Little Husband, Little Wife, Little Immortal – Table of Contents

Author : 神龙吞恶虎

Summary : “Wifey, you’re the best! We finally got Master drunk after ten days!”

“Hm, ten days here is equal to a hundred years in the mortal world. Hubby, let’s head down the mountain!”

“Wifey, if Master finds out about this, won’t he kill us?”

“Don’t worry Hubby, as long as we… as long as we’re able to grant master’s greatest wish; he will not only kill us but also reward us!”

“But…Master’s greatest wish. It’s extremely hard to complete, don’t forget, we’re still teenagers!”

“I have an idea. We’ll steal master’s treasured Yin-Yang stove. I don’t believe it’ll be worth less than a hundred demonic spirit pills!”