New novel – Perfect Superstar

Hi, i’m QiuZhen a new translator so be gentle with me, please. If you’re interested in a showbiz/celebrity type of novel then give this a try!   Table of Contents

New Side Project

Hello there. Mystic Blade Works, one of the translators of My Pet Is a Holy Maiden, here. You’ve probably thought that I’ve ditched tling, but I’ve not as I’ve got some RL issues. Anyway, while I will be resuming tling by next week, I’ve been doing some side project of typing a fan fiction crossover […]

Reborn as the Hero’s Daughter Hiatus

Someone else is translating the LN and manga.

WSK 162

Hey, another chapter is done! Hopefully, this one came sooner than you guys expected 🙂 I’m almost done with 163 and hopefully, it’ll be out soon. Thanks for a_b for editing this chapter as always. WSK Chapter 162


And Chapter 10 is up! I’ll be taking short break due to work+school+life, next update will be on 18th Feb (Sunday)! Cheers! -iamfeii Click here for the chapter!  

Seijo 59

Translator: HZ TLC/Proofreader: LysUltima Extra release to celebrate getting a Patreon! Please support us, and you can see all the chapters we have completed before anyone else! Link Oh, the chapter link is right above this line if you didn’t know. I thought about using a google translate for this time’s bot text, but then […]


Hi everyone “Cheat Magician Life That Started From Being Judged Useless Chapter 3” is out you can find it here:

ISOF Chapter 5

Hey! ISOF Chapter 5 is out!!! Next chapter will be out in two-three weeks time. Hope your enjoy this chapter as well. you can find it at

HF 53

The author must have a thing for ecchi animes.

Seijo 58

Translator: Mystic (Re)Translator/TLC/Editor: Lys Editor: The Blacksmith I’ve changed some of the terms to be more accurate. Sky -> Heaven (system of magic) Reason: It used to go from Light -> Holy -> Sky, but that doesn’t really fit. The previous translator’s rationale was that Tatsumi can use his teleporting, so Sky because that has […]

HF 52



Re-upload due to system backup! No worries, all the comments are still there! On behalf of Kleepart (SPMW’s editor) and myself, thank you for following the story and all the comments! Here you go!

Isekai GM 29. Battle of Great Plains 2

chapter 29 here Isekai GM 29. The Battle of Great Plains 2