LHLWLI Chapter 2 – Demonic Village

Jin Tong and Yu Wan crossed the Ancient River, heading east, the more they walked, the more they felt that the unique atmosphere of the Great Plains.

During this time, the northern part of the Great Plains was experiencing its first winter of the year. As the leaves fell, the northern wind blew at the bare branches, making a whistling sound.

The weather was gloomy with the occasional snowflake falling onto the face.

Jin Tong and Yu Wan looked around, stunned to see villages, big and small scattered all around the plains just ahead of them.

Going forwards, they came across a winding river that was planted with willow trees of all ages. Having been under the torrent of the sun and rain for so long, the river banks had eroded. Polluting the river until they can’t even see the fish swimming in it.

“This should be the Ancient Northern Canal.”

Even if Jin Tong was born in this place, he was taken in by his Master at a very young age. So, he had no impression towards the canal at all. Still, all that he’d learned about the canal, he informed Yu Wan about it.

“The northern section of the Grand Canal in Hangzhou is the largest artificial river in Chinese Culture. It was built by the Emperor as a gift which later benefited its inhabitants, but now it’s dying.”

Yu Wan listened as she looked on at the river, the thoughts of her young heart wandering elsewhere.

Before Jin Tong entered the realm of immortals, she was born in the southern part of China, so she had no impression of the Grand Canal, unlike Jin Tong.

On the other hand, Jin Tong was touched at this scene, he wondered, if his parents were still alive, they would probably be living in a small village nearby.

Now that the little immortals are here, thinking about this, they couldn’t help but feel a tinge of emotion towards this place.

Although they left their parents at an early age, the flesh and blood that runs in them are unable to break the bond that they have towards their relationship.

Jin Tong looked at the countless villages littered all over the plains. With his current cultivation, it would be impossible for him to determine which village his parents live in.

On the other hand, for Yu Wan, seeing Jin Tong’s homesickness, she looked in the southwestern direction. In her line of sight, there was a small village where her parents were. Yu Wan really wanted to head over there immediately.

Yu Wan knew, since she was gone for sixteen years, her parents must’ve looked everywhere for her. Seeing her parents again, she wasn’t sure if they would recognize her. Even if they did, would they accept her?

“Yu Wan, look!” Jin Tong suddenly exclaimed to Yu Wan.

Yu Wan looked at the direction Jin Tong pointed at and saw a village about five or six miles away that looked different from the other villages.

To be more exact, the village was enshrouded in demonic energy.

Just like Jin Tong, with her enhanced eyesight, she could see what mortals couldn’t.

For example, demonic energy.

The two young immortals perceived something odd about that village.

“As Master mentioned, even in the modern society now, the mortals still can’t discern that they’re in an enchantment?” Yu Wan questioned.

“Yep, Master’s words are true, Yu Wan, let’s go and take a look!” Jin Tong said.

With that said, the two young immortals sped forward with a speed that was about five or six times the normal speed of a normal person.

In that moment, at the village in the west, a group of children noticed a pair of people that almost seemed like they were flying with their speed: “Shu Ping, Rong Rong, look there, look at those two, it almost looks like they’re flying over here.”

The first girl to notice Jin Tong and Yu Wan was a girl in her twenties named Xiu Zhi. Unlike the other two girls behind her with braids, she had a scholarly hairstyle for herself.

Her round face was very beautiful, with two, large, half-moon eyes.

Shu Ping and Rong Rong looked towards the west of the village: “Ah, it’s true! How can those two runs so fast!” Shu Ping exclaimed.

Once this was said, another five or six boys gathered with Xiu Zhi, Rong Rong and Shu Ping as well.

They also came looking at the two teenagers who were almost flying towards their village at an incredible speed.

Before they grasped it, Jin Tong and Yu Wan had already arrived at the village.

“Nice to meet you!” Jin Tong and Yu Wan greeted, stopping abruptly in front of them.

Seeing the friendly attitude of the two young teenagers, the children of the village felt relieved. The smartest of all of them, Xiu Zhi, turned towards Jin Tong and Yu Wan: “Greetings! Where are you from? You were both walking at such an incredible speed just now, just like those legendary immortals.”

As Xiu Zhi said these words, an envious gleam in her eyes reflected as she glanced at both Jin Tong and Yu Wan.

Jin Tong and Yu Wan looked at each other and wanted to say something before they were interrupted by Shu Ping: “What big sis Xiu Zhi meant was that, you’re immortals? I want to be one too.”

All at the same time, the children each repeated the words, saying they too wanted to be immortals.

While silently watching Jin Tong and Yu Wan, Rong Rong stepped forward: “You both don’t look much older than we are, yet the both of you are able to run at such a speed. Did you really cultivate the techniques of the immortals?”

Jin Tong looked at the children who were all similar ages with him and said: “Please don’t say we’re immortals; we’re merely new immortals. There are still those who are much better than us. That’s right, I see some of you are holding knives in your hands, are you all preparing for something?”

“Wah, you’re really an immortal, you could see this in one glance!” Xiu Zhi said, “I’m taking this group of children to go guard the village against monsters that want to harm the villagers. The monster is outside the village. Those who are bitten by them will have festering wounds and mental disorders! Our strongest, Guo Tie, even turned into a monster after being bitten in the neck by one!”

Jin Tong and Yu Wan listened to them talk, looking at each other, they said: “No wonder this place is enshrouded by demonic energy, it was from the demons in the forest nearby!”

Yu Wan’s big eyes flashed as she said: “Although we have come from a place very far from here, we’re still young immortals. Some monsters here hurt people. Naturally we can’t just watch and go. Lead us to your village head. We’ll assess the situation and exterminate them for you!”

Although the group were still suspicious of Jin Tong and Yu Wan, they saw for themselves how the both almost flew over to them like birds. So they trusted the words of the two young immortals Jin Tong and Yu Wan and led them towards the direction of the village.

Rong Rong, who followed them, silently also had something hidden in her heart. Taking the hands of Jin Tong and Yu Wan, she absolutely had to bring them to her house.

As soon as they approached Rong Rong’s house, Rong Rong shouted: “Father, I brought some immortals over, these immortals promised to help us!”

As Rong Rong shouted that out, the other children did too.

The village wasn’t that big. Soon, Jin Tong and Yu Wan followed Xiu Zhi, Shu Ping and Rong Rong to a farmer’s house that looked slightly different from the rest.

Surrounding the entire courtyard of the farmer’s house was a one-and-a-half-meter-high brick wall with the gate of the courtyard made from hard eucalyptus wood. Relatively high-end for a farmhouse.

Rong Rong pushed the doors open, Jin Tong saw from the doorway that there were several jujubes. Some unknown species of in the yard and dried pumpkin tendrils climbed up to the roof…

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