LHLWLI Chapter 3 – Naughty Kid, Can You Drop The Demon?

When everyone entered the courtyard, Rong Rong went straight to the door which was locked with a lock, probably due to the monsters around the village. Rong Rong took the key from a chest, opened the lock; pushed the doors open with both hands before turning around to bring Jin Tong and the rest into the house.

In the house, it really had the atmosphere of a farmer’s house. From an old Eight Immortals table, Rong Rong took a thermos to serve Jin Tong and Yu Wan some water.

Poured two cups of hot water, Rong Rong took each a spoonful of sugar from a container nearby, before stirring it into each cup and served them to Jin Tong and Yu Wan. After giving their thanks, Jin Tong looked at Rong Rong, she had beautiful round eyes.

At this moment, the cheerful aura from teenagers could be felt.

Although the children weren’t familiar with the term ‘Immortals.’ Hearing stories from the adults, they knew immortals were something legendary. Because of this, all eyes were on Jin Tong and Yu Wan.

It was also during this time when the village doctor, Wang Lao, heard of the news. As soon as Doctor Wang Lao entered the house, he immediately went towards Jin Tong and Yu Wan.

Doctor Wang Lao had a strong admiration for immortals. Back when he was still practicing medicine, he was familiar with an immortal who was still cultivating his base. But that immortal had already long left for a faraway place.

When Doctor Wang Lao heard of the news of immortals, he immediately rushed over but was disappointed. The ages of these young immortals were no different from his daughter’s age. How could someone so young be an immortal? How could they possibly save the village?

However, when Doctor Wang Lao talked with Jin Tong and Yu Wan. All his doubt was washed away as they talked with knowledge that someone their age couldn’t possibly know. After giving his trust to Jin Tong and Yu Wan, Doctor Wang Lao began explaining to them the situation of the village.

A few days ago, a young man, Guo Tie was walking home after drinking late at night. When passing Liu Lin forest at the gate of the village, he was bitten by some monster and turned evil. Guo Tie couldn’t even talk at all. He was like animal, running around the village and biting whoever he sees. Those were bitten had wounds that immediately festered.

The villagers didn’t want to beat him up, so Guo Tie’s family captured him, tied him up and locked him in the house. They called for Doctor Wang Luo’s help, but upon seeing his condition. Doctor Wang Luo was powerless and had to call for a Taoist priest named Song Tun from another nearby village.

In this village, if there ever were something that they couldn’t solve, they would seek Song Tun’s help. The Taoist had gone exorcising the evil from Guo Tie.

Song Tun had managed to break down the door to the room Guo Tie was locked in. An incense stick of time later, screams could be heard from the Taoist. Soon, no movement could be heard from the room. Everyone outside were very much frightened. A daring young man had gathered the courage to investigate the dark window of the house, only to find the dried-up corpse of the Taoist.

Guo Tie was crouched over the corpse. His appearance has changed completely. The nails on his hands were two inches longer than a wolf’s claws, two long fangs and bloodshot eyes looking straight at the window. This frightened the man who was looking inside, caused him to fall off the window sill.

Afraid that Guo Tie would continue to hurt people, more than a dozen men. Under Doctor Wang Lao’s supervision, forcefully tied Guo Tie up with hemp rope and locked him in a quarantine house. Locked with a large iron lock and nailed with wooden planks.

Even being bound by the hemp rope didn’t seem to be enough as Guo Tie even managed to break out from it and went on a rampage inside.

Doctor Wang Lao’s last resort was to use the charms that were gifted to him by his immortal friend and paste it all over the door and windows. It barely managed to keep Guo Tie in. However, since that incident, the house that Guo Tie now resides in seems to have an ominous black cloud surrounding it. Accompanied by the sounds of what seems to be an animal screaming.

It seems like something horrible can happen anytime.

And it did happen, when the elders of the village decided and Doctor Wang Lao went to visit a Taoist temple mile away from the village to invite a priest, little did they know, the priest would end up dead from blood loss.

At this point, the villagers were helpless, not to mention something had happened to the village chief that he had to be sent to the general hospital.

Doctor Wang Lao had to make the decision to mobilize all the younger generation in the village to guard the gates. Even so, many were bitten as well, causing fear to the other villagers. Jin Tong and Yu Wan carefully listened. They pondered about this matter for a bit.

In his heart, Jin Tong knew that the decision to call for Taoist priests regarding this matter was a very normal thing. But the fact that both priests couldn’t remove the root of the evil. Lost their lives instead showed that they really have encountered a great evil.

Jin Tong even questioned himself if he even could eliminate the evil.

Thinking about it, he and Yu Wan were merely young immortals. After leaving the mountain, they wouldn’t have any clue as to how to handle matters like these since they weren’t taught how to by their Master.

Of course, Jin Tong couldn’t think about running away. The earnest eyes of Doctor Wang Lao and the group of young children held him back. He knew in his heart that even if it were an immortal who was still building his foundation; it was still better than the average Taoist.

But, Jin Tong knew this as well based on Doctor Wang Lao’s explanation about the evil in this village. If he and Yu Wan can’t defeat it, then they would lose their lives. If they make a run for it, then they’ll lose their master’s face.

If they can’t remove the demon, then they would also lose their worth as immortals.

But, if this matter were to spread to the other villagers. He and Yu Wan would only feel like leaving because of the look that the villagers could give to them. Thinking about it, Jin Tong finally decided.

Turning his head to Yu Wan, he said. “Yu Wan, do you dare to spend a night with me and Guo Tie? Based on what they said, Guo Tie is still human. We can’t kill him. We can only observe and see what is the cause of this.”

Hearing this, Yu Wan didn’t hesitate: “Of course I dare to. What are you afraid of?”

As Yu Wan said this, she though in her heart: “Since the possessed man hasn’t been able to escape the house yet. Would that mean the demon probably isn’t all that strong? She and Jin Tong had followed Master for so many years. What could she probably be scared of now?”

Besides that, if she faced any difficulty, there would still be brother Jin Tong to cover for her. If the both of them were together. What was there to be afraid of?!

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