LHLWLI Chapter 4 – Demonised Villagers

Shu Ping, Rong Rong, Xiu Zhi and the rest of the girls looked at one another. When they heard the two young immortals were going to stay the night with Guo Tie. Though they believe that Jin Tong and Yu Wan are immortals, they also know firsthand the evil that Guo Tie possesses.

The very same Guo Tie that injured several villagers and killed some monks that tried to help him, Jin Tong and Yu Wan are still teens, immortal or not. How could they spend the night with a monster like Guo Tie?

Although Doctor Wang Lao wasn’t as concerned as the other girls, he was still worried in his heart: “To the two young immortals, do your best. If you do find you’re unable to spend the night in the same room as the demon Guo Tie; feel free to observe him from the outside of the hut. We won’t mind at all.”

Jin Tong then proceeded to hold Yu Wan’s hand before turning to Doctor Wang Lao: “Old man, young ladies, you can be assured that this is our duty to fill as immortals. Even if the evil spirit is stronger than we imagined it to be and we fail. We’ll die without regrets!”

However, Jin Tong had already come up with a plan for that. If in any case that he and Yu Wan couldn’t exterminate the evil spirit. Then they will use the wall-piercing technique taught by their Master to escape. In short, none of their lives would be lost in this.

Upon seeing Jin Tong and Yu Wan’s headstrong yet stubborn attitude, Doctor Wang Lao and the others didn’t dare say anything else anymore. Jin Tong and Yu Wan proceeded on without Doctor Wang Lao and the group of teenagers. Out of Rong Rong’s manor gate and headed to the west of the village where Guo Tie was being detained.

In truth, Doctor Wang Lao and the others wanted to follow along as well but were stopped by Jin Tong. As the two young immortals continued their journey towards the west of the village, the road got narrower and narrower as they journeyed onward.

The both were surprised to find an endless expanse of fog at the plains in the west of the village. Even the atmosphere here at the southern part of the Grand Canal was suffocating.

It seemed to be something like demonic energy, but it doesn’t seem to be the case at the same time. They weren’t sure if it was the instinct that Jin Tong and Yu Wan had as immortals, but this spot felt really desolate.

Jin Tong and Yu Wan descended deeper into the fog of demonic energy that seemed to be endless. They both know they’re still young inexperienced immortals, but even so, they’re willing to give it a try.

Suddenly, a cold wind blew past, as if bringing them a voice of warning. Yet both of them continued into the forest. Gradually, as the village became further and further away, the forest became denser as well

A while later, it felt as though there was a strange energy surrounding them from the depths of the willow forest. Soon, they saw weeds that were grown out and bright, accompanied by dead bushes scattered everywhere.

Jin Tong and Yu Wan could only navigate their way through the vegetation since there were no paths for them to walk on. They didn’t complain about it at all as well. Since the atmosphere around here was so gloomy, who in their right mind would even take a step into this place.

Continuing, they arrived under an old willow tree. The sun had just set, resulting in the forest to become particularly dark…

As Jin Tong and Yu Wan navigated their way to avoid the low sweeping branches, a strange cry from a figure sounded out as it rushed past them. Jin Tong and Yu Wan then readied their spirit energy. Although the aura from the figure was fierce, it wasn’t that fast too. Jin Tong and Yu Wan then both used a simple technique to mask themselves.

The two of them looked at each other. The figure turned out to be a normal looking peasant. But if you look closely, it had the eyes of a demonic beast. Soon, its head began to turn blue as a long black tongue slithered out of its mouth.

Jin Tong swallowed down his fear, Yu Wan let out a small shout. The man didn’t seem to care who Jin Tong and Yu Wan were. He only rushed towards them with his hands in a paw-like manner.

To their surprise, he didn’t advance towards Jin Tong, but he rushed towards Yu Wan. Jin Tong hurriedly produced a talisman, fluctuating his spiritual energy, he rushed towards the demon and stuck it on the man’s forehead.

Soon, a yellow symbol that spewed out blue smoke appeared on the demon’s forehead as it let out a painful screech. The demon screamed again and again, his claws and fangs were fully out now. But since the talisman was on him, he couldn’t move at all.

Soon, the demon’s appearance began changing. Now looking at them with a less fiercer look, he screamed: “I know you both are immortals, at first I had doubted if you could even save me, but I have underestimated you both please save me!”

It was then that Jin Tong and Yu Wan realized that this was the demonized Guo Tie, they were shocked, how did he know they were both immortals?!

Jin Tong asked: “Guo Tie, you’re aware we’re immortals. So why do you still attack us?”

The strange person immediately replied: “Both immortals are very forgiving, but I am not Guo Tie. I’m just a simple villager from the village who’s a close friend of Guo Tie. I simply overheard your conversation at Rong Rong’s house. So, I wanted to tag along to send a letter to Guo Tie but who would’ve thought…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Yu Wan shouted: “Demon! You’re blatantly lying straight out of your mouth! You’re tricking us saying you’re a peasant in the village, then what’s going on with the fangs and black tongue?”

While interrogating him, Yu Wan produced a talisman: “If you’re not going to answer honestly, I’m going to kill you. Even if you don’t believe it, my spirit power is more powerful than Jin Tong’s, this incantation alone is enough to exterminate even your soul!”

Jin Tong couldn’t help but smile.

This was his wife, little junior Yu Wan. Someone who was able to be innocent and yet threaten demons as well.

Jin Tong smiled at Yu Wan: “Yu Wan, don’t threaten him anymore. My charm alone is already causing him this much pain. Don’t you smell that? He’s already peed his pants. He’s just a villager. He’s scared to the point where no words are coming out of his mouth.”

As Jin Tong spoke, he stepped forward, placing another talisman on the villager’s forehead. This was a clearing charm that can remove both spiritual energy and demonic energy in him.

The reason behind Jin Tong’s actions was that after listening to what the villager said. He didn’t want to harm the villager by his spiritual energy. He also needed to remove the demonic energy in him as well.

Keep in mind that the talisman on the villager’s forehead is to suppress the demonic energy in him. Its raw power alone was more than enough to take his life.

The villager had been bitten by a demon. The wound itself was festering. Hence, the villager couldn’t control the power that had taken over him but under the influence of Jin Tong’s talisman. The villager was finally conscious of his actions. Even his fangs and tongue morphed back to normal.

“Speak, how did you get bitten like this?” Jin Tong asked.

When the villager calmed down significantly, he was panting as he answered: “I’m not even sure myself what I was bitten by. All I was aware of is that, when I left the village, the sun was high in the sky so it should be around noon. I walked into this forest, but it got foggier and darker even though the sun was still high in the sky.

After entering the forest, I got nervous. It was very scary. However, to run my business I must pass by the big cemetery located southwest of the village. Especially when I thought of my close friend Guo Tie. I continue with courage.

But no matter how much I walked; I just couldn’t find the hut that Guo Tie was held in. At this point, fear got the best of me and I wanted to leave the forest. At the same time, a monster appeared and bit me before I could even react…”

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