Love Dependency Disease Chapter 86

“Xiaoling, how should we go to Venice?”

“Trains or cars are fine, and it’s convenient to buy tickets here without the need for an id.”

“Great… I thought I couldn’t even get a ride in a car without a passport…”

“But Jian ge, are you sure we’re going to the train station? I think the Bettners will definitely be keeping watch there, including the bus station probably as well, and we’ll have to go with the black car…”

A black car?…. A black car is a black car! Just reach Venice safely.

“All right, as long as I can get to Venice, I just want to get back home soon…..”

“Let’s go around the neighborhood and see if anyone runs black cars, and if not, go to a few places around the neighborhood where there’s a lot of black cars in high traffic.”

“I don’t know the way, you lead the way…”

“I haven’t been to Vicenza again. I just went to Venice with my dad when I was a kid. I’m not familiar with Venice, let alone here!”

“So what’s to be done?”

“Stupid you, just ask for directions.”

Xiaoling found a few people on the street and asked a few questions. Then she bought a map from a bookstore nearby. Afterwards, she took a closer look around it, presumably to determine our current location.

“Jian ge, let’s go to the Olympic Theater or the Mattwodi Square. There should be black cars in both places. We are closer to the Mattwodi Square. Let’s go to the square first.”


I stopped a taxi on the street and in it I took in the view of Vicenza, it is very green and environmentally friendly, living in such a city is indeed a good choice, but I prefer my old home than here, because I don’t have any sense of security here, leaving Xiao Ling, I even have problems communicating with the locals,how can I feel safe?

“Jian ge, here we are, get out of the car.”

Before I got out of the car, I looked at the time on the vehicle’s display, and it was 11:30, and I knew it was really noon…

“Xiao Ling, let’s go get our meal first, I’m so hungry I’m hallucinating…”

I did hallucinate. I smelled spicy chicken, which wouldn’t be surprising in my hometown… But this is Italy. Steak and red wine is normal.

“Jian ge, I’m afraid it’s not an illusion, this smell is spicy chicken! The last time I went to your hometown to find you, Sister Sun invited us to eat….”

“Really? Then find out where it’s coming from!”

I looked around and found a man sitting on a roadside bench eating a box of rice, and his box of rice contained nothing but spicy chicken and shredded green pepper…

“Xiao Ling, go over there and ask him where he got it…”

Before I could finish my words, Xiao Ling flew up to him and asked him.

“Report, there’s a Chinese restaurant over there!”

Is there a Chinese restaurant… That’s great! And while the steak was good too, I prefer hometown food!

“Go on, I want to eat Kung Pao Chicken, Mao Xue Wang …. Boiled pork … Ah, I can’t stand it.”

“Jian ge, wait for me, I want to eat grunt, pork, braised pork!”

“Eat, eat, just eat, so why don’t you run faster?”

Bursting into life, we arrived at a Chinese restaurant whose storefront décor clearly had an oriental flair, and from inside came all sorts of smells that I was familiar with.

“Boss, order, two plates of spicy chicken first!”

“Two more plates of braised pork!”

“More pickled fish!”

“One serving of meatball soup!”

“Hit three buckets of rice!”

As soon as we walked in, we picked a place to sit down and screamed for an order before it was hot. What we are talking about is Chinese. The taste of this dish is so pure. The owner must be our own …

“Here, here, order so much, will you two be able to eat?”

“Don’t worry, why do we order so much if we can’t finish it…”

The boss looked us over and over and stared at me curiously for a while.

“By the looks of you, you’re not native Italians, you speak Chinese so well…”

“We grew up in Tian Dynasty City…”

“Oh, you’re brother and sister? Looks to me like you’re all hybrids…”

“Yes, that’s right… Boss, hurry up and fry the food, we’re starving!”

“That’s 42 euros.”

After the checkout, Xiao ling and I waited for a while, and when the delicious food was finally brought to the table, Xiao Ling and I began to eat and drink without any concern for our personal image, eliminating all the food in a matter of half an hour or so. Since arriving in Italy, both Xiao Ling and I have become addicted to eating, and this is why….

After a full meal and a bit of wandering around the neighborhood, Xiao Ling found a black car, we negotiated a price and we finally made our way to the road to Venice.

Vicenza is about a hundred kilometers up and down from Venice, and the car traveled for about two hours, and we came to a city that was like floating on water, and this city, which is basically connected by bridges, is very beautiful, and small boats are the main mode of transportation here, and it was very inconvenient for the car to travel in them, so we got off at the entrance of the city.

“Oh, it’s finally here … Xiaoling, do you remember where your dad’s acquaintance lives?”

“Vaguely remembering that he was supposed to live near an old yellow bell tower, we asked the boatman.”

After waiting for a while by a small river channel, we boarded a small boat, the boatman’s skill can be described as outstanding, I did not feel a little rocking in the boat, the scenery of Venice is very unique, when I was in primary school there was a text about Venice in the language textbook, at that time I really wanted to come to Venice to see, but I did not expect … Today it came true in this way.

The sound of the water was the main tone of the city. In the busy river channel, the boatman and a few other boatmen he knew greeted each other, and in the cool cabin, Xiao ling looked at a pale yellow bell tower in the distance and fell into a memory. The location of his father’s acquaintance, as Xiao Ling called it.

After paying the boatman, we disembarked, and Xiao ling wandered back and forth many times before recalling the exact spot, and she led me to the front of a residential house.

“Bang, bang, bang.”

We Knocked on the door, she repeatedly did not know what to say in Italian, not a moment later, a spirited middle-aged man opened the door of the room, this middle-aged man had black pupils and black hair. If I did not guess wrong, he should also be a person from the Tian Dynasty.

When Xiao ling saw him open the door, he took my hand and burrowed straight in, while the middle-aged man, with a surprised face, kept repeating a certain Italian phrase, probably asking us why….

“Uncle Wen, don’t you recognize me?”

As soon as Xiao Jing ripped off her wig, she also took off her pupils as well, she spoke in Chinese.

“You are…. Lao Xia’s daughter? I remember what your name was…. Xiao Ling?”

“Yeah, it’s been a long time since Uncle Wen~ I came to see you.”

“Where’s Lao Xia, why isn’t he in yet? Can’t be lost….”

“This … how to say … Uncle Wen, actually he is still in China.”

“What? Still in the country, then you…”

The middle-aged man looked at Xiao Ling incredulously, somewhat at a loss for words, and Xiao Ling was probably afraid for a moment that she wouldn’t be able to explain herself clearly.

“Let me just say it, that… Uncle Wen…”.

“You just call me Mr. Wen.”

“Well, Mr. Wen, we were kidnapped from the country, the other party is the Bettner family, we fled all the way from Belluno, we want to ask for your help …”

“Did the Bettner family really strike out……. I’m going to go and contact Lao Xia first…….”

He sighed, as if he had seen this day coming, pursed his lips and shook his head, pulled out his phone and walked to a room.

When he reappeared, he gestured to the couch to gesture us to sit down, his frown locked and his expression looking somewhat gloomy.

“I just got in touch with your father, he heard that you were happy that you were with me and told you to just stay with me, he’s too busy right now to get his hands on anyone basically…. He said he will come and get you back when he is not busy.”

“In addition, he asked me if there was a bastard who abducted her daughter, and that bastard is you …”

Mr. Wen smiled and handed me a glass of water, which I felt very helpless about, why did Xiao Ling’s dad have such a bad image of me….

“That’s probably me…”

“Don’t you mind, Lao Xia is of bear temper, don’t you look at him like that, maybe he likes you in his heart….”

“Yes, yes…. Haha.”

I’m afraid I like it so much that I want to give it two thumps with a boom….

“Just stay right here with me and don’t wander off, you hear me!”

“Got it… By the way, if it’s not convenient for Xiao Ling’s dad, can I find another channel to go back to China?”

For example, President, she has a private jet and didn’t need any passports to get us back.

“Don’t even think about it, do you guys really think you can run away that easily?”

“What do you mean?”

“Venice is the home base of the Bettner family, but their hometown is in Belluno …”

“That means …”

“That is to say, you have come to me without being discovered by their people is already a matter of ten thousand blessings, just wait for a while, there are plenty of opportunities to return to your country, wait for a few days first, I will arrange a route for you to return to your country when I am sure it is safe.”

“Then I would like to thank Mr. Wen first …”

“Actually you guys can still call me Officer Wen.”

“You … are you a policeman?”

“That’s right, I’ve been sent here to keep an eye on the Bettner family for years, I know them well, and besides…. I’m telling you my identity so that you can rest assured, never leak it, remember this!”

“I swear, I will never leak!”

I didn’t expect the police to come out…. It looks like me and Xiao ling are involved in something really bad…. What the hell…. I thought I’d be able to go back to my home country, but now I just have to wait to get back…

“You guys are staying in the room upstairs, don’t go out lately, they can’t find Xiao Ling, it’s very difficult to open the gap on Lao Xia’s side, when Lao Xia’s side is ready, my side will cooperate with him to double-string the net, so you mustn’t be in a hurry! By the end of this month I promise you’ll be able to go back!”

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