Love Dependency Disease Chapter 87

Today is our fourth day in Venice. Xiao Ling and I were sitting by the window watching the boats come and go, and I couldn’t tell you how depressed I felt. Mr. Wen is out in the morning and comes late at night. I didn’t know what to do, and it’s really hard to just stay cooped up in his room all day….


One of the most annoying things is that there isn’t even a wireless network here, and although Mr. Wen has a computer at home, there is no internet, so I and Xiao Ling could only sit by his computer and play Minesweeper in boredom…


“I’m bored… Jian ge… Don’t press this, this is a mine.


“Boring indeed… You don’t have to tell me, I know.”


“I really want to go out and play… click the one above, that one is not a mine.”


“I’m the same… I finally made it to Venice… I might as well go out in a women’s dress… Besides, you don’t have to tell me, I know it’s mine.”


“How nice… Jian ge can still dress up as a woman… Too bad it wouldn’t work even if you’d go as  female… the Bettners will still recognize you… The top two in the top left corner are mine.”


“Hey… Don’t say that…”


“Uh-oh~ Jian ge you stepped on a mine…”


We played Minesweeper over and over again for what must be thousands of times…. Mr. Wen’s computer has only one game i.e Minesweeper, not even cards…. This is no longer a life that can be described as boring, this is simply torture, inhumane torture!


“Why isn’t there even a drawing! What the hell kind of computer is this!”


Xiao Ling complained, looking at her, she was wishing to throw the computer into the water.


“How else would you expect a windows 98 system? Correction, it’s still a particularly old windows 98 system.”


“Jian ge, let’s play some fun games…”


“Did you say…”


“In terms of idiomatic solitaire, I’ll go first… Nothing to do…”


“The thing is…”


“To be a teacher…”


“It looks the same…”




“By the way, it’s not a idiom… Hey, what the heck, doing nothing…”


“Things happen…”


Repeating the circle, Xiao Ling and I were doing boring things like chanting. We couldn’t find anything to do. We can only numb ourselves like this.


In the afternoon Mr. Wen took time to come back, and he just went upstairs to say something to us and then hurried off again.


“According to the news, there are important leads tonight so I won’t be back tonight, so help yourselves to dinner.”


That’s right! It’s such a simple sentence, I was going to ask Mr. Wen to bring something back, I’m embarrassed to ask now….


“Jian ge, let’s go out to buy a video game and come back and play…”


“No, didn’t you hear how many times Mr. Wen warned us to not go out… The last time you just didn’t listen to your father, we’d be tied up in Italy!”


“Jian ge, you’re so annoying… How about we buy a game console online, that way we won’t get caught if it’s delivered to our door.”


“Only if you have the internet…”


“Ah… Damn, how am I going to live without the internet… I’m already about to die in a boring world without the internet.”


“Don’t complain, we’ll just beg Mr. Wen to help us buy one when he gets back…”


“In other words, we’re going to hold back today, right?”




“Jian ge, knock me out, the first thing I want to see when I wake up is a video game.”


“No strength, hit your head on the wall yourself…”


“Hit it yourself, I don’t have the courage…”


At Mr. Wen’s house, Xiao Ling rummages around looking for interesting things, but Mr. Wen’s house is so simple that it’s fatal. I’m afraid he probably rarely lives in this house other than to come back to sleep…. After all, not even a newspaper can be found here.


“Jian ge, come here and see what I’ve found.”


Xiao Ling didn’t know what it was when she started rolling around on the floor, her clothes inadvertently lifting a floor tile that had a flash drive underneath it.


“This is Mr. Wen’s stuff, I think it’s better not to look at it, hiding it here means it should be something important, Xiao Ling, be a good girl , and put it back …….”


“No, I’m too bored, I want to see what’s in here, maybe it’s Mr. Wen’s top secret collection, maybe it’s better than your collection, Jian ge?”


“What do you think of people, is he that kind of guy? Obviously not!”


“Just one look, it wouldn’t hurt anyway, one look and we’ll put it back…”


“Mr. Wen will be angry when he knows!”


“What if he doesn’t know? We’ll just have to clean our hands and feets…”


I’m honestly quite curious as to what’s on the USB stick, but I’m somewhat resistant to doing so on a moral level, but morality can’t beat curiosity after all.


“I said we’d just take a look!”


“Well, I promise, I just wanted to see it.”


After inserting the USB flash drive into the computer, we opened the USB flash drive and found that this USB flash drive was actually encrypted. Xiao Ling looked at the encrypted USB flash drive with an urge to cry…


“Jian ge ….. this can not be the world ….”


“Why are you in a hurry? My computer skills are very good, I will crack it!”


As one of the legendary twelve drivers of the internet, cracking a flash drive is not a big deal.


I easily cracked the password of the USB stick, which was full of documents, both in Italian and Chinese.


Opening one of the documents at random, I found that it was full of incriminating evidence against the Bettner family in the last few years, such as the number of illegal drugs and weapons sold by bribing a certain person, and it also mentioned that this was just what they had collected, but it is not enough to fully testify against the Bettner family, and that they still needed to get to their books.


“I thought it was something good… It’s boring, let’s put it back.”


Wiping the computer’s access logs, I put the flash drive back under the tiles, the information was of no use to us, at most It’s just that it makes me resent the so-called Bettner family a little more, and I’m one of the innocent victims of them…. If it wasn’t for them, I should have been on a  summer vacation with Ma Qingxue right now….


The day goes by so slowly that it’s almost like we just go to bed after tiring ourselves out by living like maniacs in the house, and then this cycle is the only way to get through the boredom.


In the evening, my dinner with Xiao Ling was both simple and monotonous bread, and Mr. Wen’s house didn’t even have gas, not knowing whether it was Venice the city that didn’t have one or he didn’t go through with it, and he doesn’t even have an induction stove at home, so I guess Mr. Winn has never cooked at home before …….


“Jian ge, tell me a story…”


“I don’t even have any more stories to tell, and… You’ve heard each story a few times, haven’t you?”


“No fear, I forget fast, go on with your story…”


“And only someone as boring as you are to a certain degree could do that…”


Telling a story that is not interesting, I looked at the bright moon outside the window and understood the meaning of an ancient poem. Looking up at the moon, I looked down at my hometown and said what I am doing now, the bright moonlight reflected in my eyes , I gradually got a little drowsiness and yawned, while I was preparing for time, the sound of unlocking sounded downstairs.


Didn’t Mr. Wen say he wouldn’t be back tonight?


Luckily, the second floor allows me to see the door downstairs, and as I peek out to see what’s going on, even though it’s nighttime and there’s not much light around, I could still tell it wasn’t Mr. Wen, plus… There’s more than one person downstairs!


“Xiao Ling, wake up, it’s not good, the people of the Bettner family have come to the door!”


“What came to our door…”


“Bettner family!”


“I’m going to blow them up!”


Xiao Ling was suddenly startled, and I was completely sleepless. We have to find a place to escape now. Mr. Wen’s house as I recall seemed to have only one exit, and that was the front door, but other than that it was a matter of trying to get out through a window on the second floor, and there were two windows on the second floor, one in front of the front door and one on the river.


“Xiao Ling….Do you know how to swim?”


“I know a little…”


“You escape with the river and go find Mr. Wen, I don’t know how to swim…”


“Jian ge… . you?”


“Go, I’ll stall them!”


The target of the opponent is Xiao Ling, I’m just a dispensable existence, the only way to threaten Xiao Ling’s dad is to catch her, and besides, if there’s a chance to escape after being caught, it’s much more convenient for me to be alone than to take Xiao Ling with me.


“What are you waiting for, jump down!”


“But… Jian ge…”


“Don’t worry about me, you know my escape technique!”


“No, there are people in the river too!”


“what did you say?”


Rushing to the window, I bobbed my eyes to find five or six small boats floating in the river, which was literally pushing us over the edge.


“Jian ge, use the scales…”


“No, absolutely not, if there is a death or injury, not only you, Mr. Wen, but your father including me won’t be able to walk away!”


Now, in a legal society, it’s just a flash. The key is this explosion… I don’t know what the crime of using arms abroad is, but the sentence must not be light!


“Not even this, not even that… What the hell do we do!!!”


The door suddenly made a creaking sound, this is the sound of the opening of the door, have they already come in…….


“Xiao Ling, hide in the closet first!”


Opening the closet, I forced Xiao Lingl into the pile of clothes and grabbed some more layered rolls to cover the top.


“Listen, I’ll try to distract them as soon as I can, and if it’s safe for you then you will immediately hide in the clock tower … I’ll come looking for you.”


“Jian ge… What if…”


“If I’m not here by tomorrow morning, it means I’ve been arrested, don’t worry about me, you know what I’m capable of…”


“Well… Jian ge… Clock Tower, you have to come!”


The sound of rummaging downstairs was loud, I guess a lot of people came in, I picked up the broom from the room on my way out of the room quietly, I crouched in the dark for a short while. At last, I found a chance to escape towards the door.


“Clean up, guys. Move over!”


With a loud roar, I attracted their attention. The broom in my hands kept them from getting too close to me. After escaping from the gate, there were some people waiting outside, all of which I expected, but there is just one thing I did not expect, too many people outside! And Hessen is among them.


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