Love Dependency Disease Chapter 83

When I arrived at the hotel reception, I wanted to use their phone number to call the chairman. I don’t know if the chairman will answer when he sees a foreign phone number, I don’t know if the chairman will answer when she sees a foreign phone number. Hessen didn’t follow me to monitor me, but I was relieved. Otherwise, I will have to talk to the president for a long time after getting through.


After the call is connected, the beginning is a foreign language that I do not understand. This is probably Italian. The voice of this sentence is a female voice that I am familiar with. I dialed the president’s private phone.

“President, it’s me …”

Although I lowered my voice so much that it sounded very female, the president would definitely have heard it. After all, she had heard my voice when she saw me in women’s clothing.

“Zhang Jian? Where have you been in Italy? Fine, go out and play without even calling us, this is so wrong of you, I tell you, this is not at all that we all are friends……. What are you doing now, why are you talking in this tone, are you….”

“”Stop, stop, stop……. ”President, you stop for a moment, things came out of nowhere and I didn’t have time to tell you guys, right now……. That……. I’m having a bit of trouble in Italy and need the President to get me an identity, like, I’m your cousin…..”

“What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into again? Say it and I’ll hear it…”

“I just accidentally lost my passport and then got in trouble with the local gangsters for one reasom and another….”

I didn’t tell the chairman about his kidnapping so as not to worry them, but only told her the reason why I needed an identity, so that the chairman would surely give me a good use for it at her discretion.(Note:- Chairman and President are same person and can be used interchangeably)

“Zhang Jian, don’t run outside if you need a beating, are you comfortable now?”

“Chairman, stop it…. I beg you, I will remember your great kindness for the rest of my life!”

“Tsk, tsk, listen to that, how come you’re acting like a poor puppy…. Forget it, just think of it as a cheap roadside puppy, I’ll go arrange your identity, it’ll take about a few minutes, okay then?”

“President, when the time comes, you just have to call someone to call me at this number, it’s the hotel front desk.”

“Well, when the identity is arranged down later you must do a good job of conforming to that identity, don’t be disgraced! You hear me!”

“I heard it very, very clearly!”

I hung up the phone and sighed deeply, not because I didn’t want to tell the chairman about my current situation, but because I was afraid that if I told her, she would bring Ma Qingxue and the others along with her on impulse, which would be really dangerous.

Re-entering the hall, I casually found a place to sit down and eat my steak, now that I wasn’t worried about my identity anymore, I was just startled, causing me to get hungry again, and Xiao Ling saw me like this and ran over to sit next to me and eat together.

“Is the young lady, not well yet?”

“Why are you in such a hurry to go to the reincarnation…… Oh, I forgot, your side doesn’t have the tradition of reincarnation, it should be rushing to the heaven.”

Heaven, so it’s just heaven for short, although I’d prefer him to go to hell…..

“Are you pretending to be calm?”

“Who knows?”

“Now if you apologize, with this face of yours, I think we have something to talk about…”

“No, no, I have nothing to discuss with you.”

With this face of mine……. Why don’t I get plastic surgery sometime in the future, I want to highlight my masculine features!

A few minutes later, the master of ceremonies had just walked to the center of the venue. He beckoned at me and called me next to him. It should be to introduce my identity.

I looked around, and a bit of vulgarity flashed in Hessen’s eyes, the others were also looking at me curiously, I was honestly also curious about my own identity, what identity exactly chairman planted for me…

“Please let me solemnly introduce you to the identity of this young lady, she is the daughter of the Sun Group President, Sun Lihua!”

What … I am Sun Lihua? This sentence is Chinese, not Italian, I can’t hear it wrong …

Just now, the master of ceremonies said it again in Italian, and there was a sudden exclamation in the scene.

“Liu … No, Miss Sun Lihua, why didn’t you tell me your true identity?”

Parker suddenly came over and asked me the reason, my true identity … my true identity is neither!

“Well, I, for one, like to keep a low profile…”

“What’s with the low profile, you’re the best name in the whole business world!”

The entire business community…. Is the President’s family that powerful…. It’s terrible.

“Ha… Haha, no way, I’m better educated, unlike some people who think they have high strength, in fact….”

Now I’d like to see what happens to Hassen, doesn’t he want my identity now? The chairman’s position is so overwhelming!

“”So… So it’s Miss Sun, why didn’t you say so earlier, I’m more impulsive sometimes, don’t you mind, think carefully, how can a famous family like Miss Sun possibly look at that little thing that at this in my house, Miss Sun, after this party, can you have a drink with me, so I can apologize to you.”

Hassen bowed ninety degrees to me directly and apologized, which is a high level of apologetic etiquette in heaven.Even in Italy, this action may not be easily made …

And he did it without even thinking about it, indicating that he either sincerely apologized or was very deep, I guess it should be the latter, although he couldn’t hide his expression, but he must be very good at conspiracy and scheming.

“Drinking is fine, I forgive you, my measure is still great.”

“It’s worthy of Miss Sun. I admire it, I’m really ashamed of my previous behavior, I’ll definitely apologize personally on the coming day.”

This guy, he’s really playing a good game, reaching out and not hitting the smiling man… I don’t think I’m going to be able to do anything about it… He’s a real cheapskate.

“I suggest you don’t be too sharp in your behavior in the future, it’s not good for you.”

“Miss Sun has learned a lesson.”

This person was not as fast as Xiao Ling, just now he was still toe high and now all of a sudden he became humble and respectful, this kind of person is the kind with the blackest heart….. He’s the blackest kind of person……

“Well, I’m sorry to disturb you. The lobby of our hotel is almost closed. If you need accommodation, you can apply for a room card …”

“Manager, please wait a moment, I want to chat with Miss Sun for a while.”

The lobby manager speaks proficient Chinese and wants us to leave, but this is also normal. I found that most stores in Italy close early.


“But what, this hotel I Sun Lihua want to buy it!”

That’s the kind of thing that’s worthy of the chairmanship… By the way, it will also shock Hessen.

“Ah……. This, you need to go and discuss with the boss, please come back in the morning to discuss how, I will inform the boss…”

“Ah? … Can’t buy it now? It’s troublesome, I don’t want it anymore.”

I didn’t intend to do it, I just wanted to scare Hessen. I knew he’d say that, how could a fancy hotel like this be bought on the spot.

“Well… Um… May I ask…”

“Don’t ask, I’m leaving now.”

“Need a car to give you a step, I can arrange that right away.”

“No, I want to see the night view here.”

After spending the night safely, I will find Parker to borrow some money to rent a hotel nearby and it will be over … I will go to Venice early tomorrow morning.

“Is that so, Miss Sun please take your time, here’s my card, call me if you need anything.”


After two casual and perfunctory sentences, I politely took his card and handed it to Xiao Ling, as I had no pockets in my clothes.

“I’ll be off, Parker… Why are you so happy, what’s happening?”

“Well…. This, thanks to Miss Sun’s blessing, I just took on a few deals…”

Did they see that I had a better relationship with Parker and didn’t directly fawn over me to fawn over Parker? Well, good things come to good people.

“Then I’ll go back, by the way…. Parker, I don’t have any cash on me at the moment, can you lend me some?”

Not to mention, not having money to spend all the time is my biggest problem.

“Well, how much?”

“Just give a little, I just lost my wallet, there is no cash, and I don’t want to trouble the company’s people, just for this little thing …”

“Okay, you take that first, sort of thank you, we are all merchants, because you and I got a few business, so, this is a draw given in advance.”

“Thank you, my friend.”

You mean to say that to save my face… they are really good.

“Just friends?…”

Hearing the word friend, he let out a little disappointment, sadly, we can only be friends…. Because I’m a guy, and my sexual orientation is still normal!

“Ha… That’s the way it is, there’s nothing else, I’ll just go ahead with my brother.”

“Well, this is my phone number …”

Unlike Hessen, I said I might actually need to ask Parker for help later and simply accepted his kindness.

“Thank you.”

Walking out of the hotel, it should be nine o’clock by now, it’s should be still a busy time in my city, but here in Vicenza, it’s already quite quiet, walking in the cool evening breeze, I have only one thought now, and that’s to hurry back to my men’s clothes…. Because the pedestrians who pass by will stare at me for a long, long time….

“Xiao Ling, I don’t know the prices in Italy, do you?”

“Just look at the signage…”

“Can I read it? Will this money be enough for our lodging at the hotel to-night and for the road to Venice to-morrow?”

“Totally enough, more than enough!”

“Hehehe, that’s nice, Xiao Ling do you want a late night snack?”

“Jian ge, you’re so gluttonous, didn’t you eat enough just now?”

“That steak was so small, it’s was not enough to eat. I’m still growing up so are you, aren’t you?”

“Yes, let’s go, I want something sweeter.”

Walking around the streets of Vicenza aimlessly at night, Xiao ling and I were looking for a coffee shop. According to Xiao ling, the only place where desserts can be eaten during this period is the coffee shop.

“Xiao ling … Did you find it?”

“Well … I was just about to ask you …”

“See that street corner?”

My eyes glanced at an intersection on the left, where it happened to be a crossroad.


“Then … run!”

Xiao ling and I suddenly speeded up and walked to the left side of the street, followed by a continuous sound of footsteps, yes, we were followed …

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