Love Dependency Disease Chapter 84

“Jian ge, who is it that is following us…….”

“Isn’t that nonsense on your part, of course it’s the Bettners, for reasons I can’t think of any other than them.”

Only Hessen would do such a thing. I’ve already disguised myself as Sun Lihua, and he still has the nerve to do such a thing. It’s no joke for the Chairman’s family to take revenge.

“Xiao Ling, hide in that fork in the road ahead!”

Taking her hand, I ducked into a lane with one dodge, where hiding should be out of sight for a while.

However, the truth was far from what I expected, and after only a short while they chased into the lane, and we were about to escape from the rear when we noticed that there was actually someone coming after us.

“Come this way”

Luckily, the trail wasn’t just back and forth, I was interspersed with Xiao Ling in alley after alley, and to be honest, the road was so messy that I didn’t even know where I’d gotten to.

“Hoo … Hoo …”

Panting heavily, I stroked Xiao Ling’s head, who, like me, had used up a lot of energy at this moment.

“Jian ge… Your makeup is all off… It’s so ugly…”

“You haven’t… Your hat doesn’t even know where it’s flying…”

“Damn it… I didn’t expect…. They’re actually that despicable……”

“Jian ge, this is called the underworld, you preach morality with them?”

“I don’t think you are in order …”

“There’s a gap between people… Do you understand?”

“Ouch, stop it, I’ll take a break…”

Hiding with Xiao ling in the alleyway late at night, we were speechless for a while, and a lot of sweat was coming out of my palm, hoping that I would not be found, but the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer broke my hope ruthlessly. .

“Jian ge …”

“Xiao Ling ….”

We glanced at each other, without saying anything, we stood up and continued to run, how much manpower was dispatched by the other party …. so many alleys can be found so quickly …

“Xiao Ling, is there any point in calling the police now?”

“Probably useless, they must be related to the police, and…. Do we have cell phones on us right now!”

“I had forgotten about that….”

It was another chaos and once again we casually found an alley and squatted down behind a dumpster.

It wasn’t long before the footsteps sounded again.

“Why ah, it’s not scientific, can they not foretell!”

Every time we can find it so quickly, could it be that the surveillance cameras betrayed us……. I poked my head out and looked around, there were no surveillance cameras nearby, so how on earth did they find us…..

“Jian ge….. I’m going to die…. I’m so tired…”

“What the hell, Are they using satellites to monitor us? …”

“That’s impossible …. The Sun Group may have this financial power, but they absolutely don’t have it. They don’t have the strength of my family yet …”

“What the hell is going on…. Xiao Ling, get up, it’s time to change places…..”

“Jian ge, I’m not done yet…. Satellite monitoring is impossible, but satellite positioning is simple, see if there’s something on you….”

There was nothing odd when I touch myself over and over again, and during the party Hessen didn’t even touch me, the only time he was closer to me was when he gave me his card.

Wait….. A business card? That’s right, the card!

“Xiao ling, take out the business card I gave you at the party!”

After Xiao Ling took out his business card and handed it to me, I directly broke it in half with my hand, and in it, I found a very small digital chip…

“Jian ge, this is the third generation of GPS!”

“So it is! I’ll just say…”

Throwing the GPS at a distance, Xiao ling and I walked out of the alley quietly, planning to move to another place.

“In this”

A sudden Italian word suddenly rang out from behind me, and the man roared it out, and although I didn’t understand the exact meaning of the words, I knew that things had turned sour again.

“Xiao Ling, come this way!”

I’ve chosen a narrower alleyway. There are not too many people here at once, so I think we can reduce the number of people chasing us…


The sound of footsteps coming from behind is making me more and more irritable, I’m going to get caught…

“Eat my heels!”

I turned back and kicked the high-heeled shoes on my feet to kick them out. The retention of this shoe is also a hindrance. It is not convenient for me to move at all. It is better to just throw it out.



One of the high-heeled shoes flew to a person’s face, and the other just happened to hit the crotch. This brother was really unlucky. If he don’t hurry to the hospital this time, I am afraid his life will be lost …

“I apologize on behalf of your wife and your future son, and especially your future son, who may say goodbye to you forever! Xiao Ling, translate this to them.”

“Jian ge you’re doing this to death, but I like it…”

Xiao ling sneered at them while running and patting her ass, making this group of people anxiously speed up.

“By the way, Xiao Ling, I seem to remember you still have a scale, don’t you?”

“”That’s right, there’s still one flash left…… The high explosive scales were thrown into the river by you, Jian ge, along with the clothes! You pay me!”

“Sure, sure, Be ready  with that flash first, we will use it later when they have more people …”

Running out of the alley in a panic, what we didn’t expect was that just coming out of the alley we were surrounded by people…. It was a disaster…..

“Miss Xia Ling, hello, and this … Should I call you Miss Sun, or Miss Liu, or Mr. Xia?”

Although I don’t know how he realized that I am not Sun Lihua, it is meaningless to have to tangle these at this time.

“My name is Li Baba, if possible, I hope you can call my name …”

“Okay, now what else do you have to say?”

“Good boy.”

After hesitating for a moment, Hessen, who was familiar with Chinese, immediately turned blue in the face, he looked as if he was angry…

“You are looking for death, do you know? Do you have any last words to say, I will try my best to satisfy you.

“Then let’s answer a question that I haven’t had an answer to in years of thinking…”

“You said.”

He smiled, a winning look, and Xiao ling was quietly reaching under her pants. She was not wearing a skirt now … Where did he hide the flash bomb?

“In my home, there is a very mysterious box that requires nine keys to open, and it is said to contain some treasures from the past, but I lost two keys and recovered one, and now how many keys do I have?”

“Huh … Didn’t the lower people learn math, let me tell you, it’s eight!”

“Good boy.”

Teasing him again, this time he didn’t say anything more, but instead pulled a pistol directly from his waist, and after the safety was opened with a click, he pointed it at my head, and he just looked at me, brown-red pupils as if a flame was burning violently.

“It was just an accident…. Calm down okay, we’re all civilized people, don’t move a muscle, how bad….”

“But I am not a civilized person!”

“This… It can be learned…”

“It’s a pity, I actually still like you, I’m not very interested in women, meeting a male like you is exciting in my heart, so…. If you make me comfortable, I can consider keeping you as a dog.”

“Big brother, you have heavy tastes……. People like you, in ancient times, were meant to be lit with heavenly lanterns, you know?”

She nudged herself with her elbow, and she touched me lightly as well, knowingly.

“I don’t know, but I know you are going to see God soon.”

“Look what it is! Wait a minute….. What’s that, it’s God!”

I pretended to touch my waistband and immediately pointed to the sky again, and those who didn’t react stared at the sky, sensing that I was lying and then quickly fixed their eyes on me.

“These little tricks come out to play too, you’re making it too easy for me, aren’t you?”

“Eat my scales!”

At this time, the flashbang fell from the sky and landed right in the middle of the road, out of a subconscious human reaction, they all looked at the flashbang, this flashbang was thrown by Xiao Ling when I just told them to look at the sky, Xiao Ling is really good at catching this time too…

The moment the flash bomb landed, Xiao ling and I turned directly and closed our eyes. When a strong light flashed in front of me, I took Xiao ling’s hand and ran away.

“Jian ge, this is really exciting!”

“Excitement my ass, I almost put my life on the line there, even if I don’t lose my life, your Jian ge and my chrysanthemum are almost unsafe …

“Brother Jane, I think you should rub poison into the asshole and just let Hessen…. Hehehehehe.”

Xiao ling smiled evilly three times and poked my butt twice with her finger while running.

“Tsk… If you don’t learn at a young age, I’ll see how you get married when you grow up.”

“Isn’t there still Jian ge, when the time comes, I will just ask Dad to tie up Jian ge, and you’ll have to marry and if you refuse!”

“I choose to die.”

“Actually… A corpse can be kept for a long time if it has good embalming techniques before being made into a specimen, in that case, Jian ge can stay with me all the time~”

“Don’t … stop talking … don’t you think it’s hard to talk while running?”

“That’s true… Hey, let’s leave it at that.”

I ran to another street in one breath, and just walked into a path before I was relieved and was caught by another person, but we are not afraid of him, because … There was only one of him.

“You dare to chase us two alone?”

Without talking too much nonsense, I hit him on the face, then the lower abdomen, then the crotch, which is fragile.

“Jian ge, let me put him to sleep!”

After picking a stone from the roadside, Xiao ling knocked him out, and Xiao ling was proud to step on him several times.

“Don’t, he’s still useful, leave him on his feet!”

“Jian ge, do you still pity him?”

“Not really, I just wanted to borrow the clothes he had on, so you don’t step on them and get them dirty for me.”

After taking off his clothes, I finally changed back to men’s clothes. I didn’t even leave shoes for him. It’s summer now. It shouldn’t be a big deal to sleep outside overnight naked …

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