New novel – Perfect Superstar

Hi, i’m QiuZhen a new translator so be gentle with me, please. If you’re interested in a showbiz/celebrity type of novel then give this a try!   Table of Contents

New Side Project

Hello there. Mystic Blade Works, one of the translators of My Pet Is a Holy Maiden, here. You’ve probably thought that I’ve ditched tling, but I’ve not as I’ve got some RL issues. Anyway, while I will be resuming tling by next week, I’ve been doing some side project of typing a fan fiction crossover […]

Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter Hiatus

Someone else is translating the LN and manga.

SGS 377


SGS 376


A Normal Salaryman Reincarnated to Another World, but He Doesn’t Have a Cheat!? The Most Evil Demon Lord Had Already Took Over the World, so the Salaryman Hero Must Become the Strongest ~ The Adventure of Becoming a Master in the Way of Magic and the Way of the Sword with a Knight in a Dungeon ~

Author: me Raw link: Synopsis: I’m a normal salaryman, but I died in a truck accident. I was reincarnated in another world, but I had no cheat. I was just a dull salaryman, so Kami-sama didn’t appear. After I reincarnated, the situation became even more of a mess! The demon lord, who had already […]

ISOL Chapter 43

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SGS 375


UAW 58


SGS 374

Bonus, enjoy.

SGS 373


SGS 372


GOTR 10 – part 1

TL: Seraphic, Avi Editor: Lys Chapter 10 is 15k characters long, which is basically 5 chapters. It’ll be released in parts. Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!