Love Dependency Disease Chapter 85

“Where are we staying tonight?”

“How do I know,How can I find a place to live, the hotel is not even a thought, it’s better to find a small Inn…….”

If you stay in a hotel, you’ll inevitably be found out, and small inns don’t have that problem, and… There are Inns that give rooms to foreigners without passports.

“Jian ge, how about that family?”

“Don’t, let’s go farther away, it’s a bit unsafe to find an inn around here, I’m afraid I’ll be discovered.”

“But my feet hurt…….”

“I’ll carry you, these are extraordinary times…. We’ll have to be careful.”

Squatting down, I picked up the Xiao Ling on my back, and she helped me rub my shoulders and whack my back after picking her up.

“Jian ge is the best ~”

“Nonsense, a man as nice as I am can’t be found with a light on.”

“Jian ge, can’t you just be humble?”

“I’m just being realistic!”

“Also, a good man like Jian ge who can be male or female is indeed hard to find…..”

“”You’re hurting me again aren’t you…… By the way, squeeze a little upwards, use a little more force, my shoulders are so sore…. I haven’t had a good rest lately……”

“It’s hard for Jian ge, it’s a good thing I was tied together with Jian ge was, otherwise I wouldn’t really know what to do on my own.”

“Shouldn’t I be rewarded with something?”

“Hmmm…. Let’s reward you with a girlfriend then!”

“I have already got a girlfriend…”

I have already acknowledged the relationship with Ma Qingxue before, so …

“you have not!!”

“Isn’t Ma Qingxue just…….”

“I don’t care, I don’t care anyway, you just don’t have any!”

“Well, well, I don’t have what I don’t have.”

The squeeze on the shoulder suddenly increased several times, and even made me feel a little pain, how could she be so strong as a child?

“That’s more like it~”

I carried Xiao Ling on my back down the silent street toward the distance, and when I reached a place that felt almost far enough away, I called Xiao Ling down to help me find an inn together.

“Phew….. I’m so tired, I want to take a shower and sleep comfortably now.”

“Me too, girls are creatures that feel uncomfortable if they don’t take a bath once in a day!”

“Then why don’t you hurry up and find a place to rest?”

Urging Xiao Ling, we wandered around the street for a while and finally found a small inn in a relatively isolated location, a dilapidated old house hidden in an alleyway that must have been built a long time ago.

Entering the hotel, an old man was holding a newspaper reading with dignity under the dim table lamp.The first time I saw him was when he heard our footsteps and asked in a hoarse voice why we were here, of course… I couldn’t understand it.


“Well, we will stay the night and give us the best room.”

“Have you got any papers?”

“No…. But we have this.”

Xiao ling suddenly took out a large sum of money and shook it in front of the old man.

“You guys are stowaways? Forget it, this is not my responsibility. This is the key. The room is on the fourth floor. Also … there is a mezzanine in the toilet that leads directly downstairs.”

“Grandpa, I knew at first glance that you were in this business……”

“Nonsense, or I’d pay the police so much money for nothing? What are the characteristics of the people you are hiding from, so I can inform you when they come in a little while.”

“It’s the gangsters nearby…. Just let us know if there’s any movement anyway!”

“Is it the Bettner family?”

“Grandpa, how do you know?”

“Then you have come to the right place, this place happens to belong to the Bettner family, and I was informed not long ago that if I met two Asians together, a man and a woman, a large and a small one, they should be reported immediately.”

“What do you mean!”

Xiao Ling suddenly kicked me, her expression was a little nervous … what happened?

“Little sister, don’t worry, I haven’t finished my sentence yet, I mean, I paid them a sum of money as well as they are responsible for keeping me safe here. After all, I’ve been a long time accepted guest here… You know that too, but that doesn’t mean I’ll just listen to them all the time, who doesn’t want to make money when they’re rich?”

“Grandpa you are so cunning…….”

“I am not cunning, just a bit of discernment, I went to war as a soldier and had it not been for this unique discernment I am afraid I would have been caught in a British concentration camp.”

“Grandpa do you mean?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just the feeling that if I really betrayed you guys there must be no good that will come of it…….”

“You have a great eye, see what this is?”

Xiao Ling digs and digs in her pockets, and finally pulls out a scale …. Didn’t she say that it was gone ?.

“F1 fragmentation grenades? If this thing explodes in my crappy shop…”

“You still know the model?”

“Nonsense, can’t I not recognize it when I was a soldier, I had suffered a lot from it back then….”

“Hehe, grandpa, you are really well-informed. If there is nothing, let’s go to rest first. Remember to notify us immediately if there is any news.”

“Tsk… Be careful not to blow me up with this shitty shop.”

Entering the room, Xiao Ling didn’t make any other moves and started undressing first…… Can’t you take care of me as a teenage boy……

“That’s right, Xiao ling, what did you just talk to the old man downstairs? I see that old man is quite afraid of you…”

“Here’s the thing, he’s…….”

After a series of explanations by Xiao Ling, I finally figured out why the old man looked at us with the eyes of the plague god … It turned out that I was afraid of Xiao Ling’s scales. It was also thanks to Xiao Ling ’s scale that I escaped from Hessen. For the first time in my life, I felt that scale was a beautiful invention …

“Jian ge, you wash first, there’s actually a bathtub here, I’m afraid you’ll drink my bath water later…..”

“You’re overthinking it, I’m going to drink Ma Qingxue’s bath water…”

“Jian ge, would you please reorganize your language and drink from whom?”

Xiao ling pulls out the scales, as if to pull the insurance…. I don’t think that scales is a good thing again…..

“Drink… Drink your…”

“No drink for you, hurry up and wash up!”

“Hey, hey, Xiao Ling, actually we should wash up together …”

“So what are you talking about? Take it off!”

“I’m sure it’s better off, there’s a cold…….”

“Che, as usual, a thief has no guts.”

I know in my heart the reason why Xiao Ling asked me to wash first, she knew I was a lot more tired than I appeared and she deliberately put on an unfeeling face…. You’re really not a frank child.

“Touch your head~touch your head~you wait a minute and I’ll wash it out in a minute.”

“Jian ge, you’re touching my head, I’ll pull the scales off!”

“Don’t, there’s something to be said, let that scale go first, it’s innocent!”

“Hurry up and wash up! I’ll wash up after you!”

It’s hard to imagine a small inn with a bathtub, but…. For the money Xiao Ling spent, I’d guess it’s totally enough for a night in a large hotel…. It’s hard to cut it, but for safety’s sake…..

“Huh … refreshing!”

Soaking my weak body in hot water, the fatigue of my whole body magically disappeared at this moment, leaving only a sense of comfort drifting in my mind, it’s not easy for me to live this life, I actually got involved in the struggle between gangs for a good reason, no matter how I think, this is not something an ordinary high school student can experience….

True to the chairman’s words, it’s been a summer full of blood and fire….. It’s a summer of blood and fire……………. I really want to call Ma Qingxue and complain about it…..

It was only at this time that I remembered the goodness of Qingxue Ma. Her words would definitely take good care of me and heal my physical and mental pains.Unfortunately, I don’t even know if I can return to the country intact. Missing arms and legs …

“Xiao Ling, you go wash up, I’ll go to bed first…”

After taking a bath, an endless sense of fatigue came at me, and the labored body followed its instinctive guidance, I collapsed into bed and went straight to sleep, and by the time I woke up the next day, the sun had risen to a very dazzling position, and it was about noon.

“Xiaoling, it’s time to get up. If you sleep on my body, don’t you feel hot?”

“Ah…. Jain ge, good morning…..”

“Still good morning, I reckon it’s already time for lunch by now!”

“It’s so late? Then hurry up and act!”

After gathering my things, Xiao ling and I prepared to check out, actually we didn’t have any luggage on us either, just a blue dress I had in my hand that I didn’t throw away last night…

“Jian ge, what are you keeping this for?”

“Don’t you think it’s a waste, this dress must have cost a lot of money… I want to take it back to my sister.”

“Your sister… If that violent woman could come to Italy, we could have rushed straight to the Bettner family last night and started a fishy storm!”

“You think too much, Xiaoyu is just an ordinary person … aside from being a bit violent …”

“Ordinary person? If she had a modern weapon like a gun in her hand that night, we’d all have to account for it at the factory!”

“It is your illusion.”

I don’t want to involve Xiaoyu, but the other party is a real gangster, the kind of unscrupulous way to achieve their goals, how can I being her brother put my sister in danger?

“Jian ge, if you’re really going to take it, why don’t you find something to wrap it up….”

“Well, you go downstairs and ask that old man for a backpack, big deal, give him some money….”


I’ve been waiting in my room for almost 20 minutes and Xiao Ling hasn’t come up yet… Something’s happened. I can’t imagine. I have to go down and see.

As soon as the door was opened, Xiaoling came in with a pile of things in her arms.

“Yo, Jian ge is awesome, did you figure out when I’ll be back?”

“What took you so long? I was just a little worried.”

“Hehehe, I didn’t expect the old grandpa downstairs to have so many good things, let’s disguise a bit on the go, come on, this is the wig, this is the pupil….”

After putting on Xiao Ling’s drag props, I looked in the mirror and found myself transformed into a guy with a hybrid flavor, with short brown hair and hazel pupils that finally made me look somewhat similar to the local Italian, while Xiaoling had long bright blonde hair and blue eyes, and this outfit of hers reminded me of Mira, who was a hybrid, and just happened to be blonde with blue pupils.

“It’s perfect! Jian ge, let’s go.”

After folding the dress and putting it in a backpack, Xiaoling and I walked out of the hotel.

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