy, I’m still a bit unaccustomed to it.”

“Can’t say that, it means that our city is more dynamic in a sense.”

“Xiao Ling, I can’t tell you’ve got a sense of life yet.”

“It’s just a casual remark, Jian ge, let’s just immigrate to live in Italy in the future.”


“There’s no reason for it, just a simple desire to live in this quiet city with people you like, with no one to disturb, and live each day in peace.”

“Your dad will tear me …”

Likes…. Xiao Ling’s liking is probably just because I take care of her from time to time, which is called patience, and if we’re talking about men and women, I don’t think it’s possible at all given her age.

But now, I start to doubt my thoughts. Xiao Ling is very smart. This is mainly reflected in her thoughts. Her mental age is much older than her physical age. She behaves very mature in many ways,and sometimes she behaves stupid. I am confused where I should treat her as a teenager or a child.

“Why don’t we just leave Dad alone and we won’t go back this time?”

“How can it be….”

We are now black households, if we really want to survive in a foreign country, the status of a resident is necessary, housing problems and transportation problems…… More importantly, medical problems………..

“I think, it should be nice oh, even if it’s a little bitter, but it’ll definitely be fun.”

“I don’t think so, would someone wandering around and begging be happy?”

“Tsk…. Jian ge is really, actually ruthlessly shattering the dreams of teenage girls!”

“Haha, I’m just being honest, I can come and play more often in the future, call up the chairman and have a good time together.”

“No! Just the two of us!”

“Do you hate the president?”

“”Not that it’s annoying, it’s just…. There are some things that crave exclusivity, Jian ge, do you understand? You wooden head, you’ve lived so long for nothing!”

“Good, good, you’re smart…. You’re clever….”

Why are you suddenly angry? Am I doing something wrong …

“Don’t say this, Xiaoling, look, isn’t the moon tonight beautiful?”

I changed the subject. I looked into the sky. The pollution here is not as serious as the city on the other side of the sky. The sky is not dark, but it is dark blue illuminated by the moonlight. .

“Jian ge, you…”

“Me? What’s wrong with me …”

After Xiao ling looked at the sky, she looked at me again, her expression suddenly became surprised, what happened?

“Jian ge, your body is glowing … and, your temperament suddenly changed my feeling …”

I know the reason why this dress will shine, because it is designed in this way, but what about the change of temperament ….. speaking of it, my shoulders are a little heavy from the beginning …

“Hey, Ye Zi, are you awake?”

In my mind, I tried to ask Ye Zi, I guess Ye Zi was awake in Chengdu, because I still hang it on the neck.

“Well… The moonlight over here is nice, I’ll borrow your body to absorb a bit, I just woke up…”

The last final exam was all thanks to Ye Zi, after the exam she left a “I will sleep” and never appeared again, I did not expect that now actually to woke up.

“Oh, then you can stay with me for a while, I just need you now.”

Ye Zi’s possession will make my temperament more female-like. For the current situation, I just need this.

“Jian ge, cough … cough, look back!”

Xiao Ling suddenly coughed twice, reminding to look back behind her… What’s the matter, did Parker come to me… That’s a pain in the ass. How can I get away with that?

The moment I looked back, I was dumbfounded. I found that everyone in the whole conference room was staring at me. When did they start …

“Look, look, she turned around!”

“Why didn’t I just notice that there would be such a beautiful woman … Damn it, I could have gone ahead first.”

“Don’t think about it, I remember she was brought by Parker, and it should have something to do with Parker.”

“I vote for her!”

“Me too! Hurry up, I’m going to ask her for supper.”

They looked at me and pointed at me in Italian, and Xiao Ling kept translating for me. It seemed that the title of the most beautiful lady in this field was really taken by me … , An old driver who was not doing business as a whole took it away …

“No, she has never shown her talents!”

“Yes, Miss Sophie Bettner is right, just looking at the appearance, is it too vulgar, a lady’s beauty is not only in appearance, but also inward!”

“Let me be fair. If the beautiful Miss Oriental does not show her talents, then the title of the most beautiful lady in this field belongs to my sister.”

“Yes, Mr. Hessen is right. He is a popular man … and, if possible, Mr. Hessen, can we go out for dinner together tomorrow night?

“Yes, this is my honor.”

They were chatting again and again, so annoying, I just wanted to hurry up to end this boring party, anyway, my stomach was full, and it didn’t make sense to stay any longer.

“Jian ge, that woman is Hessen’s sister, that title would have been hers if not for you, and now she’s angry that you took it…. What to do?”

“Just give it to her, it’s not like I care.”

Why would a man like me go to a jealousy fight with a woman? Unless I’m crazy.

“Okay, I will help you communicate …”

“Miss Sophie, my sister, she said that she thought she was not as good as you in appearance and talent, so she gave up this selection.”

“Is she looking down on me! I don’t need to, please let her lose her mind.”

“That……. It’s not like that, my sister she really doesn’t know any talent…..”

“What? No, You’re still coming to the party, That’s not funny, you guys are from which family?”

Xiao Ling and Sister Hessen seem to have a dispute, and they are in trouble …

“I brought her.”

Parker suddenly stood up and said something to Hessen’s sister, but the move attracted Hessen’s attention. When I saw the flashing cunning glance in Hessen’s eyes, I was worried. .

“Parker ah, not that I’m talking about you, this party is a party for us upper class people, you just bring in a woman when you doesn’t know her identity and that’s your fault.”

“Hessen, why are you so snobbish, we’re all human, why do we have to divide up and down, and Miss Liu Jian is my friend, why does it get in your way if I bring her here to participate?”

“Huh, friend? It’s true that people like you who have no bloodline and became famous by a few stinking dollars are just like this, their status is high, but their mentality is still inferior.”

“Is this a clear attempt to turn against me? I don’t recall any conflict between me and you Bethners, do I?”

“Yes, that’s right, but now it is, my sister is very upset because of the people you brought.”

“Because of that? Is it really good for you guys to go around making enemies like this?”

“It’s not like I’m a businessman, I don’t need that peace for peace, like is like, hate is hate, clean and neat.”


“Why? Want to retaliate against me, come and see what happens to your family’s property?”

“Well…. You’re ruthless, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have brought an outsider here, bye.”

Parker squeezed his fists tightly, holding back his anger and holding a smile, and then he came to me by himself.

“Miss Liu Jian, I’m sorry … The party is over, let’s go back, brother Liu Ling, please translate my words to your sister.”

After Xiao Ling translated his words to me, I thought he should have seen a bit of the situation as well……

That’s right, the people of the Betnner family are targeting him. Even if there is no me tonight, the other party will find a way to make him embarrassed. This is the case of the upper class, who likes to face in public.

Parker’s temperament was good, and he was not stupid, but rather very shrewd, and he knew it would do him no good if it went on like this.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I’m not used to this crowded occasion anyway. It’s okay to go back early.”

Leave now, the atmosphere is so tense that staying any longer may lead to unnecessary trouble.

“Wait a minute, who told you to go away, since this lady from the East is here, it would be better to put on a show for all of us, so as not to lose the face of Louise’s family.”

Hessen repeated the sentence three times, in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

Xiaoling has already spoken Chinese just now.He should know where I’m from, and to speak the language of three countries on purpose like this is obviously to show that he’s very learned, and to be honest, I hate people like that!

“No, I have nothing to show.”

“Don’t be humble, can’t you sing a song?”

“I was born pentatonic, sorry.”

It was a pain in the ass to talk to him, and I had to find some reason to leave that he couldn’t refuse.

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