New Theme!

Due to the increasing complaints about the old theme not working as it should, namely the mobile menu being a mere decoration, I decided to develop a new theme from scratch, and here it is! We have the same features as before—automated chapter links, an automated table of contents, (always check the table of contents […]

New Novel – Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter! Time to Become the Hero Once More!

Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter! Time to Become the Hero Once More! By: Kaburagi Haruka 鏑木ハルカ Illst: Akita Hika 晃田ヒカ One of the six people called heroes, Raid, fought alone against the Devil, and ended up dead. After meeting with a suspicious god, he woke up again and found out he has born again as a baby. […]

New Novel Project Collaboration With Yado Inn

Hello! I’m Flowingcloud and I’ll be releasing a new novel as a collaboration with Ebisu Translations! I will be translating a new light novel: Remake Our Life! Some of you may already know me from my original group Yado Inn, but for those who don’t, I am currently the translator of Max Level Witch (abbrev […]

TTKWQ Chaputaa Hachi Paato Ni

Merged and moved! Find it here!….but if you want…. Original Note: I submitted to temptation; here’s a “special” chapter. Chaputaa Hachi Paato Ni wo Hajimemashou~~ In the next moaningu, afutaa Ai gotto appu, Ai joggingu ato za ruumu rannaa desu, Ai raitori suetto, ando Ai go tsu za ribingu desu. There, Rikako-chama, in the same […]

TTKWQ Chapter 8 Part 1

Merged and moved! Find it here! Original Note: A normal-sized chapter for ya’ll. This chapter was the hardest to translate… Part 1 hajimaru yo~

TTKWQ Chapter 7 Part 4

Merged and moved! Find it here. Original Note: Back to Nanami-chan’s perspective! Though this is a very short part, enjoy!

TTKWQ Chapter 7 Part 3 (Rikako’s Perspective)

Merged and moved! Find it here. Original Note: A potential pet is revealed! Also, Shinosaki-san really is scary. Chapter 7 part 3, ikuzo~~

TTKWQ Chapter 7 Part 2 (Rikako’s Perspective)

Merged and moved! Find it here. Original Note: I’ll go on a vacation to see the solar eclipse among other things with my family on Wednesday, August 16. Hopefully, I’ll have chapter 12 (1 chapter away from raws) done by then, but chapter 11 is more likely. Anyways, it’ll be 10 days of absence (I […]

TTKWQ Chapter 7 Part 1

Merged and moved! Find it here. Original Note: So, we have Reika in this series, we have Re: Zero (Sayuri-chan Maji Tenshi vs. Emilia-tan Maji Tenshi and the sorry/thank you), and now we have a mix of Steins;Gate(a VN + Timelines + father and daughter from future) and Kimi no Na wa!? The author split […]

Chapter 6 Part 2 of TTKWQ is out!

Chapter 6 has been merged and moved. Find it here. Original Page: It seems that NU (finally) automated my releases, and it mistook the teaser for part 2 as an actual release… Well, I finally finished translating part 2, so you guys can go ahead and read it! Also, here’s the teaser for chapter 7. […]

TTKWQ Chapter 6 Part 2

MERGED and MOVED! FIND it, HERE! Original Note: There was a power outage while I was translating this, but , luckily, only a sentence or so was lost. Chapter 6 part 2, start.

TTKWQ Chapter 6 Part 1

Merged and moved to this page. Original Note: Finally, we’re back to the bullied child from chapter 3. This is a long chapter about the same size as chapter 4. Chapter 6, part 1, start.

Until the Saint Loves Back

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