New Theme!

Due to the increasing complaints about the old theme not working as it should, namely the mobile menu being a mere decoration, I decided to develop a new theme from scratch, and here it is! We have the same features as before—automated chapter links, an automated table of contents, (always check the table of contents […]

New Novel – Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter! Time to Become the Hero Once More!

Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter! Time to Become the Hero Once More! By: Kaburagi Haruka 鏑木ハルカ Illst: Akita Hika 晃田ヒカ One of the six people called heroes, Raid, fought alone against the Devil, and ended up dead. After meeting with a suspicious god, he woke up again and found out he has born again as a baby. […]

New Novel Project Collaboration With Yado Inn

Hello! I’m Flowingcloud and I’ll be releasing a new novel as a collaboration with Ebisu Translations! I will be translating a new light novel: Remake Our Life! Some of you may already know me from my original group Yado Inn, but for those who don’t, I am currently the translator of Max Level Witch (abbrev […]

Chapter 24: Top Clan

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Chapter 23: Kenkiba corps

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BAHRO Chapter 2 Part 1

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New translator

Hello I am Hentai Senpai (ARFtranslations) and I will be joining this site mtling a Japanese novel. I am currently translating The Support Manages the Adventurer Parties, though I may pick up another novel down the track . I hope you enjoy it and we get along well.

The Space Fortress That Came to the Sengoku Era

戦国時代に宇宙要塞でやって来ました sengoku jidai ni uchuu yousai de yatte kimashita Synopsis: The Full-Dive VRMMO Sci-Fi simulation <Galaxy of Planet> long-time player, Alex, in the last day of Galaxy of Planet, somehow got thrown into the real Sengoku Era in the constructed space fortress, Silbaan, with one-hundred and twenty organic androids. There, Alex met Nobunaga and became […]

GOTR L3 Part 2 has been finished!

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Syosetu 101

Now that I’m fully getting into translating Can’t Leave This Room Until I Get First Place on Syosetu, I think I should make a basic (really basic) explanation of how Syosetu works. (just the relevant stuff) I’ll be updating as the novel goes on. is the url, and Shousetsuka ni Narou/小説家になろう/Let’s Become a Novelist is […]

TTKWQ has been dropped.

I’m sure you guys are wondering why I suddenly dropped this novel. I’m not a great writer, so I won’t give a 3-page essay on why I’m dropping this, but here’s the list of reasons: The quality of the chapters are dropping Nothing happens No romance All the comedy from now on is either a […]