New Side Project

Hello there. Mystic Blade Works, one of the translators of My Pet Is a Holy Maiden, here. You’ve probably thought that I’ve ditched tling, but I’ve not as I’ve got some RL issues. Anyway, while I will be resuming tling by next week, I’ve been doing some side project of typing a fan fiction crossover […]

Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter Hiatus

Someone else is translating the LN and manga.

New novel-Pampering Big Cat Wife

Hi, I’m sakuratemple. I’m the translator of the new novel Pampering Big Cat Wife. I’m a newbie at translating so if you don’t understand something please tell me. I hope you will like this novel. Link to Table of Contents

TTKWQ has been dropped.

I’m sure you guys are wondering why I suddenly dropped this novel. I’m not a great writer, so I won’t give a 3-page essay on why I’m dropping this, but here’s the list of reasons: The quality of the chapters are dropping Nothing happens No romance All the comedy from now on is either a […]

TTKWQ Chapter 17 Part 1

Chapter merged and moved here. Serious Announcement. If you don’t want to click on the link, here’s a short summary: I’m dropping this novel. Edit: Actually it has been picked up again. (Hentai Senpai/ARFTranslations)

̶H̶e̶l̶l̶o̶ Ebisu Translations Welcomes ScipioM!

So, I was procrastinating yet again! If you guys are worrying about the next chapter of TTKWQ, I’ll translate it! …later. (Okay, part one will come out today) Anyways, here’s another translator! He has a better track record on translating than Fallen (but she has exams, hopefully she gets back to translating soon!), so more […]

TTKWQ Chapter 16 Part 2 is out!

Here‘s the link. This’ll be the last chapter (part) in this set of fast releases. I’ll be translating My Pet Is a Holy Maiden and GOTR until the author updates.

TTKWQ Chapter 16

Chapter 16 can be found here.

TTKWQ Chapter 15

Moved here.

IHYLMT Chapter 4 Part 2

Merged and moved here.

IHYLMT Chapter 4 Part 1

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WYCRAE Chapter 1

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