Love Dependency Disease Chapter 82

“No, that won’t do, even if you’re five-voiced, you can still mean something in any way.”
What do you mean? Why don’t you just let me go!
“Mr. gentleman, don’t you think it’s rude to force a woman to do something she doesn’t like?”
It doesn’t look like it’s going to go easy on me, so come on, let’s see who’s eloquent, you want to stand on the moral high ground and talk about me, and likewise, I can talk about you.
“You can’t say that, all of people present here voted for you just now, and you? Isn’t it more rude to just go off like that than I am?”
“Well, then allow me to say sorry to everyone.”
Bending down, I bowed deeply to them, and in any case, I couldn’t go along with the set Hessenn had put on me.
“Hehe … well, you can go now, but Parker has to stay, he has to be responsible for this matter, because he disturbed this party, he must apologize!
Embarrassing me wasn’t his main goal, and Parker was his target, what the hell was wrong with him to be targeted like that…. Let’s do him a favor, after all, Parker has been kind to me.
“Hessen, it’s better to be human and give each other a backseat for the next time we met.”
“I never give a good look to people I hate, and I don’t need your advice.”
Gao Leng spoke, and he really took himself seriously……. If not for the fear of revealing my identity, I’d want to take Xiao Ling’s scale and race him in the mouth right now!
“You’re a real pain in the ass, and in our country, you’re going to be beaten like that.”
“Unfortunately, this is Italy.”
“”I heard that your family seems to have had their industry on our side hampered? Guess it’s your annoying personality that’s causing it, we’re generally good to talk.”
“You! We’ll open up the channel sooner or later, that’s something you don’t have to worry about.”
Hitting the nail on the head, Hessen stared at me angrily, a little unable to control his emotions.
“Relying on improper means? Sorry, I can only think of this possibility. If I am wrong, I will apologize to you.”
He kidnapped Xiao ling to threaten his father. If this matter were to come out, the image he’s created would collapse… I don’t know what their interests are… If I don’t have someone to speak for me, it would be more dangerous for me and Xiao Ling if the truth comes out… It’s better not to say the rest…
“We of the Bettner family have always been innocent, you are slandering and I demand that you apologize to my entire family!”
“Okay, the Bettner family is very innocent and great. The first upright family in Italy ~ I was just talking nonsense, sorry, please forgive me for having a problem with my head.”
Thicker than the skin, I’ll show you what desperation is. You’re no match for the man who could lurk in front of a bookstore for half a month for a resource.
“Very well, you are no longer a friend of Louis’s family, and indeed a woman who has absolutely no self respect except for her outward appearance, but you do have an outward appearance that I admire, say, what Parker has given you, and hereafter I will give you twice as much and you will follow me.”
Huh …. Is it implied that I am just a gold digger woman? It’s too much. Fortunately, I am not a woman, otherwise I might be really offended.
“You just keep holding on to my lack of inwardness? Well, in that case you have to see exactly what type of inwardness I have.”
I am not saying anything else. If we really want to compare internal and external male characteristics, I just want to say that none of the people here can compare to me, of course, I cannot say that.
“I will wait and see.”
The corners of his mouth were flushed with a cold smile, it looked like he thought his plan had succeeded and wanted to wait for me to make a fool of myself, but I had a big killing weapon now, if Ye Zi hadn’t woken up yet, I would never done it.
“Ye Zi, do you know how to dance?”
Ye Zi is a talented girl from the ancient times, dancing or something, it shouldn’t be hard to beat her….
“Mr. Zhang, Qin chess, calligraphy and painting, pitch dance steps, I should be the first.”
“Is it really that good?”
“When the emperor worshipped the gods, I was the chief of the dancers.”
“Very good! Just use my body for a few random steps after a while and don’t do the dance I taught you the other night.”
I taught her how to dance disco that night. I was too embarrassed to do that dance… And I’m a better dancer than Ye Zia, right?
Relaxing my body, I walked to the center of the venue and let Ye Zi completely attach to me.
“Ye Zi, don’t you want an accompaniment?”
“No, the training I had at the time was natural, and it was more useful than any accompaniment.”
Taking a deep breath, I also gave Ye Zi the last bit of control over my body.
“Since this is the case, the little girl will be ugly.”
Little girl……. Can’t this bad habit of Ye Zi be changed…. The little girl who calls herself “Little Girl” always feels a little offline.
“Very well, everyone be quiet, waiter, dim the lights a bit, let’s enjoy this lady’s dance together.”
In less than a moment the venue was ready, Ye Zi manipulated my body and smiled faintly at them, her body then slowly turned up.
“This dance has no name and is only for improvisation.”
As the person in question, I didn’t know whether I looked good dancing or not. Ye Zi danced a very strong ancient dance with gentle and graceful movements, like a leaf dancing in the wind.Down, they all looked at me who was possessed by Ye Zi.
Outside the window, the melodious music from the surrounding residential houses was amplified. I have heard it clearly … No, it ’s better to say that the venue is too quiet, so I can hear it more clearly. Even those women, even Xiao Ling, looked at me in shock. They unconsciously pressed their breath very lightly, just like they were afraid of disturbing me.
As time passes, my arms, legs and back start to ache…… I didn’t have any training, not to mention that I was still injured, and Ye Zi wouldn’t give me a break, it’s not good for me to be hospitalized in Italy… I have to remind her.
“Ye Zi, that’s almost enough!”
“Well… Oh… Oh! It’s been too long since I’ve skipped, it’s kind of sunk in… Don’t get mad.”
I’m also convinced that I can still immerse myself in a dance, no wonder Ye Zi can dance so well.
“Ahem, ahem! I’m done with the show, I’ll go first.”
They seemed to be still reminiscing about Ye Zi’s dance just now, I deliberately coughed twice to shock them all awake before they reacted, one by one they all clapped at me in unison, their mouths saying Italian which I didn’t understand at all.
“Hessen, you have nothing to say now?”

Returning Ye Zi to Yu Pei, I regained control of my body, and I haven’t noticed it yet … I ’m terribly painful even in my neck … The dance doesn’t seem to require much flexibility. , But the requirements are not small ….

“Of course, you dance beautifully, and my sister has lost well, so if I may, can you tell me where you are from? To be able to possess such a high level of dance, your status must not be low, right?”

“Everyone, this young lady has just proven herself, do you want to know her identity?”

He spoke Chinese to me and spoke Italian immediately to the others present. After Xiao Ling translated his words to me, I secretly despised him several times in my heart.

Status again…. This kind of person was simply disgusting, as if someone of high status like him should be superior…..

“I didn’t have any status, I just came over for a tour, and in the middle of it I met Parker and was later invited by Parker to this party, and that’s exactly what happened.”

“Wow? No identity? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an identity, please give us your passport or something so we can give you an award!”

“No, my passport was accidentally left in a hotel in Rome and I can’t get it out now.”

“I have someone in Rome, which hotel it is, and I can get someone to take a picture to confirm it.”

“I told you I don’t want a prize and I’d hate to have my room broken into by someone else.”

“I’m not asking you, I’m ordering you! As far as I know, you’re from Belluno, right?”

“Yes… That’s right… So where did my brother and I go to play the other day, so what?”

Looks like my and Xiao Ling’s Identity may have been revealed, but when did this guy know about it…. Wrong….. To be precise, it wasn’t me that was exposed, it was Xiao Ling…….

Xiao Ling’s cross-dressing is terribly simple compared with mine. People who don’t know are okay. At most, they think that is a handsome boy, but for people who know …
Alas … how did I ignore this!
“A few days ago, two thieves broke into my house. They stole my very important things. They happened to be a man and a woman, and they were also of the Eastern race. Maybe they are you!”
“Didn’t your father educate you to not casually doubt people without evidence? Besides, what features do those two thieves have is said and heard, I can help you look for them.”
Is it true for a man and a woman, but Hessen concealed our age … he didn’t come directly, show that he still had some concerns on this occasion.
Identity… Identity…. I don’t think it’s going to work out on Parker’s side, and I don’t think it’s going to work out on Xiao Ling’s side, so how do I get myself an identity?
On the way of thinking, a plate suddenly fell to the ground, breaking the calm at this time. I looked at it. The plate should be intentionally broken by Xiao ling, because the corner of the plate fell just under my feet.
“Hey hey, sorry… Slippery hands, never mind.”
Does Xiao ling want to convey something to me? I lowered my head and carefully observed the fragments of the plate. On the fragments, there was a trademark that I was familiar with, and there was an English “Made in China” under the trademark, which was made in China.
That trademark is the trademark of Sun’s Group, which is the company of the president …. President … right!
“To prove my identity? Yes, let me use the phone, I lost my own phone somewhere.”
At a banquet of this class…. The plates are used by the president’s family, which means that the president’s company has some visibility here, so…. I’m going to ask the chairman to help me, and give me a random identity to use.
“Remember to tell your family to call the front desk at the hotel to prove it!”
“Don’t need you to say it, I know, my IQ is not as low as yours.”
His eyes gave me a look of contempt. When I passed by, he whispered in my ear.
“Surnamed Xia, don’t think your identities work well here!”
Surname Xia? Is he thinking of me as Xiaoling? However, it doesn’t matter, I only hope that the president will give me a higher status to scare him.

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