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Transfer of my translation work- Love Dependency Disease

Hi, I am Daich700, translator of Love Dependency Disease. From now on my translation work of ‘Love Dependency Disease’ will publish on Ebisu Translations. Hope to read your comments and feedbacks.

ISOL on hiatus

The translator’s, Kongolsamu, computer is currently broken. As such, updates will be temporarily halted.

Imouto 1

WARNING: This is a side project, and releases will be inconsistent. Check out my main project here. TL: Lys Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!

Seijo 77

TL: Lys Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!

HF 70

Here. Prepare Insulin Ye who enters

SGS 232

Here. Oh yea..

Seijo 76

Tl: Lys Sorry for the late release. The new Irelia skin (and school) sufficiently distracted me. >.> Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!

SGS 231


PBCW Chapter 1

PBCW Chapter 1 is out. In this chapter, the word guye (姑爷) will appear. In case you don’t know what guye means, it refers to the husband. If anyone wants to know the name of the poem in this chapter, it’s 《浣溪沙 南郑席上》. Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!


Finallyyyyyyyy!!! Click HERE for the chapter!!!

SGS 230

Get wrecked. The 23 is probably a typo in the original chapter title. Kept it since I could be wrong.

PBCW Prologue

The prologue of Pampering Big Cat Wife is out. Discord <-Chat with us! Chapter <-Read!