Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter Hiatus

Someone else is translating the LN and manga.

New novel-Pampering Big Cat Wife

Hi, I’m sakuratemple. I’m the translator of the new novel Pampering Big Cat Wife. I’m a newbie at translating so if you don’t understand something please tell me. I hope you will like this novel. Link to Table of Contents

Skyroad is out!

A new novel – Skyroad – has been released on this site. You can find it here, because it isn’t on the list of ongoing novels yet. Give it a shot ^^ and remember to rate it on NU if you enjoyed it

SMAP C34: Method to Get Overwhelming Reputation

Note from Ebisu: New translator! The old one is a complete lolicon, so he decided to hand this project over…. Translated by Paradox, Edited by Frosted, TLC/Edited by Ebisu Chapter has been moved here.

SMAP Chapter 33: Something missing

Chapter has been moved here.

IBAG Chapter 30: Problem Child

For my new release schedule I will be releasing 3 Support, 1 IGAB and maybe 2 other novels as well so, 2 chapters of one and 1 chapter of another. It may be a week or two before I start releasing chapters for them though but they are similar to IGAB so more sugar for […]

SMAP Chapter 32: The road ahead

Chapter has been moved here.

SMAP Chapter 31: The Value of the Future

Chapter has been moved here.

SMAP Chapter 30: Verifying one’s answer

Chapter has been moved here.

Now translating I Bought A Girl

I am picking up this novel because it is so fing cute and the other translator hasn’t released anything for it in over three months. It is absolutely adorable. Dscription: An ordinary man who had won the lottery wanted to have a cute housemaid. Then, he discovered the hidden slave market in his country. Therefore, […]

IBAG Chapter 29: Method of catching a cold

This is the novel that I was talking about, isn’t it cute.(Rhetorical question.) Yeah so 1-2 a week depending on how busy(Lazy) I am. The support manages adventurer parties is gonna be changed to a 1-2 week thing as well but it is gonna be multiple of the small chapters together so probs gonna be […]

Chapter 29: The legendary man

Chapter has been moved here.

Invijible Panda Manga

Invijible Panda TOC